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MEDICINAL. 10 s.-ivous Sufterers-Tha Great Enropoan Kelnedy- Dr. .j. 15. Bimpson's Speclflc Bfetflcrne. II in pnlti-w roí hperawtonhe, 8( rainal Woaknew, Imputeucy, xiid all distases resultiog 1.1 jitE. Mental Anxiqcy, rrR. '. 1 '. I' Memoiy, . v-v JW that" l',..",! ío 1 jiKXjisiimption, insanity 'r ') W wkT Jh" Speeilic S& Á K cine ia beiog m .i -V. with wonderful sucí eetoall. Wnteinr Ih.-m „ná gel full patti uli Price.Bpecifio, íi.oo per paclsage, 01 hs packages tor í-i.oii. áddi ea ni] orders in .! . U. BIM IVüN' M EDICINE CO.. Nos. !u. and 106 Main ; trcet, Buffalo, X.Y. Forínle in Aun Arbor bj S Son, anp ly dl ariigtüstscvi'ij-wbere --T LECTTJEB gS To Yo-aag MOn. Jmt publithed, in ,1 Sealcd Envelnpt, Pritx si cents. A Lectnre 011 Nni,,,,., Treatnleiít, and cm.itorraenta to y, 1 -i' . ■ ■ ■■ ■ thor - í 1 !n' ' ' ' ■!.!;.,:. ■ Lectun , cli :n ; t hil ! ■ , . 1 ,.iv l(, illv r ni n ' .-.i 1 mt 1.1 .. iihoui dancreroua surgica] opi r u íorts, bousfic 1, i ristr lo 1.1 cure at ""'"' certniu ai i . nii mtitter whai lu coa-ütion niuy bfe, mav cure Itimwlf cliiíaply,, (;. ;v. 1 : v, ;l boon ana t-housn 8eBI .i'iaplLÜn Pnvelopp, 1 dres.s. i . .,.■., , ;i,i,,,s I 'ilE CDliVEKWEM, ?.:i'!)ICAL CO., 11 Aun St.. New 'r:c ; l'o-t Oülci' Box', 1580. GRAY'S SP25CIFIC MEDICINE. TRADE MARK._, , rRAD WARK. 'yj iii;i!'): ■■' . [TñiToral !.. i ■ „ IS80f Vision, otbèi' diseas■íthat lendto Inannit, Lonstimptioo and, Premutnre Grave. nlars in nurranjiphlets, whiohJwe 'l'he r'."i'_".'i,-is at ■?I pn ai kiiep, . r ,■ . pTOkimes ' 1 1 $í, i ■ sentby mail n reiiit 01 the mi .. Y M K1)Ii , N No lo Mechan ion' Btock, Optmlt M'"h. e-Snlrl in An Albur by nll Pruggists, nrdby rtniggísts evprywbere HflÍL'í BALSAM Ctires Colös. Pnennioiua, Bronchitis, Asthina, Croup, Whoopinsr Congh, and nll diseases oí the Breathing Organs. It sootiies and heals t!ic Meinhrauo of the Lungs, inflamcd and poisoued by the disease, and preTcnts the nicrhtsweats and tighíccss across the cliest which accompuny it. ('0NSU3IPTI0N is not an incurable maíady. It Í3 only necessary to havo the risrht remedy, and HALL'S BALSAM is thaí remedy. DON 'T DESPAIR OF RELIEF, for this beni!?]i speciflc will cure yon, even thougJi professional aid faíls. BEWRY'S CARBOLIC SALYE the lmrerful Healíng Agent ever IMscoverefl. irenrt's Carbotic Salve cttrcs the worst forfs, íít'urff'a Carbottc Salve allays 'Jic of' burns. Jleurtf's Varholir Salvo cures all erptions. ITeart's Carholtr Salve heals plfnpl and blptches, ffenrj's Carbol le f'rrírr will cure cuts aml hruises. Ask for Heury's, and Take No Other, Cg BEWARE OF COUNTERPEITS. _fií TOWNSLEY'S TSBÏMEM AW1 CURES IN OiE MINUTE. iwi mm troghss A SURE PKEVENTrvn OF Contagioiis Diseases, C'olds, ïloarseness, Diphthcria, and Wliooping Cough. Ilca.iant to the Taste, JOIIX F. IIEXRT, crRKAN & CO., SOLÉ rUCH'JtlETOK-S Íí4 f'olloffo Place, Xew Vork. ' KflMBHiMWMliaSaBBa- KOR SALE BY JL. 8. LEIiCH. m QlCOMPOUND EXTRACT OFrP 1 m %3) Q &èl W I COHTAÍNING 1 uno, Jnniser & Spirits of Nitre IN A CONOENTBATED FORM, FOR !9 Siseases of the Kidseys s Bladder, S H Gonorrhea, Weaknessos, OvsrÏXBTtioHS, Gleet, Strietura, Obstruction of the Urine, Hand uil Dlsenties l tho Urinary M mul Hexntïl ir'aïis, ■H Ko matter pf how 1 u 1 whctlier ia E 0 MALE OR FEMALE. ÍS B