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- Detroit is pusliing in tila matter o a permanent exposition. - T. Shannahan of Marshall lias jus fallen Iieir to 50,000 by tlio dealh of an únele in Kngland. - Tlie postma8ter at North Lansing N. Y., has lield tho office over 51 years and is the oldest on tho list. - The eeventeenth annual comroenceninnt of tho agricnltural collego at L.ansing, took placo on Tuesday. - John S. Fleming, of Adrián township, ia exhibiting a puff ball which mensures four fuet in circuniference. - Tíuimas McDonald of Detroit was choked to death while eating dinuei. A piece of beef lodged in his traohoa. - J. II. Treadvvell, a prominent citizen of Jackson, diod on a journey to Jjake City, Col., where he had important mining interests. - Samuel L. DjKay of Utioaisauctioneer, undertuker, proprietor of a livery stable, dealer in drugs, jewelry, pumps, fanning milis, groceries, &o, - William Vanee and wife havo been arrosted and lodged in jail on suspiciun of haviug caused the burning of the house in which tliey lived in Jnunson. - Tho fortheoming report of inspootors of Jackson prison vvill show that inBtitution to baye been more tban seifsustaining for the year ending Sept. 30, last. - Mary Adams of Jackson claiming to have been seduced under a promise of marriage attempted suicide Tuesday by takiug pulverized glass and morphine. - Two Buttle Craek people who were the recipients of publio charity have been dotected in al tering checks for two pounds of meat so as to cali for six pounds. - "Doc" Leavins has been arrested at Jackson, on a charge of murderously mauling Samuel Otis at Battle Creek, one night last month. The aecused is out on $1,000 bail. - Eobert B. Alexander and Ella Lee, who fled f'rom Flint to love each other alone in a fish shanty by the sad waves of Sagiuaw bay, have been held for trial on a charge of adultery. - W. T. .Lawrence, owner of the grand stand that feil on the fair grounds in Adrián in Ootobcr, has been indicted and held to bail in the sum of $3,000 to appear for trial for manslaughter. - Utica's postmaster is in trouble. - Kecoiving a letter direoted to the " Handsomest lady in Utioa," he dare not deliver it for fear of the uprising ot wrath of those not accordod the palm. - Chas. H. Dewey, latt) democratie supervisor from Cambridge, Lenawee county, and later a candidato for the legislatura on the greenback ticket, has been made postmaster at Cambridge. - Mrs. Henry Aulsaver of Hamburg. seriously ill to an extent that her relativos from the east were telegraphed to visit her at once if thoy expected to see ïer alive, was slowly improving at latest accounts. -Prof. W. J. Cocker, son of Dr. Cockr of this city, superintendent of the Adrián public schools, has in presa a work on the civil governmeut of Michigan which will be issued within the next 30 days. - Bishop Borgos3 has addressed a cirnlar to clergy and laity of this diocese alling for aid by way of collection on he last Sunday of this nicnt.h, to help )oor people of Ireland threateued with 'amine and starvation. - The Michigan Sun, late of Detroit, ut later of Jackson to which city it was emoved and absorbed the Legal Tender another Greenback organ, has expired or the want of a sufficient circulation of greenbacks to keep it alive. - Scarlet fever at Adrián, and the ocal daily paper suggests that certain of the schools be closed, the buildings horoughly disinfected, etc. The infernce is that the dreadful disease has aleady been stalking through the city chools. - A Monroe clothing dealer told an nebriated yokel that he would give him 10 toshut up his mouth and deep still 'or half an hour. The fellow shut up ike an oyster, and silence so keep that rou could have heard a pin drop (or ven a gumdrop) was preserved for half n hour. Then the gentleman from the ural diatricts deruanded his $10, but he merchant refused to pay and was ued for it, on the ground that it was jay for services actually rendered. The lothing man paid costs. - Mr. George P. Hungerford, a resient of Pontiae, and a highly respected itizen, after a painful and protracted .lness, died at his late residence, Mon ay evening, aged 67 years. Deceased n his lifotime was an activo politician, nd by the democratie party, t,o which ie for the most part of his life belonged, ïad been elected to various offices of pubic trust. He was a hard working, indiligent and industrious citizen, and now that he has gone, will be classed by ho living among that grand galaxy of eparted ones known as honest men. - 'ontiac Commercial. A new order in the religious world is naking way. Rev. J. V. McNaaiara, 'ormerly a priest, was insta'.led bishop f the independent Uatholic church, in iew York on Sunday %vcning.


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