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Miss Neilson

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■At the opera house on Tuesiiay evening next, under the direotion of Max Strakoscb, Mías NeilBon will appear in her farewell tour of America. Says the N. Y. Tribune : Mis:, Neilso-n suils from Liverpool today, and hor Farewell Tour of the Auinrican cities will begin on Ootobei 20th. ïlie statement carnes with H uu obvious promise of high intelleotual pleasure. The ideale that are interpreted by Miss Neilson- and not only interpreted, but, in most instances fulfilled - are amjug the loveliest that exist in the wholo .vide realm of poetry and the imagination, The iiifliiences that üow out of such works are all noble and gentle, [jropitious to aspiration nnd refinement, lid thus of great publiü benefit. Miss Neilson has succeeded, brilliantly and beyond question, in the most oh ar min g of the poëtica) heroines of Shakespeare ; and this faot, it is perhaps needless to say, huplies genius, study, devotion, grace, a versatile aptitude, and au innato conquering charm. It seems, possibly, a light matter that an actress should represent, perfectly well, suoh oreations as ' Juliet,' ' Viola.' ' Isabella, and ' Imogen ; ' but, in fact, the conjecture is wearied that tries to estímate the deep, far-reaching, and continuous iniluence that auch achieveinent exerts apon Ihe mind of the age. Justas men now old look back to Mkry Duff', Miss ü'Neil, and Ellen Tree, so, thirty years henee, their suocessors will look back to Adelaide Neilson. In this view her Farewell Tour possesses a peculiar significanoe."


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