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- A fire in a N. Y. city ttmemont house Saturdiy ni un ing, killed fivo persons ana f.itally iiijurod two others. -Munis S. Hayinan &, Sons of Now York, ostrich feather iroportera have failed íat hundreda of thousaiids of dullars. . - Josrli A. Bl.iir, rocently aoquitted of tho mnrder oí his coachman in New Tris -y, has boen admitted as partner in m Vork banking house. -Charles L. Woods of Brooklyn wont to the .polls, voted, said "I havu done ni y duty," started forhis lil!iüBoíbu.-,iac6.s in New Yoik, and ñ.ll doad'. - A f ter all, Aifuso üiight to wail until be can o tohousekeeping without running in Jtabt; but the i'act is he has boirowod 2,00ü,0(K) for his wedding oxpanses. - Tho presiden t's messago, now iu oourse of preparation, will be shorter than usual. It is belioved tho only im, portan t föreign topic will be the reopening of the fisheries question with Gfceat Britian. - Charlotte Bruoe, a dressmakor of Cincinnati, luis sued John D. Gibson of the Gibson house for breach of promiee, and for $50,000 cash whioh she says she has artvanced him since their engagement of fourteen years begun. - Alfred D. Onrv of Kort Plain, X. Y., was toETwe Tic-en manüoTTTRJ'TsrrarTïrrRrWard, butsuicided, on the day set apart; on hsaring whisjh, Miss Ward went iuto couvulsions, and never reeovered, and will not be likely to survive the shock. - liosenbiirg, tho London blackguard who libelad Mrs. L-tngtry and Mrs. West, in connectiou with the Prinoe of Wales, and wout to eighteen months theref'or, wuuM have suffurod several othei todictuieptsbatforhis wife's ntercession for mercy froin theladies he bad abused. - Win. Hurria of Sterling, Ct., has a vow l;iid up in Ilotiven that, f'or somo off.-nsB of his youth, he never again wear ooveniig to tía head or feet. Con sequently, wiieti hu visitg the cities in oold weather baretooted and barehendüd, he attrauts attentiou. He is 73 yeais old. and worlh $20,000.


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