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Dkxtkr, J'in. i. Miss Effie Baker of Ilowell, is viaiting relatives. O. D. Allen of Detroit, is in tovvn visiting his father. The suit agaiust MeGuïness Bros. bas again been adjourned. - Miss Ida Chamberlain of Ypsilanti is the guest of Miss Mary Biiby. - Much cui'iosity was excited by the killing of a rattlesnake on Sunday last. Amateur prophets now predict an early spring. -The Masonic ballSaturday evening for H. Stebbiu's benefit was largely attended, and proved a success plea3urably and financially. - Soine scamp or scamps who might be more honorably employed, pulled down the large sign of Joe T. Jacobs, near the windmill, tho other night. - Aquarrelfor the supremacy of "home rule" between Samuel Deth and liis son at Delhi, Sunday, the son oame oíf victorious but left in time to elude a warrant and two offioers from Dext t. The law providing that fire-escapes be attaohed-to buildings where tha lic in general congrégate, is being enforced to a certain extent. Costello's hall, the Baptist churcb, and Uniou school remain as of yore. - A largo number of relative3 and friends asseinbled at St. Joseph church Wednesday, (to-day) when Mr. Peter Gorman of CheUea and Miss Mdiy McGuiness of Dexter, were united in the bonds of inatrimony by llev. ï. Slettery ; after usual congratulations they repaired to the residence of Mr. James McGuine.ia where an elegant wedding repast awaited theru. The presenta were both costly and nutnerous. - A bad feeüng exists botwee.n certain membors of the E. E. club andthuir fellow-brethren, and, in consequence of which several meoibers have withdrawn. The reason assigned is, that a stieet episode not pertaining to the club's order of business was called up nd freely discussed by anytliing but pleasant languago by somo prominent uiembers, thereby causing much dissatisfaution to cartaiii individuals in the club.


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