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John And Mary

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Tiiey were husband and wife, and thoy looked tenderly at each othcr as they stood side by side: A man may sinnsh tho stovc nnd thlngs. And black a fond wifo's oye; And she may pound him wi'th a club, Uut true loye cannot die. "It was all a mistake," explained Mary, as a beginning. "I can make oath it was," added John. " It might havo beon," said his Honor, " bnt the oflicer says you were having a terrible row." "Row, your Honor?" said Mary; "why, we are t!ie peacefullest tvvofolks on División rtreet!" " I want to see the man who says I'd strike me darüngl" added John, as he put liis arm arouml lier. "Didn't yon, sir, take an ax and smash the stove?" "I - Idid, your Honor, bvit why did I do it? Because, sir, the stove smoked, and I was giving it ventilation." "And you smashed the tablo and chaársP" " Yes, I did, but they were oíd furniturc, sir - awful oíd. I'd been faying to give them away, but nobody woula have them." " Well, how did your wife gct that black ey o?" "How, sir? Why " "A sliver llow and hit me, oí coursc," she put in. "Yes, sir; a sliver flew and hit her, and 1 was about to run for the drug store wlien this policemari carne in." "Well, I am glad you love each other so rtearly," coutinued the Court as he picked u] a benumbed house fly on the paint of bis pen. "Maryöan go home and piek np tho chair legs and splinters nnd broken crockery. and yon can go to thé Work-House for thirty davs." " Great guns, sir! but i sliall die if I have to leave Jlarv that long!" " And I can never, nerer live thirty days without Beeing John!" " Well, we'll take the chances," remarked tlie Court, and John was towed into tho corridor to wait for the wagon. Mary shed a fewtears, but aftergettiog out doora she quickly reoovered her oomposure, and said: "When I come to think it all over I guess it's best, for poor John is extravagantly fond of seeingmy eyesin mournniof." - Detroit Free Press. The latesl estjmate f practical statisticians is that there are In the United Staten 35,000,000 cattlo valued at tl020,000, ).


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