Pricc, Ono Dollar. B WÊ Pwpaped fpfa tb I )f 1ÍR. niLL, I 1 'J and sulj !m W. JOHNSTOS i: CO., Í, j H lút.Jetfersm DETROIT. B ,FR SAt-E :"." AH. IIUIMÍ6ISTS. H Toledo and Ann Arbor Railroad. Takinp; effect Bunday Mareh 2S, 1S79. r.arsr, miTir. nomo sopth. Ml-v.'r.xp. Kxp. Kxp. Exp. Mix A. M A.M. P. M. U.M. P.M. V. M. 6 511 10 40 0 0!) TOLF.rO 9 28 2 60 9 25 S SS 11041 6 02 NorthTcleio 127 248 9 22 7 07 in in' 6 11 Det'oit Junction 919 2 39 9 04 ?2010S8 6 80 Hawthorn 9 11 2 Ml 8 47 7 38 II 08 fl ÍS Samaría 7 1 II 11 (!34. 2 18 S 19 7ö.")lllS (! 4; Lulu 8 48 2 10 8 02 R 03 11 23 47 Monroo Junotlon 842 2 (is 7 51 S SS 1 1 32 (i r,7 DuikIi e 8 38 1 66 7 33 8 4i; 11 3" 7 m Maci u i 00 781 8 58 11 4 7 lo. Azula 8 24' 1 44 7 10 9 25 11 M 7 gj '8 11 132 6SJ 9 88 12 00 Urania IOS I ■:.; 625 9 52.1208 7 86 Milán 7 58 I 20 6 18 1013 1215 ï4i; Yppilafa June. 748' 110 5 54 10 40115 281 8UQ AK KfftllOt{ : 7 85 12 58 fi 0 The 7.:!5 ,i. m. expresa suftiakcs close conneoli'insat Monroe Jaaction 6r flliKin and Munroe and for poiuts on the Lake shcrlLat Toledo with Coiambus dt Toledo And the W;iii The [2.58 p. ni. expren south eoDnscts al. 'rtinho n-ith the :i nVlock train eaat on the FpnnsylvBnTSPRoad tliro' lo Nffw V.irk. All train run iy OolnmbilB time - 7 minutes taster tban AnTi rrbOT time. .!. M. ASHLEY, .Ir.., Superintendent. LEGAL NOTICES. Ksínt' of ( osiellos- minors OTATE OF MICHIGAN, CülJXTY k; of Wttahteaaw, ss. At .eswion of the Pro"rf Fei tl oimty of Warfitemiw, holdnn at t)ie Probute Ottteft in iheeityoi Ann Arbor, on Mondny, the twenty eventh day of October, in tha mie tlioi ,1 Imndred and tvin:yJ'r(Mnt. Wilüt.TLi D. Ifrirrlmnn, .Tmlpodf Prohntr Id the matter i tl state o) ostello and Mei . linora. On i :mt' the polition, íol Teiifled, of Jolfft Coistello, g i li minors, praying thal I: in ,n;iy be nllowed, and ;i" ri asnrmhle pomp' nfmtion föp his 91 as such fruardian, and that ha be dniv discl ;s h,r II g 11:1 '. Therenpon li OTdered.thiii SatnTday.thetven■r ai, at ten o'clock in the loiv.iocni, 1 :;,,. hearing of said petition, mil thal the uardian of paid minors, and al] othpi persone iiitercsted in tbeii 1 rae reqnired t,o apnenr ut a ses-sion oí said dourt. Uien to be hnldec t the Prot ■ tlie citv of Aun AiïKir, and gnott ca there be, ayer o ■ . should nol be gránted: And ii i Fnrtfier ordered thal said !■ aotiee vo ttu1 persons intalt, ot the pendencT t siud ■ ', 1,' i i !"■)■■ ■ by pjiusinir ficopy of thia ordei to be piiblishïi) in the ABS Ahiiok Anpritited and eïrcnlated m said Siive wetiks previous to s.-lid day ol heariziK, WILLIA II D. HAKUIMAN, f K triip eopy.) Indge ot 1'. WtttO.DoTT, Protinte Rejrlrter. lístale of Willlarn Myetii. STATE OP SflCHIGrAN, C01TNTY -. X 1 i e , ■ js lipn'hy givcn, tliat by anord' r of the I he County of Washtenaw, 1 Ie on the teni 8a'y of Nove A. li. 1879, i inonths froui thal date were tlloved dlt-ors to nresenl thftr clnims againsl ■ il Williaiti M ,i Said county, dannd that all credilors of said deceaaed are ma 10 sajd Probate tlie Probate Office n City of Aun A rhoi , . tlowa&ce, on or ''■■■ '"'■■ trml, day of Jlsy oext. and that je:i claims wMi be hcard ivicre sid ('mirt on Pnwiiar, the tpnth elay of SVbnjary, and on ontbday ol May hext, at tap O'clock in the i' i iys. Latcd. .' r, Píoveiúl'c 10 ï. ]fi7!) WÍLLIAW D. HARBÏMAN, 4lïlvt e