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- Gen. Hhoridan is ill. - Grant weighs 170 1-2 Iba. - Fatty degeneration of tho hoart is what ails Blsruarck. - Ex-seorutaryBelknap flgured in the Grant prooession at Chioago. - Sherman is fifty-niae ; Grant, fiftyaeven ; fïheridan, forty-oight. - Col. O. T. Beard is going to write the lifu of thü late Benator Cliandlor. , - Col. Eob I'ngersoll has resolved to quit Washington for a homo in Chicago. - Bocretary Schurz will give Miss Meeker olarkship in tho intorior dopartmont. - Ex-Gov. Bagley was born in dina, ürle:ins Co., N. Y., in 18I12, aud hunco is iii hia 48th ycar., - (Jaribaldi, aftc-r gaining the freeckmi of Italy, went to work for his owu, and oxpeots a divoroe in a week or two. - Zachariíth Chandler aud Olivar P. ItforUm a&d just two years apart. Morton chod un the lst of November, 1H77, uut ( htertlor on the lst of No■ftiiiber, 1S79. "'- Kx-tTnited States Senator Stanley Mathuvvs-, of ühio, is tho guest of the prosidont at Washington. He is to deliver tho oration at the unveilíng of the etat-ie of Gon. Thomas.


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