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Professor Thomson's Silver Wedding

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Professor J. S. Thomson and wife celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding auniversary on Tuesday evening. The allair was conductedin such ,a quietand unostentatioua style that the event was scarcely known outside the Noble block. A Dispalch reporter, furious at clandestina marmer in whioh the redding had been celebrated, called upon the Professor yesterday for satisfaction, resolved to take it out in interviewing. " Silver wedding! Oh! ah! yes! 1 heliere there was sometidng of the kind," said the Professor, rellectiveiy. "Presente, do yon ask? Yes, sir, tbey were just tremendous'. But tlie chances are we should not have had so rn-.un if we had il'1' bad t i'oit!.nnlii. tv iasue invitations one hundred and two days beforehand, so as to givo onr friends plenty of time to brufih up old silverwure, and take a good look around for something cheap. All right, I am getting uu to tlie character of the presenta. Give me time. Let me sec, suppose you Say there were a number of silver sets that looked as if they liad been setting a very long time. Tea sets, eoffee sets. ei vine sets, platel washstands, gllded lire siiovei ;n I toogs, asolid gold coalsenttle, presu ned to have been sent by Vieoria - nickel-plated dressing grown sent iy Tilden. A railroad by Vanderbilt, a )cck of assorted salt spoons by ' nunerous friends,' and in fací everything vhicli afamily aeeds, all duplieated so nany linies that I think of stai'ti ivc een! store to get tlie truck off my hand?." There was something in the l'roïcsor's eye and tone that warned the rejorter to forbear. " Yon dislike presents, Professor?" "1 detest the practico, sir, and Hiere s the reason of onr quiet celebration. - Er ie (Pa-) Dispatoh. The South expects to raise th'm year about 5,000,000 bales of cotton, 200,000 j ogshead of sugar, and nearly j 000,000 pounds of tobáceo - or half a million bales more of cotton, tvvice aa amch sugar, and 12,000,000 pounda noro of tobáceo than sha ever raised , jeforo. , ,.. - ,, ■■■ - _. +--+ - "ltis among the nineties," nally remarked a gentleman the other ay, wiping his brow. ít so hapjenod that a venerable spinster was assing at the time-, " You msulting :hing!" she exclaimed; " it's no such hiiiii." And up to tbïs writing ha.


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