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- Prospecta are bright for a bank at Dundee. - Grass Lake M. E. cburch is free from a debt of $9 48. - Oócar Pickell of Grass Laka wentto jaü Gü days for stealing a chicken. - Dr. A. M. Allen will look aftor the ailinonts of Lenawea's poor for $290. The Jonesville cotton mili now makes -1,000 yard3 of cotton cloth per day. Mrs. Addio Wyman of Morenci was a bride, mothsr and corpae, within t'uirteen raonths. - Faliiug of a derriek at Pott Huron nstantly kiilcii u. lJ-yeur oíd son of L)anil Cüllfctto. A Monroe man tiamed Louis Lazette bas got into trouble about destroying muskrat houses. Willis Jewell of Jackson, a deaf and dumb boy of 15, feil dead New Y aar' dey while going odinnertoanaigbbors Alonzo Woloott of Conoord, Jucksou couuty, has a well on bis farm 136 feet in deptb, and coutaining 109 feet of water. - Kepublic nis of Adrián are astonished at the appointment of Geo. H. Campbell of that city, a doniocrat, to a mail agency. Fovlerville has eix secret sooietios - mason, oddfellowa, united workruen, good templara, royal teuiplars and imperial knijjhts. C. G. L. Sweet, cashier in freigat office of X.ake Shore Eailroad at Adrián Í9 In iíiil chíirged with embezzling $600 funds from the company. Mr. Gilbert C. Garr, of Jackson was "stiuiulated" to such au erteat lust Saturday night that he choked hia wiioand then tried topoison hinaelf. - The committee for ihe relief of the suffürera by the grand stand disaster at Adrián report th at have recoived and expended a little over $1,900. - James i". Baker, lor many years crier of the supreme court, died in Lansinr; New Year's uiorning, aged 73 years and G months. Hü was ono oí' Lansing s oldest residents. - Thts Lansiug Republican, now issued as a tri-weekly, and typographically the handsomest newspapor that comes to our table has donned a new suit of clothe.s whioh beíits it beautifully. - Ym. Kay, a resident of Plymouth had bean mitsing for soine time, and bis body was found on Christmas in a piece ofwoods in Cantón towuship. It hadevidently lain there severul days, and was partly snowed under. Whisky. - A man named VanWert of Mt. Morris is in at Flint for falsely sonatinga United Stalesofficer and getting $75 out of a Olio drug firin by false pretonsea. They had been retailing liquor, it wouifl seein, without alicense. - Miss Ella Jatna3 of Owosso, got an envelope aud pi;ce of paper f rom a Christiuas tree. Ou the paper was written a duly attested deed for a house and lot ia Corunna. " Considoration, tha love and esteem of a dutiful granddaughter." A Fowlerville blacksmith has left that place for the dominion of the einpiess of India, leaving a wife and ohild, and since he went away a cruel rumor to the effect that he has another wife and several children in Canada, has gained credence. Lansing will probably have in the near future a new and direct route to Toledo. The Toledo & Ann Arbor railroad is being pushed to South Lyou, a station on the D., L. & N. raüroad, aud nine miles of the new line have been a!ready graded.- RepvVlicetn. While Ezra Andrusva, aged 25, was ohoppiug down a pine trea at Tubbs' camp, Cbippewa Station, Osceola county, last wocjk, the tree feil in the crotoh of a rnaple and the Hnib broke, striking hitn on the back of the houd and oraoking bis kuil. He died the following ïnorn- The jjrospects for Dundne having auother railroad are very good. The proposed Toledo and Milwaukee railroad willdoulitlossbe coustricted next suiiimer. Should it be built, it will undoubteJly strike the Toledo & Ann Arborroad at this point, and use its traük in to Toledo. Two youths, claiming to be university students canvassing for books duriug vacation, and culling themselves John and Aloma Lary, beat their landlady in Adrián out of a week's board, and went from there to Jackson and victiinized the landlord of the Union hotel. - During the year ending December 31, 1879, the Detroit letter carriers delivered ;JG,!)51 registered letters, 8,317,8,";3 letters, 1,108,126 postul cards, 2,512,013 papers and circulars, and collected 1,987,874 lettew, 527,208 postal cards, and 271,051 papers, circulara, etc., whilo 2,-107 letters were returned to the office. - The annual meeting of the Centml Michigan iigricultural society will ba held in thie city at Mead's hall Jan 28. Officers will bo elected for the eusuing yeur, and thü mombers will vote ou the permanent admission of the couuties of Ionia, Montcalm, Genesee, Waahtenaw, Jnckson and Calhoun Lantiny Republican. - N. G. Vreeland, who keeps a beer and hard eider saloon at Norch Adama, Hillsdale county, has been arrested for asaault and battery on couiplaiut of ouatomer from whom he extracted f i in about fivp honra nnd thpn, he very na- turally got quarrelsome, kicked him out douia. '.■.. ..ititj's wife has alao begun suit fur üumagea. - A Jaokson county rustic went to the village of Brooklyn and laid himself out for a three daya' spree. The affair was duly proreasing until one evening his wife entered where he sat playing oards. He was just saying "I'll go you Cvo" as she came in, and at once tho woman tuned up with the shrill war cry, "I'll go you five bettiir," and grabbing a billiard cue she soon "taised him out." - A fatal tragedy occurred at Maybees, Monroe Co., on Monday. Eugene Siras, t'renzied by drink, eutered Seymour C. Phelp's hou3e, and created serious disturbanoe, frightening vromen. Ordered he went out, when Miss Phelp lockud the door. Sims roturnod au cruahed in the.door. Phelps seized his gun and shot Sitns dead. Phelps was acquitted by a corouei'n jury on the ground of self-defenae.


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