of Probate. E-:)i:v (l Jn.nj.e4 3iiri-i. QTATIi OF :viICÍiKAX, CUUNTY ■- Pf ' : Probate Couit lor the Coiini hfttoén al tli- oí Aun Arbor, on hthday of November! in the yearone nd eitrhi bu ■ 1 .une. ' ut, William D. HaiTimanTtidge f Probate. l:i rhe rafit ter oí the estáte ot James Mari coRsed. On readiugnnd fiüntlii fwtit.ion, daly tb of Mary C. 1 1 ayiqg thal pariitii bfnvuirci the real estáte whereof siiid dec ■■.v. Theveapön : rdereS Inesday, thê tenth day ■jfpeeember next, at ten patockrnthu sbrcnii ned fortín; hearjng A said petition, au : I int the I drs ■ ■ Ie 1 persons iuterested in K;iid estáte, are eö to appear at a seflíiorrof said coiirt, then to b" holden ut the Probate Olh'ce in the city of Arm ATbór, and show canse, if any tbere be, why the prayer of the sbonld be K' And it 13 fnTther ordered that said petiM noticp to the parsofis iateretated in said Batata of the syofsaid petition and the hearing thereof, by causing a eopy of thia order to be puuiished in the Ann Ani;oR Ali'.Ts, ji newspaper pritited and ciretilated in said county, fhree successive weeks previous to said day of hearing, WILLIAM 1). HAIÏRIMAN, (A trneeopy.) Judge oi Probate. Wm. G. Dott, Probate'i Kstüte of James (i. Dancef - iniinu. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COTXNTY KJ of Washtenaw, 8. At Bession of the Pr Cour fi Win Arïxir, on Mon9ay'the I ■■U day of November, in tihw yenr one thouaand eifflit hun3red nnd sevênty-n i Present, Wilüain i. HEwriman, Judeof Pi ■ In the matter of the estáte of James Ö. Dancer, tuinov, SampsQn ParKer, tlie guardián of ?aid ward, comea itrio court ana representa that he i now prepared to rentier his aunuftl aecouut as such guardián. Thereupon it la ordered, that Saturday. tlie sixth dayof Pecombernext, at tea o'clock in the foreQaon,he assigned for examiniñ; and allowlng account, and thal the nexi of kin of said w:inl and allother persons fntereated in said estáte, are roion of said court, i ' holden at f he ] ce in the city of Aun Arbor in . ; ," any there bo,. why the said account sho ■: aot ■ And it, is j'ur'h.T ori Dotlce to the . :u.oi indetity of said nvr'Miü; and the hi thereof, by causíng a eopy of thia order to be lished in the Ans Aivivn Ahgub, a newyapei printed an1 circulatin in said county, tln-eê-successive weeks previous to snid day of hearing WlLLlAM D. UARRIMAK, (Atrue copjr.) ■ ■ of Probate. Wm. '1. Dott, Prohato TíoíhsW. Estáte of Ufarla Ford. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUXTY ol' Wfihtenaw, ss, Notiee is hereb ?i''en, that by an order of the Probate Qourt for tii County ot i];tv, made on the t welft h dity of November, A. D. 1S7S), six month trom that date were itta forcredHorsto present their elnims a&rninal thé eintc of Maria Ford, late of anid oonnt] and that all oreditors of s,i rerequired lo present tht'ir claims to Baad Protmte Cfturt, at the Probate uffioe in the rity of Aim Arbor, for ex;inination and allowsne. on or befare the day ot May npxt,and that suoh clftimi -vvill be heard bef'ore aid Court, on Thnrsdai . twelfth day of JFebTuary, and o Wednepday, the twelfth day of May nexi , ut ben o'clock m Uie ïorenoon of each oi Dated, Ann Arhor. .Novemrwr 12, A . P. 1870 "WILLIAM D HAR RIMAN, 46tv4 Judge of Probate. iSstate of Nathaa Buzartl. