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-Jamos II. Ilolmes has left Dextcr to bccomo an Ypsilantian. - liov. Mr. Kuenzler of Freedom will dolivor u thanksgiving sermón iu Manchester at 10 A. M. - A. Steger of Chelsoa, has shipped over 40,000 dozen egga this season, and 10 barrels per day of dressed chickens, last week. - Bcaides thanks to the Giver of all good thing8, the friends of Kov. Mr. Gage of Dexter will on thanksgiving day, present him and famUy thingssubutan ti al - a donation . - Tbe Universalist Society will hold a social at the residence of Alfred Davenport of York on Friday ai'ternoon and evening, Nov. 28tli, 1879. All are cordially invited to attend. - On Monday schools in Bridgowater began for the winter seiison with the folio wing teachers: Mr. Preeland in Allen district ; Ara Palmer in Center district ; Marión Wheolor in John Immer district. - The Ypsilanti Commercial says the patent on what is now known all over the country as the Worden whip socket - the most valuablo invention ever nnide in that city - was sold by the inventor for a few glasses of beer. - The annual meeting of the Southern Washtenaw Farmers' Mutual Insurance Company, for the election of directors and the transaction of business, will be held at the Poople's Bank ;n Manchester Baturday, December C. ' - Jacob Ileichert of Manchester adopts a novel way to coinpel those indebted to him to pay before January next. Those who do not settle will have their names published in the village paper. We venture to say Jacob will do no such thing. - At a meeting of the trustees of Dexter village a petition was received by the Council signed by John N. Priester and six other saloon keepers, requesting Council to furnish them a list of those persons they cousider habitual drunkards, etc. - Rulatives to the number of twenty assem bied at the residenoe of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Phelps of Dexter village and brought with them ibod in abundanco to supply the inner man. Bef'oro the least concluded Mr. P. was presented with a cap, Mrs. P. a fine eashmere dress. vDuring the performance of Pinafore the exit near the stage will be kept open and lighted, and by this means, should occasion demand, the hall can be emptied speodüy. - Ypst. Commercial. ïhat is an excellent arrangement. The audience, disgusted with the play will be able to leave as promptly as inclination directs. - Charles A. Cook leffc his home in York, Nov. 5, for Crawford County iu the northern portion of the state, where he puroliasod 160 acres of land last August. He is building a log house to whioh he will move his family in April next. Charles Jackson and a Mr. Ilill froin York are also erecting dwellings near that of Mr. Cook. - On Thursday night of last week the back window of the Ypsilanti postoffice was broken and an ontrance to the office was effected by burglars. They attempted to gut intj the rnuui-y Atttw, but failed, thereby losing a chance of getting thirty or forty dollars counterfeit nioney. In the main office they got about ten dollars ia cash. No letters wero touched. - One day lately Mrs. Stephen YanRiper of Dexter stepped upon a table in her kitchen to arrange a window ourtain. Feeling a little dizzy, she atteuipted to step down, but feil, striking the cook stove with such violenoe as to move it out of place. She received a bad cut on her head, and another on one artu. Though carefully dressed, erysipelas set in on the wounded arm, and despite every effort to prevent, the disease spread to her body. - Messrs. Win. II. Arnold and Alex. Dancer were riding in a buggy, on Sunday. While on their way up the hill just west of Dexter, a boy ran f rom a fence corner toward the horse - which beíng a very spirited aniuial, was badiy frightened, and ran away. The hold back strap brokc, the horse's hoels played about the gentlemen's heads pretty lively for a minute, and the buggy soon turned over, down the bank. Mr. Dancer was somewhat bruised ; but Mr. Arnold has.a bad looking eye and an jured left arm. The buggy was considerably damaged. - Dezter Leader. - There is war among the raoea in Ypsi. A colored boy named Hicks was dismissed frora the union school for chasing little girls on their way to school, one of whom was the daughter of Mr. O. A. Ainsworth. This father collared the bold youth, aud iu marching him to a law office, sable sous of África united, and by forcé of power forced hiui to release the boy. Public opinión becatne incensed against the lawless darkies four of whom were arraigned bofore justice Skinnor and fiued from $1 to $S each. Mr. Hicks then brought suit against Mr. Aiusworth for assault and battery on his son, and Mr. Ainsworth had the boy arrested for chasing his daughter. Mr. Hiuks was unable to givesecurity forcostsand both suits were discontinued. The whole question is ono of great importanco inasmuch as it concerns tho protection of children on their way to and from school, and parents have great interest in the prompt punishtuent of such cowardly boys as young Hicks.


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