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Beginning with tUis issue, and hereafter, the ARGUS will be printed entirely within this office. A rapidly growing ciroulation and increasing advertising patronage has compelled the ohange. - Horetofore one-half, or first and fourth pages have been printed abroad, a system adopted by the larger portion of the weokly press of Michigan, notbecauseit is desirable but i'or its cheapness. ïho systera though viewed in a disreputable iight by the bstter portion of the profession, is a great saving to publishers of limited patronage. Aside frorn economy, no editor unless a lazyone would adoptit. Through its use the publisher is obliged to abandon control of one-half of his paper, trusting to othors what he should not; be deprived of certain advfirtisiug that shuns "patent" newspapers; forego privileges of publication of local sermons, speeches, addresses, &c, upon the outside in times of press of news, and laboring to disadvantage in raany ways. It is in no spirit of renection upon cotemporaries, all of whom would gladly welcome the change if their business would warrant, that these criticisms upon patent insides and outsides are wi itten. We hope they, too, ere long will be able to see their way clear to make a similar improvement.


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