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-All the beds in tho hospital are fall of patients and not a single onc to spart. - A majority of the studcnts seem to favor a branch postoffice at the univorsity. - Professor E. C. Franklin will soon issue a revised editiou of his valuablo work on surgery. - A short history of eaeh frateruity at the nniversity wil! appear in the Pulium this ycar. - Tlie Hacine (Wis.) foot-ball team desire to have a match gamo of foot-ball with the university team. - In the foot-ball game between the senior and junior laws on last Wednesday the fermer ware succosBful. - Mr. Eiley of the Detroit Graplác has been employed to furnish part of tho illustrations for the Palladium. - Professor Adams resumed his leotures on the modern political history of England, on last Tuesday afternoon. - It appears the other classes are more anxious for the sophomore and freshman to have a cañe rush than those classes are themselves. - Mr. Morse who rccently received serious burns about the face by an explosión of clicmicals whilc working in the laborafory is recovering. - This evening the Mendelssohn Quintette Club will appear in the University. The club is too well known and appreoiated by Ann Arbor audicnoes to need corument bere. - Miss Cora A. Bennison a member of the senior law class and late secretary-oleot of the class, has been called to her home in Cluincy, 111., owing to sickness in her father's fainily. - At a meeting of the law students, tlie senior class elected Mr. Babcock as editor to the now university paper. The juniors elected Mr. Black, a gradúate of Princeton (N. J.) college. - The freshman class of the literary departrocnt have passed resolutions to the effect that it is unsafe to start another paper in the university and refuse to have anything to do with the new paper. - Judge Cooley begins to-day or Monday to quiz the senior laws on their work of last year. This will divide the quiz wo! k of the year and give the boys more time for proparing thoir quizzes. - Last Friday evening the Hon. Jas. W. Patterson of New Hampshire, delivered his lecture on " Manhood " in the Methodist cliuroh. Although deliverod in a very happy style, yet tbc lecture on the whole was not vvell reoeived. - The new heating apparatus is far enough along to heat the university, muoh to the Jgratificatiou of all. Professors who have been cotnpelled to abandon their classes the past cold weather have again appeared at their posts of duty. - After a week's deliberation, examination and counsel the committee appointed to examine into the merits and advisability of bringing suit against the city for false imprisonment in the rooent troubles have reported in favor of coiumancing suit. - The homeopathie department senior class have elected for president, W. A. Frost; vico-president, Miss E. M. Snyder ; secretary, A. Polhemus ; treasurer, Miss E. Tanner; marshal, V. B. Tuuimerinan; quiz-masters, Messrs. Miller, Polhemus and Tummerman. The juniors elected for president, 8. E. Burchfield; vice-president, II. Miller; secretary, M. N. Avery; treasurer, A.R.Halstead ; quiz-masters, Messrs. Miller, Avery, ï'ranldin, Pennock, Dunlavey, and Miss Churchill. - The iw university paper is without any doubt au assured success for one year at least, as the nioney for that time has been provided for. A contract for the printing of tho paper has been entered iuto and the students without scarcely any excoption have subscribed f jr it. It is the tacit understanding of the professional schools that the new paper is not issued antagoiüstic to the literary department paper but for the clear exposition of the professional schools which contain three-fourths of uil the studenta at the university.


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