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-Eer. D. E. Shier addresscd the reform cluh on Sunday. _To Jan. 5, city treasurer Woodruff collccted of taxes, $41,600. - How opticm buyers do watch the Balts for future delivery of wbeat ! Total business of Arm Arbor and Toledo railroad for December, $8,500. - Gov.Ftlch is gathering upthe debts of George R. "Williams cf Lima, very Biucb to the gratification of creditors. " - Judge Morris bas appointed Eev. E. P. Goodrich, stt nographer of circuit court of tbis district at asalary of $1,000. - Annual meeting of stockholders of FirstKationnl bank for election of directora at ita banking house, on Tuesday next. Polls open froin 10 to 18 M. -Mr. D. B. Eourdmon, representing the Notham Photograph Co., of Boston has arrived to execute the contract tor the photocraphinp of the "aw dasa_A. S. Marshall, of Arm Arbor, reportert yesterday that he was robbed üf $120 Friday night in one of tlio variety halls near the Central Markot.- Fret Case of Elizabeth J. Oberst vs. Luke Dake, for breach of promise was settled on Monday. Parties reside in Salera. The widow's heart is now soothod. - Eecipionts of poor fund tor December are thus credited : First ward, $12,30; Second, $49.62 ; Third, $21.16; Fourth, $31.47; Fiftb, $24.16; Sixth, $16.08; total, $148.79. Pólice business for December wa9 light. One arrest for violation of saloon ordinance ; two for larceny ; one for obtaining goods under false pretences ; three drunk and disorderly. - Treadwell& Oeborne have dissolved. Mr. Osborne continúes buying wheat, his place of business now being at the Michigan Central depot where he is offering the higbest current rates. - A committee of six composed of ■ward Duffy, Antón bisele, Wm. Caspary, C. P. Cary, M. J. O'Brien and James Quinlan have been appointed by the 8t. Lawrenco society to arrange for a celebration of St. PatricVs day. The Congregational church bas bonded its iudebtedness of $5,000 at six per cent. interest. The bonds runniner J,e yearp, with privilege of payment any timeafter twoyears, werepromptly purchased by raembers of the church. Annual eloctionof Company A held on Monday evening resuked as follows: Captain, C. H. Manly. lst.. Lient., J F. Schub. 2d., Lieut., Ctas. E. Hiscock. Members of the board, Z. Eoatb, A. Por, G. Bliss, J. W. Hamilton and L F. "Wade. - A. McEoynolds and Mrs. Profes5or Langley were elected trustees for eneuing year, at a meeting of the member? of the XTnitarian eociety, on Mondxy evening. A resolution was adopted authorizing the trustees if they may deern best, to sell the church at a price not less than $4? 00. Svraday evening Ipctures will be reeumed at the Unitarian ohurch next Sunday evening. Subject of fïrst lecture: ""Wbat locallon sliall I ohoow? Tbe most attractive ancl impvtant callïng now openine; o nobly anüiitious youne Diprl Bnl' women." In the morn- ing Mrs. Elias Snnderland wil! preauii .-■■ ■ Tfco PnítiT-Tiorl of G ■ " Messrs. Cramer, Krapp, Sprague, Covert and Durheiiri, members ot' the order in tbis city, went over to Ypsiianti on Mcnday evening to aesist in the ingtallation of newly-elected offioers of "Wyandotte lodge I. O. of O. F., No. 10. Past grand niaster Dean of Detroit ducted the installation. Tbe lodge occup'es a new hall and is in a prosperous CODditiOTI. - Newly-elected officers of the reform club: President, J. Schumacher; vicepresidents, C. M. Jones, Frank Hangsterfer, and James Woods; recordingsecTetary, Henry Laubengayer; financial secretary, Win. Ball; treasurer, Clias. Boylan ; eteward, Wm. Copeland; marshals, John Marony.Cbris. Schumacher; sergeant-at-arms, Wm. Mathews; janitress, Mrs. E. Todd. Tbe retiring treasTjrer, B. F. Watts, reported the sum of Í214 64 on band. It will be remembered Louis Tay lor, bookkeeper in national bank was pricked in the thigh by a inember of Co. A, ■when it was ordered out by mayor Smith to suppress disorderly students. The wound grew worse, confining Mr. Taylor