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A Vision Of Death--saved By A Workingman's Presence Of Mind

A Vision Of Death--saved By A Workingman's Presence Of Mind image
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The infernal (yet very useful) compound is so suií! nnd terrible D its work, and co-annihilatory in its effacts, that many persons experience a singular feeling if even in the presence of the hannless-looking fluid. Theykndw tbat a slighl i cussion would scii.l thcm into eteanity with the rapidity oi the lightning's flash, andhardly atraoe of tbeirbodies be found. Menwho ure accustomed to nitro-glyoerine are süpposed to have none of' these and nervo is a necessary requisit, Nevertheless, the presence of appalfing danger íes flustrates the best of them, as will beseen by the followinLr Incident: Atacertain factory not a hundred miles from Bradford were gathered Uio membera oí the firm and some workmen. The g hing the procesa of manufactura ing the explodent, when one of (!.em tiously dropped hia eigar-stub ori door which was cqyered with runí ■;''■ v. beai-ing on thi i of nitro-Tycerino. The i brilliantly with a sputtering noise. To say itors vvei'e alarmed would be to pul i r; mildly. ïiicy wem simply paralyzed with terror and watched the spreading fiery stn with tlie helpless fascination with ' wmonavictim is said to look in tho glittéring eyes oí a rattlesnake. All around (.hem wen: cana filled with nitro-glycerine, enoug-h to annihilate :in army, and every man feit as though he was the vietim of a hideous nightmare whieh held him powerlees. E - was impossiblc: their limbs refused to performtheir office; and au awiful death seemed ineritable. The apparently doomed men saw the little lake of iii: spread slowly bul surely on the Boor but tho flamea hissed aa though ii triumph at the certain death tha '1 to await their victims. None of the spectators wül soon forget thi thrilling episode in their livos. ant money could not hire them to repea the experiment. Whea the flre had al most reached a can Blled with glyeer inc one of the workmen rousei from his lethargy, and, taking his coat, spread it on the Hoor an extinguished the Sames, whenof course -.1 danger ceased. One of the gen flemen present, wlien describing his experience said: " I never knew before whal it was to lie sick fronifear. When I saw the infernal stuiï burnintf, am feit that every man of us woiild be blown to atoms ia iivo seconds, every muscle of my body seemed palsied. fasped for breath, my head swám, anc only feit a deatlily sensation of na in my stomaeh. All present turncd an ashy paleness of tfie face. Then i wondered ivlietlier there woiili be any pain in the death-strbke. Tha remei of anitro-glyeerine horror, where tJie süll palpitating heart of one of its victims was pieked ap .-. minute lifter the explosión, carne to my mind, and I surmisedwhether my hi :rt wouW andergo that strange experience after beiüg torn from my bod. The thought oJ dly caiissd me the most ii, and teara ai in f whioh i not speak with ■■■e vividlv sented to my i . and induccd ■ ..; reücctiong on the subject of futuro punishmcnt. Sometimos in my dreams 1 havo feit myaelf in the prcsence of frightful peril, suoh as lying in the path of an express train, or tottering on the brink of a vast abyss, bat was utterly Laorfpable of moving hand or foot for my preservation. So I seemcd in this case. I could not lift a finger, thoup;h thero was comparative safety in fliVht; paralyzed with terror was iiterally my condition. Af ter wliat seemed to be an eternity of waiüng for my inevitable fate, my attenlion was arrested by a movement on the part of one of the workmen, who took off his coat hurriedly. Then he bent forward, and, with the nfmost deliberation, laid it mi the pool of flre, moving it gently along and patting it with his hands un:!! every spark was extínguished. The reaction from the terrible suspense was almost overpowering, and I feit weak as a child, but on g'oing out into th j open air my old time spirits carao back ery rapidly. May I r.ever have other Buen experwóoe. -


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