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, COUNTY frO of Washtenaw, ss. At a Bession of the Probate Couri for theCnmity of Washirnav,-. holden at the te Office In the city of Aon Arbor, on Wednesday, the twelfth day of tiovember, in the year ofae thoiisand elght hundred and se-vente-nine. Presont, willlam T). Htirriman, Jndge of Probnte. Iü the matUer of the estale ui' N atoan Bu.zard, deceased. Benjamin E. Nichols, administratoror feafd estáte, comes Qto court and representa that he is now prepftVed to reader his 6 nal account as such adiuinïstrator. fhëretipoïi ït fsordered, that Saturday, thetwenty-nintb (i u y of November nest, ai ten o'clock in the ioon, be asslgned for exarnining and allowing Buch account, and that the heJra ar Imv of said deceased, and all other persons i rit eres ted in sail estáte, are required to appear at a sessi 'i ui' suid eourt, thn to be Iiokírn at the Pjrobate Office in the city of Ann Arbor in said couijtr, and shoi#ause, if ïiny there be, Tfhy the said flocount nhould oot be allowpd. And t is furtherosdered that. said administrator gire notice to the persons intereated in said estáte o'i the penden cv of said account and the hearing thereof, by cansing n copy of this order to be publi&hed in th'e Ann Aiïiïoh Arous, a newspaper printed and eirculating in said connty, two successive weeks previous to said day of hearing. WILLIAM D. HABRTMAN, (Atrne copy.) Jndgeof Probate. Wm. Cr.DoTY, Prohato Register. Rial Kstate lor Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COTJXTY of Washtenaw, ss. In the matter of the estáte of Samuel Axtell and Sarah Axtell, insano persons. Notice Iflhereby given, that in pursuance of an order gran ted to the nndcrsiprned gnardian of said inaane persons, by the Hon.Judfre oí Probate tor the county of WnshtcMiaw, on the tirst day of November, A. T). 1S7', there wül be soM ut public vendne, to the highest bidder, at the east front ilr"r of the Court Ilonse in the city of Ann Arbor, in the countyof Washtenww in Bid rtnte, on Sat:t!ïtay, the Twf.XIIETII IAY OF DbGEMBKR, A. ]. 1879, ÍÜ tWO o'olock in the afternoon of that day (subject to all encumbranoes by nOTtgage or otherwiso e? at the time of thé sale) all tbc riht. title and esl of said insiine persons in the follwwiag desoribed real estáte towlt: Lof uü'niber forty-threa and the north onr-ioinih of lot number forty-two, ín Ömith'a addttlon to the city of Ann Arbor; also a certain triangular piece of land eil uated in the said Smith's addition aforesafd, bounded west by Iota forty-three (43) and forty-four (44), northwesterly by lot fifty (50), south by land deeded to E lij ah IÜ Pilcherfnot Incïndlng any land heretofore deeded by II. S. Bmith, the aloresaid Iota bein-r in Smlth'a addïlion to Ann Arbor city, in Washtenawcounty, Michigan. Nov. lat, 1879. FRANK L. AXTELL, Guardian. Coilimissioiirrs NotiCQ. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COTTNTY oí The undersignedhnvingbeen appointed by the Probate Court i'or said County, Commissionsra to n iye, examioe and adjust all claims and demanda of all persona asamst theestatoof John Geooge SoanierlG, Inte of said county, '! ased, hcreby givo notioe that six montlia froin date are allowed, by order of said Probate Court, tor ereditora to present their claims ngainst the catate oi said deceased, aad that they wiU meet at the late residerjee of