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The Programme Of A Southern Tilden Journal

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We by no mean give up the fight fo 1880. In the history of wars and partie inany a victory bas been snatched froi greater reverses. Tbe work to be doue must bo thorougl, at once bolrt and unsparing. Whilst the poKtieians at Washington are wranglingamong thumsulvos the people at home must organize. Needless baggage must be left behind. We eau uiï'ord to carry no dead weights. We must move.up to the front, pledging tho country: 1. Ulo maintenanoe of the public credit inviolate, and an houest tffort to advauoe the prosperity of the people without disturbina; the oporutiou of the simple forces- to which we owe the present revival- by experimenta upoo our fiscal system. 2. The eleaning of all departrnenta of government and the establishment of á genuino system of civil service reform in lieu .of the preraüing maladtninistration .3. The. rosioration to the people of their stolen sovereignty, accompanied by a fair aud enlightened readjjistinent oí our electivo system, -maki.ig it impossible. to put the govemment on wheels and to run it into the severul States ws a machine for perptu,iting the piuty that nappens to be in power. 4. A consütutionai guarantoe against outstanding war debts, and lialiüüics growing out of the war, of evorv description. I In our judgment Mr. Tilden is as neoessary to the representution and development of the spirit ;uid details of this genend plan of reform asho was in 187G AU that was proimsed at St. Louis was perfortned. Thoso who aro now leading the war on Mr. Tildón tho case away uftor tbe assembling of Congress. Thoy should not bo péreaitted again to mislead us. Mr. Tilden may get out of tho way; bat he can not be put out of the wjiy. That is the long and the short of it, as we ehall bo prepared to show as time passes.


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