several weeks, at a loss of time and physician's expense. Monday evening Mr. Taylor presen ted a bilí of f200 to the Common Oouncil. A committee was appointed to confer with Mr. T., and af ter consultation acomproraise was ffected upon the basis of f 175, which amount was paid. At the regular monthly meeting of the Washtenaw County Pomological society on Tuesday next, the grape and quince will forin the topic of discussion. J. D. Baldwin, who was a delégate to the annual meeting of the State Pomological Society, recently held at Allegan, will report on the same. A resolution will be acted upon to amend the constitution respecting the time of holding the monthly meetings. It is proposed in the resol ution to hold the ings on tbefiret Saturday in eachmonth instend on the second Tuesday in eacb month, as now required by the consti tution. The annual rines from members will be collected at this meeting. All are invited to attend. At the common council meeting Monday night the Chief of Pólice was instructed to notify the M. C. railrond to remove their switch now situated so Bs to obstruct the f ree passage of Detroit street. Wiüiam Burke was given perrnission to erect a wooden barn on his lot in the Sixth ward. The City Treasurer was directed to pay to the Troa aurer of the Sohool Board of the city of Ann Arbor the sura of $59.52, balance of dog tax reported by him in his hands, April, 1879. The City Marshal was structed to confer with the superintendent of the T. and A. A. railroad with a view to secure the removal of tliat big iron plow. Albert Keeler was appointed special policeman at the depot, without expense to the city. Erastus Mason was appointed Comniissiouor of the Fifth ward cemetery. Two hundred and teventy-fivo dollars was transferred froia the contingent to the general fund. - Register. -A benefit at the resideuce of Gov. Asbley Mond&y eveniug for the Misses Whedons, netted 30. -Charles Chester, colored, died on tho last day of December, of cousumption, aged 10 years. - Annual nieetiug of Wasbtenaw Mutual Fire Insurance Co., at Court House ou Wednesday next at 10 A. M. -In supreine court at Lansing on Mouday a motion was made "for leave to proceed without printing reoord until after hearing in the Douglaa vs. Regent!.' case." The Barrett dramatic club will, on some evening next week, produce the play entitled "Dollars and Cents" tor the benefit of Company A's uniform fuud. City treasurer Woodraff lys pon our tablo a pampfalet copy of the proceedings of the twenty-sixth innual session of Grand lodgo of I. O. of G. T. of Michigan. llemains of Johanna Ü'Hara of Toledo, formerly a resident of tuis city, were brought bero Jan. 2d, aud deposited in the Catholic vault. She was 67 years of age. - Eev. Mr. Alabaster has introduced a new feature known as a religious institute, meetings for wbich will be held in the basement of the M. E. church on each Monday evening. William Deubel and A. W. Hamilton were re-elected trustees of the Presbyterian churoh ; John Ferdon, Heniy Osborne and L. D. Hale of the M. E. churoh were also re-elected. On Tuesday eveniug, Past maBters Cramer and Alrnandinger assisted by district deputy grand raaster C. H. Mauly installed the newly elected officers of Otst-ningo lodge of Odd Fellows. Xho law firui of Lawrence and Einerick bas been, or will soon be dissolvd. Mr'. Emeriek bas engaged rooms 111 second story corner of Main and Hurón Streets, with entrance the same as to tho Akgüs office. -Prof. Beal of the state agricultural college at Lansing, isannounccd toread a paper beibre the associated county agriculturalists to convene in this city Jan. 20, enütled "How can we niake our County Fairs a Success." -The city band elected the following officers for the ensuing year ou Thursday evening of lst week : John Chase president. J. Ambruster, vice president, Lutz, secretary. Chas. M. Jones, treasurer. Prof. ÍSituonds, instructor.


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