sni.l deceased in the townhip of BTorthSeld, in said county, on Tnesday, the tlurü day of February, and on Monday, the thlrd day ot May next, at ten o'clook A. M., of each ol said days, to reoeive, examine and adjust Baid claims. Bated, Xoveinber 3, 1870. PATEICK S. PL'nTELL, AXTUONY BÜRKE, 4pw4 Coniiiiissionor'. Estete of Selden Marvin. STATE OP MICHIGAN, COUNTY of "Washtenaw, ss. Notiee is hereby given, that by au order of the Probate Court tor the county of Walfatena w, made on the thirtieth day of üetober, A. D. 1879, nix montbs from that date vere allowed fór ereditora to present their claims agaisst the estáte of Seltlen Marvin, latü of said oonnty dtceased, and that „11 creditors of eaid deoeasea are required to present their claims to said Probate Court, at the Probate OtHce in the city of Ann Arbor, fqr cxamination and allowanee, on or betore the thirtiethday of Aprllneit, and that sueh claimt will be heard before said Court, on Friday, the tliirtieth day of Jamiary, and on Friday, the thirtieth day of April next, at ten o'clock In the forvnoón of each "t Raid days. Dattd, Aun Arbor, October 30. A. P 1879 WII.LIAM I. UARRIM , ivi Judge of Probate. APICAL MKETï.X;. Theannual meet mr ortho Cerman Farmers' Fire Inauraneo Company of Washtenaw County will be held at tbeachool house, opposlte the Germán Luth Churili in tlio township of Si-io, ii the lirtt Monday of December next, 'at 1.) „v.'Vu A. M., tor the purpose of electlng offleer, and lor the transaotion of sneh other bnsinesa as may leeslzzsüsass1 ""■■ a ser:" iataaADated, October 31, lTP. VM. F. BU8S, SwsretMy. LEGAL NOTÏCES. Notlce of Sfortgage K;i!.. DY AMO RTGAUE HEARING DATE! XJ (JcloLt-r 18th, A. D. 1H72, nnd recortad in ! !(i ''"" ' 'he Kegister ..f Deed lor il,e county uf omr.ytBtool Michigan, on theïta l„ ƒ of r,A 1). 1872, nt nineo'cloek and thirty rainntes a. m., in Jihei !■. ir inorfcnures, ,M we vtt P'U'V ! ' "!"''" A.Wat''"'-' ■ ■" T'K'CCS 'T p;lTTClS i.f lililí _ ic and beft tn the eouiity ,.f Wnshtenaw m.a state ui Michigan, known and deseribed as followa naroely: The north half ot the nörtheut usarte 'M tliiily-lour, and thfi soutl hlf i,f the oortbeast lunrtcr of snid Jection jn township foursoutr, of range seveii east" tm-ether with the. lenemente nis and apimrtethereunto beloiiKÍug." Defaultiiaa récurred ondiüonBOf said inortgage.bywhiehdefaul the power oí tale coutained in suid iiirt"aire ha btcome aperatiYe. Theamount claimen! tobe dus on snid mortgage at the date ol ihis mitiee i tw tliousHnd two linnilwd nnü f.nty-lluv.t dollars le:, nttorney tee uf tliirty-rlvprloll prnvidpd t'urinatúd morlgage. And misuit (uprocfcdhi-haTn i,-i it ni. ri i, i-iivtr, recover the debí noirit"lill"lr 'T;u,y,,i,rtthiTl 01. ..(],■,■ ia lierehv glvcn (lnitsaid luoi-t.'aitc will be ■I liy n sale of sak] mortjrapwl lóWi ,lml premies, whih s;ile iril) bc made al public vtndue tothp higbsst int!. ■.,, the l iheistu imy of Krcrmeer.A. J). 18I9i ai ten o'cloik in ilie fureiio-m at :li.' ronth door "f tl dunt Ilouoe io the city of Ann A r or in s;iúi coonty. Dated, t)ptcmbi t 18, ls;:i Moi-tgafe .salo. rEFAULT HAViXG BEEN AIADB 1 f n the onndlríons of a certain mortgage eSceented bj Uhristlan llool: of VVa)iteuaw i-ounl j, staU ot Michigan, to Thomas O. Speer, on the wTontli dnyof Kciininry, A. I. J72,and rtoorded litho re office of Wiishtenaw connty Michi-ui nn the 17th day of February, A. D. 187J, in Libe 47 of mortgages, on page 138, wliinh mortt;!iifiL a on the8thdayof March, A. J. 1S72 ai"ned hr Baid ThomasG. Speer to GeragS. Bnwh oi he ritir öl Ann Arbor coiiDty atoresaid. whirh nssiumncït ■nrdod on thesamf d;ly at 3.0 o'elock p m in Liber Sof Assignroeata of MoTtgagei, on nnire ,,.