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Real Estate Transfers

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Wm. E. Snow to Martha M. - Pareéis oí' land in Superior. Consideration $3000. David Campbell to Wm. B. Sniith.- Ypsilanti city property. Consideration $1000. Leander Stiles to Letitia A. Walker. 40 acres in Augusta. Consideration 525. L. E. Smith to David Campbell. Two acres in Ypsilanti township. Consideration $3000. Addison Fletcher to David Campbell. Property in ward five of Ypsilanti. Consideration f 100. Leander Stiles to Letitia A. Walker. Pareéis of land in Ypsilanti town. Consideration $7475. Louis Foerster to David Campbell. - Property in 5th ward, Ypsilanti. Consideration f800. Daniel Sutherland to Sarah Jane Sutherland. Land in Pittsfield for $1000. John C. Taylor to Wm. Yocum. Chelsea village lot for $450. Stephen B. Morse to John A. Watling. Ypsilanti city lot for $80. Ebenezer W. Monroe to Fred R. Snyder. 233 acres in Lyndon. Consideration $6750. Margaret B. Yoorhies to George M. Voorheis. Ypsilanti city lot for $50. Ira Aldrich to Maria Halligan. Ann Arbor city lot for $153. Tlorace Brewer to Albert G. Lawrence. Eight acres in York including saw mili property. Consideration $1250. E. H. Jones to M. B. Yoorheis. Ypsi city lot for S225. James T. Smith to Daniel Sutherland. Land in Pittsfield. Consideration $1120. QUIT-CLAIM. Hudson T. Martin to S. P. Jewett. - 180 acres of land in Sharon. Considoration $04,11. Ann E. Burnett to Calvin T. Burnett. Pareéis of land in Lodi for $1000. Henry Johnson to Asa M. Darling. - 80 acres in Augusta. Consideration $1. Chas. G. VanWest to L. and C. E. Green. Lands in Webster. Considoration $500. Leorvard Green to Chas. G. VanWest. Land in Webster for $500. Amanda O. Stiles to Leander Stiles. Ypsilanti city property for $3000.