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TJHItC SUrf KOK. 1Q80. The Sun will deal rïth the cvents of tho year t fts ovn fa-=hiori. now pretty weil utiderstood ■y everybody, F rom Ja mui ry 1 amil December 31 it wi]l be condncted as a newspapr written in the Snglish language and printed for tliewlu-le ppopíe. Asa Dewspaper, The StiN believes in gettïngaï] the news of the world promptly, and presBHting it in the raosi intelligible sbape - tlie shape tbiit wiü e ite readers xó keep well abrenst of (fia age vitb iho least unproduofcive expnditure of linie. rhe greatest Interest to the (freatest Dvfrabeiy-that i-; the law C(mtrollinj its daily tuake-np. It now basa circnlation very mnch larger tban that of my other American newspaper, nnd enjoya an Inpme wliirh it i,s at all times prepared to .speed libeniliy i'or the benefit of its readers. Peopie of all eonditioQS of life and all ways of tbiDlcinf bu i; and read Thk Son ; andtheyall derive satiafoction of somesort trova its columns, fot they kcej) on buydg and read ing It. In Ita V 1:1111 ion ts on men nnd mTaim, The SüN heievus.thiit the only Kuüje of policj should be comoon Sense, inspired by genutne AmericaTi prin■iples a-int baclced by honesty of purpose. For this eason it is, and will continue to be, ahsolutely intependent of paríy,oIaBe, dique, organlaation, or interest. K is foT all, out ol' nono. It w ill continuo toprateo wbt is good and repróbate what ia evil, takmg care that its langunge is to the point aaid plain, beyoad the powibility of being misun derstood. lt 'is uninflueuced by motiyes that do not appear on the surface; it has no opinión a to Bell, save tfaose which may be bad by any purehaser wtth fti ■ ■ '■ 'tiíf. It batea Injustie won lity even more tlnm it hates unnecessary words. It abhors frauda, pitiea fools, imd deplores nincorapoop i of every species. Itwiil continuo througnout the year 1880 to cbastfoe the flrat claas, instract the second, and discountenance the third. All bonest men, with honest convietions, wlietlior sound or mistaken, are its frlends. And Xhk Sun malees no bonos of telling the truth to its frienás and ahoui its friends whenever ocoauon arlsea for plain ppeaking. These are the principies upon whích Tiik Sün will beconduoted duritig the year to come. The yeftr 1880 vil] be ose m wbich no patrfotia American can ftfford to close his eyes to public affaira. ít Bimpossible to exaggrate the importancc of the politica! events wblch it has tn stort;, or tlie aeceseil y of resolute vigttanee on the part of every citi.t'ii who desirea to preserve the Government that the tounders gave us. The dtatea and acta oí ongreaa, tbe utt trances oí' the preajs, the excittng of the Et publican and Democratie parties, ow ne:irly equal in strength throoghoutthe ceunryt tle varyiDg drift of public sentiment, wiU all icar direct! y and eflfectively upon the twenfrjrourth Presidentialelection, tohe held in Novemvr. Four yeara ago noxt November, the will of ir nation, as expreased 'it tlie poHa, was tliwarted abominable conspiracy, the promotera and meficiarlas of which slill huid the offices tbey ole. "Will the orinieof íSTfi be repeated in 1880? liRpasi deeade of yeara oponed with a corrupt, xtrnvagaDt, and insolen t'Adminiatration intrench i ni Washington. Thk8ün lid something toward slodging thegang and breakfng its power. The sama tnen are intríguing to restore tbeir Iftader and themelves to placea from WÉtich they were drivenby the indnmation of thepeople. Will they succeed? The coming year wil! Dring the answers t" these monientous question. The Run will he on band to chrooicle the racts as they are devë] ;iud to exhibit them clearly and fearlessly in thcir relal lon& to expediency and riht. Thns, with i of philoBOphical gonS humor in lookiog :it the minor ftffairs "f lito, and in great thinga a steadfatil pnrpose to malntain the rihts of tbe people and the principies of the Conatitution ■ : 1 1 1 aggreegors, the sun is prepared to write ;i truthful, instructivo, mul entertain ing htstory of 1880. Our ratesof ubscnption reninin unchanged. For the ! [i.y scx, ji four-page sheetof twenty-elght columns, the price by mail, postpaid, is SBcentaa month, or i.5O a ycar; or, iocluciing tlip Sunday paper, an eight-page shaetot flfty-iiioolumna, the pnci Is65 cent amonth or S7.7O a year, postase paid The Sunday 'ililion of thb mm is ,,isii furnishetl Beparately at Sil .20 a year, postage paid. The prioe of the weekly sun, eïght payos, ílftysi columns, is SI a year, postjiífo pnid. i'or clubs of ten BOndsng -litio we will Bond :in cm n copy frec. Addrrss l. W. V.siihA N 1 ',' Fttblllhet of i iik su.v, Neif Vurk (.'ity.


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