„rL„. s, Br,,!, )o Rebeeea Henriques on the l:'th dny of Jnn A D l::,, and feeorrted the 4tli aay ..f fitnembet, A I' 1815, at 10!, o'clock A. M.,in J.ibor 4 Assignment "f Mortpnjres, nn pasre 715. bywhiph dplault the poirar of sale contaiued in said raortgnxe has bepeTatlTe; anl tbere is rlaimed io bdiieat the date horeof the simi of si-Tin Jmndred and sixty-nine dollars, also an ai;,, mr '.--Uto shonld any pioceedings he 'aken to'fonclone thls moitgage. And nopraoeedinqaat law or been in-1itnied tu ncover tim ■ y suiii mortgageor nay jnrt t%Tenf. ■ :i that i.y nrtaeot tlie poircr tted in (taid znortijape and t)),;staiiite in de and provided, I shall e)l at publir hiii1ti. totliehijjhcít. hidder, on Hatnrday the24th day of Jsnnuij oext, nt two o'rlock p. h. of niá day, al, sonth door of the Cour!. TTnusp, n tb city Ann Arbor, in said eoürfy. (ihat beintr the holdine the Cirf.uit Coürt)tlie premines id in -iic! mortgèe to satjafy tbe nmonnt : to I ilue, Teith tbe charge of snle nd a ',e prtrridni for. in snid morta-ngp, thn Cotlowir. deecritied premisos, to-wit : Tbe west onew third nf the west half of tlie southwest qnartxr of section Ihlrty-four n town tliroe, aouth of rnnge of Michigan, rontaiuing tvun ty-Meven ucri-.s of land. more orless. Dated October 22, 1 ' 7". REBECCA HENRIQrES, JOITN N. GOTT, Assignee oL Moitgagee. Attorney for Assffr'iPe. Mprtgage Salp. TEFATTLT OF PATMENT HATING 1 liccn made of a certain mortgn.cro madrhy August KoiTand l'auljne Kopp liia vita toAÍoin Clark, dated March 20, A. D. 1876, and recorded Sd tlic Jli-L'istir ifleedsorficp tor Washteuaw county Michigan, m the 23d day oi March. A. D. )87fi, ai (i'á o'clock i'. m., in liber m of inortgafre on page 90, and on whicb jnoiipn;e there now remaina due and owing the um of threè hundred d serentytwoand 10-100 dolrars, the turther sum .ƒ thrte hnndred dollars of principal -with the interest (hereinch U, A. I. 1879, at ten per cent. herpafter tobeeofne due aeeurdin tothftterm ot said mortgage, and no procpedintrt at lsw or 1 n-en tHkcni for the collecl sn tlieieof: s therefore berehy givcn that byrirtupof i provisioiis in said maruga containr :. ;m! ffrï the parpoèe ol' jrealiïing tbe paynu-nt ol' the mbnies duw as aforeïiird tïsie and owinf Rether irjth the iulnest to ncirui' thereon ui len percent-, anffoosts hikI charges losUTisincludni!; a attorney fee sperilieil 'n ."''i'l I -.''a!l, ort THE TwiSNTYWiiTK'flJ jay oi.Iam'akv, A. 11. 18-0, at 1 o'clock M.,scll at pnblie veBdüe lo tbe nighest bidder t the front door ol the C'otirt House ia the mr of Ann Arbor, V.' . i ;- 1 1 . . mi i ...iinty, Michigso, sDbjeet to the reïnainin:: pritiápal. and interest. unaecmetJ, nt yet dne, all that certera traet or purcel of land beine . ■; in the t.onnshi) of Bridgevrater, county oi Wnsittenaw and state of Mich%,-an, knouni uiul ■I as loüou-s, t.i wíl. Comineocina nn the sniddle of h hijchway in yaarter sevt ïoa lin in nmnber twenty in towli.ship