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- Joseph Seybold has bian appointed a priest to eerve at Stony Oreefc. -The senato haa contírmed tho renominatiou of Postmaster Spencer, of Ypsilanti. -The lease of the Ypsilanti Commercial expiring in March Mr. Pattison will resume its management. - The annual eleetion of officers of Manchester Lodge, No. 148, P. & A. M., will take place on Deo. 2-id. - Mr. James S. Gorman of Lyndon, gradúate of the University contemplates opening a law oiHce in Dexter. - The annual election of officers of Mericiiavi Chapter, No. 48 E. A. M., of Manchester will tato place onDec. 2 Ith- Wnshtenaw Lodge, No. G5, P. & A. M., will give a "Bull and Festival" on Thursday evening, Jan. 1, at Costollo's Hall in Detroit. - Messrs. C. S. Gregory, Supervisors Wallace of Salino, Toung of Lyndon, and ComstockF. HillEsq.of Lodi were íq town Wednesday. - The Universalista of Manchester propose to erect a tree fiom which joy in the shape of prcsents will go fortk to ohildren oq Christmas eve. - Wia. Campbell lias exohanged his property in Aun Arbor with John coner for his farm in Sharon, and the latter will remove to Ann Arbor. - A social, oyster-supper, nnd dance, for the benefit of E. E. Frazer, at the resüleuces of Mra. N. C. Goodalo and F, W. Goodale, cf evening-. - Manchester's taxeg for 1879: State $2,916.88; county $3,315.00; rejeeted f109.84; township $0,826.21; contingent $890; road and bridge $100; dog $171. - Fred Krause, auctioneer, will sellto the highest bidder, on the Richard Glazier farm in Ann Arbor tov.-nship, on Tuesday, Dec. 23, at 10 a. m., personal farm property of George Wagonhood. ■ - Such of our subscribers as reside out of the county are notified that pre-payinent is positively required. Subscriptions expiring with 1879, will be discontued unless remittances for tho year or six months to come are received. - It may seem a smart triok to tho dyspeotio old granny who issues the Ypsüanti Sentinel, to take an extract froin the Akgus, and by the omission of a word destroying to eoma extent its meaning, critioizo our gramuinr. The diseourteous act isprobably characteristio of the ninn. - Wash tena wCounty was represen tod at the annual meeting of the state granee held in Lansing last week by J. Webster Childs of Ypsilanti, meuiber of the exeoutive cominitteo, Mr. and Mis. II. D. Platl of Piitsfield, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wood, E. M. Cole of Superior, and J. W. Wing of Soio. - At the annual meeting of the Southern Wu.shtenaw Farmers Mutual Insurance Corupany, supervisor Daniel LeBaron and Junius Short of Bridgewater were unaminously re-elected directors for fiill term. Directors eubsequently elected J. Short, President, and D. W. Palmer, Secretary. - Hereafter the Ypsilanti department will forai a permanent feature of the Argus. Mr. Clarence Tinker, a young lawyer of high standing and gradúate ot tüe Uuivorsity, wiUhaveit in charge. A column of space, or more if necessary will be devoted to local naws of our sister city, so that our readers may be fully postod as to events transpiring in the eastern portion of the county. Any mattera entrusted to Mr. T's. care wil! be duly respected. - Mrs. MalcomMcDougal, one of the pioneers of Bridgewater, whose death was noticedin the last issue of theAltars by our Bridgewater correspondent, was bom in Duancsburg, Schnectady County, N. Y. Bhe was the daughter of lïev. Alexancler McFarlane. Besides two daughters, deceased leaves three sisters. Mis. George L.Hull, Mrs. HoratioBartlett aal Mrs. Jí. D. Eobison of Detroit. Sho came to Miohigan in 1837 with her parents her father dyirig two days nitor the purchase of the fartu wero MeDougal resides. - The annual meeüng of the stockholders of the Detroit, Hillsdalo and South-Western Railroad Company wiü bo bold at the office of the Company, ia Ypsilanti, on Tuesday, Januaryl,3, 1880, at 11 o'clock a. m., for thefollowing purposes: To elect niño directora for the ensuing year. To oot upon the question of authorizing a mortgage upon the road and the issue of mortgage bomls thereunder to the atuount of 750,000, orsuch otheramount as the meeting may determiue, and foi the transaotion of sunh other business !is niay proporly come before the meeting. - Mr. Charles S. Gregory of Dexter, whose bank was lately entered by burglara has reason to feel grateful for the süght loas he met, the would-be robbers although laboring several hours to enter the inner safo whore monoy was deDOsited. failed to seeuio anyuiins oí' valué. Such papers as were reached were discovered strewn about the floor in a back room to whioh the safo was removed in order to avoid noise and notice from the street, all of which save two have been found in good condition. This unsuccessful raid is the best : bla evidence of the safety to those doing i business with the bank. - Prosccuting attorney Etneriok will picase rise and an3wer the following queetion proposed by Watson Snyder in the Ypeilanti Commercial: On the 18th of August, 1878, Martin Eckrich, jr.,was arrested for robbery. The evidence against hirn was that he stopped a man who was riding through our streets in the night time, and robbnd hiin of what money he posseased. Young Eckrick was examinad and bound over to the Circuit Court. It is now sixteen months since the offense was allegod to have been committod, and he hag not yet been brought to trial. There 'is no good reas on why thiR case should be put ovor from one term of court to another for so long a time. If tbejoung man isguilty he should be pumslied; if innocent, he ahould be honorably discharged.


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