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Carefully Kovised Weekly hj the Publisher. ANN Arbok, Jan. 8. Almost impassable roada prevent the arrival of wheat, price of which lias decliued to $1.30. This fleurt' ia higher really than buyers can afford to pay at the present ci'iidition of the niarket abroad ; hut eompetition and fond anticipations ol au advtince induce men to offer higher figures. Mr. Osborne of the late firm of Treadwell & Osborne has ubandoned quarters at the Toledo depot and taken up new ones at the Michigan Central depot, because better rates to Detroit can now be made than to Toledo. The market continúes bare of almost any quality of apples. Best grades and sound wül readily bring 90 cents. Beans are plenty at "5c@$l. Potatoes are abundant though few arrive. Grocers are well supplied. Peachblows ara quotable at 40, Early Kose at 35 cents. Bulter plenty, comprising all colors. Beet bring 18 cents. Eggs come in frcely, hens laying during Uil warm weather, and sell qmckly at 18 cent. lloney very Bcarce, most of grocers being out. Boes did not do well the past seaeon. Hiusey & Seabolt sold the otber day a lot of sugar to a bee keeper with which tocarryhi stck through tho winter. A good art.iele will quickly bring 20 cent. Stock buyers lost money on all shipnienti mado laet week from purehases made on a basis of $4 pef hun.livd live weight. They now offei $3.75. Warm weather brings pork down to S5. Beef 5@5i cents per side. Poultry advanced. Turki aud ducks 10, chickens 8 cents. RETAIL RATES Beans-- 5c por qtiart. Bran- 7Octs per luindred. Butter- S2o. CheeSe-lSc. Oom- 30c ear ; shellea 55c. Coro Meal- Coarse l.t5 ; $2 bolted. Floir- $7.' Patent $8(39.50 peí barrel. (round Feed- JlilQ per hundrcd or16 per toni IJama - Sugar cured 12c. Horniny- 4c per lb. Lard- 10c. Oats- 35C. Oatmeal- 4.i 5c. Pótate.por]t_{resh OaSc; sSlt 8a10e. Salt-Onondnga S1.7á, Saginuw S1.65j Coarse 82.ISBhoalden - 7e. Tallow- 6c.


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