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The Children's Teeth

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A vi'.iíy important subject - so important that I v . all pan il ■ n ! o h:. ■ .'-:■; ;';;r ehildren lo pe son? f iill j realizo the vulue of teelh lili there are injured orlost. In theiiature of tuinas ii. oan nol b( i childron shoidd uudersl ■ or 1 to Eriiaril of tli ir i Xhc oí the ti el h i" chiltfhood concerns all 11 ■ Bmi '■■■" ■ Lioti, md IS Si ■:):' oí nij n J1 pi o wbll. Very goo'l abilíi ' trtts tor want oí liealth and the decline of these i I 'mc%Iv coniicctfd wüh ímporíouc masüeation. lt niupt bo adnlttd utthe oyfsetthut the children's leeth oflcn stand a yery en, or, to bo accurate, no chance at all. VVhat ihiiujs thoy do with their teeth! Crack un knots, cronch hard ■ ■ ■ [dren do alnipst ■ laan i. Now, if the hair or nails areleft nnonr ''('■ re, " Uow .'■ children!" !'!:; the in. iv be a tzinu of íuture' ■. . and tli no unnbticed. A mai ter an ing of age a ■■■ but a rann vho hi .(I ír bis girl ii perfect set i f tei i, has done a far be ' ling for her. Tiic first misebief í wilJ notice ïs Very ' oom i ■v all th wliich will ín time di mánd ;! .-■ i Nothing í ■ ■ tho te owded that one or more art; pu3hed out of line, and project bov I the others, or loan ii mgue, instead of standing pe] I ly tipright. And (■■ : no suoh displacement tl imetimes an intense pn i i are ned against one another with a edible tp ■ who hnyonot given any atten to (lie subject. 8oi d, a tooth will turn sideways ander tiiis i . Now, n sui is simply hnposslbl that the enamel I e properly deposited. onter snríate is the 1 tooth.and when it U tliin and weuk, that life . be a short oue. As soon as the enamel no, the hmer bone qniekl . until iu tiui ■; ilie fierve i: reached, and then comea the aci known as " toothache." Wh v,;nied in most young is the sacrifice of one or two oï the weakest teeth, fa order to give tlio others room to get: all the ennmel the ! System eau supply, and thus grów as. Happy the growüig :. who has between the toeth sulficient space to idniit a hali-wórñ dime! It willbe hls (ir hcrown iault il there is niit a good set of tectli in that taouth in after years. Yét 1 ha-ï e heard an ignorant mirse expresa her dfelike of a girl'a mouthwhieh had iu it this promise oí exeniption from caries aud dentistry, witjh ;ül Ilieir Loitures. But where there is not room enough il must be made, and as that cannot be done by stn inffthe jaw, the only alteniative is to iiiin om the crowdeil teeth, or-they will in time destroy one anotber. Butpapa en so busy, and mamma so tender, that iiie painful duty is put oiV, perhaps too Long. And sometimes both parents u-e ïonoran t of the cruelty which ire nnconscior.sly inflicting on their routhful charge - none the lesa real boled. lam not u ind do not wish to be suspecte of writtigin the interests of that professioü; int, and wheh ny pets' mouths sho' of béng crowded, they have an earlyintermy good f. Fórceps. !a too many e I i;;v;; ;:- the tevth is r.::ï very striking 'm.appcatrance - that deity of feeblo and narrow mindsthe irregularity is suffered to continue, in misi vd of the fact thal the presencc of a few i ■ fluous teeth may insurê the min of the rest, : ig in after . Crowding, then, is the nrstpokit 'ior parents to watch Rgai i . ISext, of course, comes want of cleaning. It is an unsavory subject, tgrant; ■ut it oannot be possed over ii the quesie fairly dealt with. At tho twttom of the teeth, touehing the gums, niay constantly be found n, rim of some pasty substanee, wliito or yellowiah in ■ ir. I speak of themouthsof dren, of course; peov. bottei uilow any such umuJation in theirown, Jiow this sul enemy of the tcotli. It is oflon of a very acid nature, and eats awaj enamel most certainly, a:id nul slowly. Let ■ . and the teeth are doomed; Eorthe"neck" of a tooth - tho point :it which it touches the gum - is its weakest part. It ir; there, above all, that decay is likeh t.) be ;in; and it is jusi at that point that "stopping" is most difítcult. Moreover, tíuit deposii (ï promoted by the free use of animal food; smail a oí the lüi' r and of tho fat cling around the teeth and get between them, keeping tho misohief at work. To neutralize tiiis, it is well to rinse the mouth with an alkaline wash, not too strong, oi'. 'u la-water buing "■'■; for the purpose, should this be done at n Uring (o rest, as the acids of themouth strength in the night, and if Sabitually allowed to work undi iturbed for eight or nine hours cnn do consid1 harm. [ndeed, if tho tecth can only be cleaned once in tlic twentyfour houra, I unhesitatingly givo the preferenco to .inu'. J-" ia of the dnv's vrwküe elearod awa.y and not Ieft to undergo the chemical changes which ave certain to ensue ií they are Ieft nndisturlietl for hours, with warmth a id moisture to promote di Tho bad taste which is often fouad in a negleeted mouth in the morning moy prore to its ovmer that these cautions are warranted by faots. The unp] ant odor issuingfrom anegleoted mouth s o'ilv too convincing to others. The habit of occa8io ing them out diiriji' the day is, when practicabl great service. Those who cannot afford expénsive toilette preparations wil! iiud that a veiT little plaia yellow soap - a mere touch on the brush -is an admirable substitute for costly dentifrices and washes. Endeed, i doubt if yellow soap is not in every way the best substance for cleaning the teeth. And nov a word or tv.-o about iinproper ways of cleaning the teeth. Tliis is eminently a matter in which "overdoing is iindoing." .V lad is toldof the evils of neglccv, and resolvea to attend to his teeth in futuro. 1 í givi'ii him, a Imish as hard as v, iré; with thi.-i - and perhaps a sco toot h - powder - ho rul vonthfu] zeal, mighi and main, at his luoklesa teeth. 11 is like the monka finishing what the Goths began. The movement is nearly all horizontal ; the angle of the hard brush presses on the necks of the teeth; the water and the jJowder help its aotion, and thc youngster might almoet aa well file away the necks of his teeth. He can cut tliciii bythe combined nrtion named above, as oertainly, though not so quickly, as by filing. The : should be soft, and the rubbing should i Be up and down, as well as alona; tho I Bne of theteeth. Caïe should be I nnr t- imiona iivit":1 ' . ■ :T !UTC t'll thC tom of thi ■ t to apply the anglcot the biistles to their necks. A ■ advantag % to to n n i e anj í hing that i fumly; indeed, ita freqi il rabie, except at the ili' ons l: the tcoth, anti shoul ken throngfa a I ube or :i straw. Tl uviatic preparations of iron and steel have ruined many a set of, teeth. Happily, there are now solutions of iro i are not ai h had betti c be pron : ff the teeth by rinsii The fatnily doctor mighi ofl ioI contení I i ith a mere hinl tod, shotild explain its innjortance, and insist that what is need(nl be done. Noobb knows .so welt ;vs a doctor what are the oonsequences of - . :tive mástil : ition of food. Of coi aro of i leness in ■ teeth would probably d wUatever was done for th m; bat there is also, bevond question, mueh preventable i - iflcrin. -


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