uuroher foor soBth of range oumfcer fourcast twenty-twothain ty-two links sonth from the quaiier iot in oorth In e of s i:d seetion nnmber twenty; thenre aonth along said quarter line sixteen rods and ix lnks lo a stake; thencenortheasK-ily twcuty.thrce ! üve and one-halt links tia'?take;'thence no-!i ti, eenier "f noiH road sixteen rods aníl bíx Unks; thtnee BOuthwentwurtJlT alontr Ibe fenternf mili road to the .t;n-" of begivnistg, ctjn'iiinin !and lie the same more ur le. Dated, October 29, 1S79. ALONZO CLAKK, Mf.rtgafrec. V..T.. "Woon, Attorney (nt Moitgngee. Ëstt of NüDcy AVheeler. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COCNTY kJ oí Vnshleuaw, ss. At a sossion of the I'robnt Court for the County of Washteiutw. holden ut the Probite Office ra the city oi Ann Arbor, on iSturday, the tweiity-iifth dny ofOetober, ia the year one thousund eurht hundred and seventj-pme. at,WïHiaia D. Harriman, Jndueoi l'votmte. In the matter of the estáte of Nnney WheeU'r, dect;tL'hïuK'.iir. AVl.ecIer, iirtmïnistrator with the -II ate, comes intocourt and rppresenUthnt be is now prtpared to ronder nis fioal acooTmt aí stich adminastjator. Thereupen ii is ordered.thatSatuicJay, the iwenty-seeond day of Novpmber next, at ten o clock in the ioreiiuon, )e assiiu-d for examining ad allowiCK such account, and tbut the devisees, legíitets. iiid Ueirs at luw of said dccessed, and all uthcr persons iuterested in said estáte, are requirctl to appear at a sessïon ol said Court, Ihen to be holdon a) (he Probwte Office in the city oí' Aon Aibor in said rnunty, and show cause i f any tlière bb,why In1 said acoou ni should not )e alJoired : And it is f'urt her oixiered that said administnitor gïve notit to the persona Interested in said estafe, of the pendncv i(' said account and the hearing thereof, by oausiDff :i copy of this order to be mblisbed in the Ann Ar.r. K Ai;. u's, a nowspapcr pviuieü and circula t ing in said connty, three sacceBaivé veeks previoua to s.üd (iuy of besriñg. WILLIAM D. HARKIMAN. ( A tru e copy.) Judge of 1 robu te. Wm.G. Doty, Probate Register. lislate of Koger V. Walker. STATE OF MICHIGAK, COUNTY of Wasbtenuw, ss. Ata session of the I'robate Court ibr Uae County of Wasbteaav, holden nt tbe Probate Office in the city of' Ann Arbor, o Tuesday, the twnty-eighth day oS Odober, in the yer ODe thousand eight hundred and svcnty-ninc. Present, Williara I. Harriman, Judgeóf Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Hoger W. Walker, döceased. Abbie T. "Walker, admtnfetratrix of snid cetnle, comes into court and representa that sfce is now ed torendei her iinal account as sweh droinistrütrix. ThereupoBitisordered.tbat Tuesdny, thet-wentylilth d:iv of November next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, bo assigned for examining and allowin Buch account, ana that the heira at láw of süïd de ee&aed, and :ill othn persons interosted in said estate, are req.uired to appeitr at a session of siiid court, then to be holden at the Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor, in pard county, and show cause if any there be, Trby the said account should not be allowed : And it is furtner ordered, that said adininistraïris glve notice to the persons Interested in faid estáte, of the pendeney of said m uw! tlie hearing thereof, by catishig a copy of t !iTs order to be puMLshed in the Ann Abdob Arotw, a newspaper printed and eirculating in said eon nty, threo snecessive weeks previoos to said dy of hearing. "WTLLIAM I. ÍTARRTMAN, (A trup f-opy.) Judge of Probate. Wm. i. DÓTT, Probate lïegïster. Rétate of Thomas Harris. