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Tho dcors of Maaonio hall were thrown wide open on Wednesday evcning to the public that whouisoever niight wish to come and learn sornetbing about the wouderf ui in y steryuf niasonry could do so. A suHicient nnmber of ladies and gentlemen together with the initiated availed themselves of the invitation to fi!l thn seats of the largo room. Past Master Chas. M. Jones, until lately master of (Jolden Kule lodge presided. His successor, Isaao C. Handy and Charles E. Hiscock, the latter just elected master of Fraternity lodgo, were duly installed inasters of their respective lodges. ïhen followed installation of subordínate officials. A very interesting feature of the exercises, ïuterspersed by singinp, was the prescntation by E. D. Kinue, Esq., of a watch and ohftin, value $50, to retiring master John P. Little who h:is recently oompleted a seven years term as presiding officer over Frattrnity lodge. Mr. Little accepted the token of esteeui with excellent remarles, preruising that it should bo renifinbered as only a masón coulii. Chas. M. Jones was uot forgotteu by meaibera of the lodge over which he has presided for two years. Dr. Chase stepped i'oiward and presented him with a past master'8 jewel, jiurchased at Wtvtt's jewelry store at a cost of $50. Mr. Jones feelingiy alluded to the occasion as among the proudest unoments of his life, and accepted the present from his bruthren of the mystic tie with heartfeit thanks. Aftor an xplunation by past master Little of the signs upon a chart suspended from the vall, refreshuieuts were seived. llev. "VVyllys Hall's anticipated address was not delivered, the ruverened gentleman having been unexpectedly oalled to Detroit.


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