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How Long Shall Greenbacks Be A Legal Tender

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Thnt pnwigfirph in thn mrssapre advisin-j the canceilation of greenbaoks wlirn nuco redeemed hits renewod the 'd füseussion as (o tbeir oonstitution'j!i'y in times of peace. Ai! ngree the preciilmok wns mi Olltgrowth of the wnr, or, railier tho neoessities of war. There was not specie sifficipnt 'o ransactbusii'icss, say noth H; abo ut the rpquirements of tl e army ; licnce Mr. Bpauldi'igi the father1 of ihe ourrenoy evolved tl: e greenbnck. It. wns born, and lias (Too ly-rn 11 Rource of agitation. To Hivve it froru judiui&l degradatipn the puprome court was onlavged and Grant i'iitniintprl men to the bench oxprossly to .rcïcrvö its characfer. Lopul ruinds 1 nd no'noü in the decisión iidirinu:r the of the issue. Though n:;iti!iting frocn the hfhest antbority in the government, the Judgment of thal oiHirt has novar b en regarded in any ntber Hfjlit tban as a question of' experiipney and not of sound cthics. Ko Iuwyer of repute wonld go upon record k maintainiag the. oonstitutionality of the court'a opinión. There would bo 110 (ïisafrrpcvnent now c'i.l not both expediency and policy entef hrto tlio minrisof law-makers. Somc favor pnying no nttuntion to the matter, l'ttin;: the convenient ourretiey alone as thh bcst thnt can be dovised. Lutit rest nnder the character it, now bears frora the. iiiif i'iini vi-ur. ir,!y aro rypoa:onts. Others like inflationist Fort of Illinois prophecy danger to their party it' th'e least oaooollation is effeotsd or lef!n tpnd(r destroyed. Fort prefers a frrpater issuo and by no means cancellation. Disübter - not to the public genijrally, but to thü Eepublican party in 1he,westerii states - wonld follow. -Betwren tlïe policy of the President based upon the fact that now is an fiiue to cancel greenbacks. gold fiowinginto the country largely through iipportatiou8, tbereby inaintaining an cquilibriuin of the currency, and conarpssmen aoved by expediency and policy to let the matter rest, and the fact th;vt the ccinimittee of Republicana in whose hands flnancial qunstions nru placed as a depository of safety in view of the oontest, next year, tlere wonld be iittle likelihood of decisive aotion being: taken liad not Bayard come forward with a bilí embodying the recommendations of the President. This proceodingr ripoa the part of a Democrat alarma pasteYn Repnblicans, who fear tho Dt;mocratic party will place itaelf upon an nnqupstionühle hnrd money busis and deprive it of a shihboleth heretofore olaimed to be almost solely their own In plain words, to take the wind frora Rppublican sails, in the oampaign of 1SSIV ■ Southern ppnafors nre almost a unit in support of Bayard's liard money proposition, with a proviso inserted that it fhall' not tako effect iminediately. Thoy beliefre, and very Bensibly too, that, like tbe notice of resuniption, several years Bho'd elapse in order to give the country time to prepare for the chañare. Btit ler'8 amendment provides for Jan. 1885. This movotiient if effeicted i's one nf the ïictii B.tisttfigic points pospible to oarry in face ef the adversary, to strengthen us in the eastern and doabtful states for next year's contest. Whether it shall result in Bayard's nomiuation or some other gentleman is not of paramount importance. The main object of the Democratie congress shoulrt be to so act as to commend itself to the people of the country. In this way the road to Buccess is marked out, and whoever be our standard beurer the contest will be the easier won. 'Why-'wheat has advanoed is well Itnown tö be the short erop in Europe. The situaf.ion isalarming especially to England1 with her great artny. One paper declarfis dolefully that out. of everv five loaves of bread eaten in Englandin 1SSO three must como f'rora tho United States and Rn.sia. The Pall Mali QamtU ia so thorouglily frightened that i t wants lier majtisty's navy inereased : " It is now asoertiiincd that we aliall require not less thin eighteen milliou quartera of wheat-oni outside Bouroes during tho coming year, or two million more thun wás at first offieittlly eatimated. IIre lies tho parmnount necessity for a stronper navy. We can not afford to run the slightest risk of a teiaporary blockade. Wlth millions of men dppendtjnt upon countriss thousands of railes distant for their daüy bread, what would be the result of even a fortnight's short supply?" In somfr parts of the continent matters are even worse. In Silesia there is famino; but rnmors of wars are constantly heard. : ÏSisinark was righ". There should be a disarmament of Europe, in order that men may earn their bread f rom the soü. L, W. Hoath of Grand Ilapids, succeseor to Chandler on the national oom inittee says "Grant is probably regadled aa the man to moet the requirements of the diy, particularly in the South ; still, he believes the country woultl not 6ufferif this charge was placed in Blaine's hands." What silly twaddle this is, to emanate from 3 man possessed of a Baño mind. Stalwarts have wrang this idea so long and so loud that mauy of the rank and file affect to bolievo the country Vill go the dumuitiou bowwows unless committeJ to the eustody of one or two men, one of whoin nearly wreclted bis party during bis last term in the white hduse. "It is, very wrong for Democratie southernslates to repudiato thoir dubts" say the Republicana. But not a word of di-ssent appeara against tho action of the Repubhcan negroes of Virginia, whoru together with repudiaton oonstitute the-ïloniinant re-adjiiaters party in thaft state. Gun. Win. Mahone bas received the caticus nomination oí' tho lattcr for senator. The great international dairy fair now op,in Ni-.w York is a grand suooess. The exhibit of blooiled cattle, huttar and c'Ueese, will awaken new lito iu thoGe ptröducta in America. Jefferson Da vis i-: i" ' ;■;: ; , gel pos.H-ssion ot Mrs. D rsey's property without a bitter contest. A petition in chanoery ivis filed in Xcw Oileans thi other day ti aunnl Mrp. D's reqactt to the distinguished rx-eonfeúrate, in which it is lleged 1h uoduly iüíluenoed íi pfont'rou'. bnfc WGftk-ïiïïndofi Indj', arid from íirst to lnt exbibited a ilosign on bis part to secure her fortune by werking apon her politieel and religieus syinpathics. In' nn oil wel] at Rel Rock, Pa., r iiro broke out on Friday, aprending ovara large aren of territory ocoupied 'with tanks which broke loóse, creating rivera of flarao, connnuniculing to aud consuining all the business and privato houei'B turning into the street thrfe hundrud destitute peoplo. Loss estiuiutod at $200.000. Ngw York 's bourd of elate canvnssors have declarad all 'the Rojiu'iiicüii oandidates elcotcd, execipt Horatio Seymour, Jr., nephew of the distiiguruhed statesman, wlio reoeived 10,000 mujority f'ur state enginecrar.d survivor. Thosewho stole the nation wero terribly ai'raid Demócrata woiüd stoal au ofnea or two in the Empire state. Common sense applioatioua ofton enter into venliets of jiiries in pir.oe of the law. Au Iudiana judge suid tho other day that "Common nonas ia not better guide for juries fch u tho rules of law, which ure generally tho condonsed common sense of ages. F nr hlR pft'nrfa in hohalf of t.!lfl flCIfiftt theft Hayea gava MoCrnry the wr portfolio. Dillou's ri'siiifttion ot' tho Ioiva circuit creatod vaoancy, to wbich McCrary retires for Ufa. Ex-Senator Ramsay of Miauesota joins the cabinnt.


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