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, COTJNTT V-J of Washtenaw; ss. At .session of the ProbatO Court for the Couuty of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Aon Arbor, on jr, the twenty-eighth day of Otober, in the ■ ie Uiousand i ighi hundred mul nu milj hm. (t, "William D. Harrirnan, Judge Of Probate. In the matter of the estáte oí Thomas llarris, deceoaed. John Tiplady, a(íraini.strníor wíth the irilï ai Dexed "í' said estáte, comes ínto eourt and representa thut he is now prepared to render his final aecouïit nu sueh aflïimïi.-trator. Thereupon it is ordered, that Sattrrday, the tmmty-BPeond iay of Xovember next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be assined for exnmining and allovrinff sueh account, iind that the devistvs, U'i,Tttees, nd heirs at law of said deceasetl, all other per&ons interested in said estiito, are requiied to nppenr nt bpsion of said Court, thea to be holden t the Probate Office in the city of Aun Arbor, in oaid county, and show Ciiuse, if any therebe, "why the snid account shouldnot beallowed: And it is further ordered, that aaid administrator pive notice to tlie persona interested in eaid estáte, of the pendeiiey of id account and the hearing thereof, oy cansing a eopy of this order t.oie published in the As Akikr Argus, a newspaper printed and circulating in said eouniy, three auccessive weeks previonn to saIcI day uf hearing. WILLIAM D. H ARRIMAN, (A true copy). Judfie of Probate. N v. O. Bott. Probate Register. ' Bátate of Charles E. Burlingrame. ÖTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY Kj of "Waahtenaw, ss. At a session of the Probate Court lor the County of Washte-riftw, holden at the Probate Otfiee in the city of Ann Arbor, o Friday, the serenth day of November, in tbe yeax one thousand eight hundred and aeventy-nine. Present, William D. Harriman, Judjje of Probate. Tn the matter of the eatute of Charles E. Burlinffame, deeeased. On ieadinprand fillng the petitton, duly Terificd, "l Peter M. Burlingame, praying tbat he inny be ticensed to sell the real edtate whereof saiddecensed died seized, Thereupon it is order!, that Tnewlay, the ninth day of December next, nt ten n'clock in the forenoon, be assigned for the hearing of said petition. and that theheirsat law ot said deeeased, and hII other persons interested in said catate, nre required to appeiir at n session of said Court, theo, to be holden at the Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor, and show oanse, if anj there be, why the prayer of the petitionershould not begranted: And it is furtlier orderedi bhat Huid pelitionrr Ljive notino to the persons in terested in fald mtate, of the pendeney of snid' petition, and the hearing thereof, by causinp i eopy of this order tobe published in the Ann AnrtOK; Aci;t ■-, a nt'Tvspupor printed and nirculated in saift rtmnty, threo suocesBive weeks previous to eaiddaifof hearing. 1VILLXAM T). HARRIMAN, A tnie pory.) Judte of f tobt Wji. O. Dott, Probate Kegisier.


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