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MEDICINAL. GltAY'S Sl'KCIFIC MEDICINIS. TRADEMARK.T)i( fJrp[lt ,,,n_rRADE MARK. "re nÜft V1 i aeriucnce 011 -1'íM$3 -bc.o.e J-akingIjOHSof Mul;orJvMtel. Tak eral Lassltnde, Paln ís ttieBack.DImncssof i ii, Premature )!.! Afte.and manj o estnat l;ilto Jiisai.ity, Consumption aud aPTeraaínrt- Gh"ave. Full partioulftra in nnr pnmphlots, which we aesire to send free by mail to every nne. The Speeiflo Medicine ia sold byull DrugistH ai $1 per packxge, or aix packBges for $5,or mil be :jcnt by tnail on rerpipt o'the monoy ty nrlili THE (HAY MBDICÍNB I 0 No 10 Mochíinics' Blook, Detroit Mirb. Sf-Soldiu Ann Arhor by all Druggista, aul by arnfTKÍHta evpry w-bcre Stearns' Drug Store 81 WOODWARD AVENUE, DETEOIT. We keep in stock the largest varicty of Medical Merchandize gathered under one roof in America. KT Visitors are cordially iuvited to Tlsit our Store when in Detroit. FHTSTCIANS, SURGEONS, STUDEJÏTS, aiKl[UEAI.ERS ;u-e imited to examine our large and complete asbortmnt of Surgical Instruments imd all kindred goofls before making their selections elacwhere, as we will to their advantnge to obtain their supplies of FREDERICK STEARNS. To Nervons Siiflerers- The Great European Remedy- Dr. J. B. Slmpson's Specific Medicine. It is a positiva curii for Spermatorrhea, Seminal Weakness, Impotency, and all diBeases resulting t-„„ from Abuse, m sfobx. McDtul Anxiety, érnm. jfe-" Loss of Memory, J „ '- yD.-y.rXüV PaiDS in Back r "' J'.lKide, and aluenga '■' '.? 5$ that 'f1"1 to ƒ kW Jb ■■ "jVíA fiuinptiun, insanicy Jgmjfcgi ''T and ao early prave. v ;j.J ïhe SpeciHc ViY' VM cine is b. n% ucáyC' with wonderful snecess. Pampblels sent frcetoall. Write for tliem and get full pirtioulara. Price, SpeciHc, S1.00 per package, or six paokagea for $5.U0. Addresa all orders to. J. I!. BIMPÍON MEDICINE CO., Nos. 104 and lm] Stftin Street, Buffalo, N. Y. For sale in Arm Arbor Viy Eberbach & Bon, anp by all druggjsta"evfcrywhere. -a -&- LECTTJEÍ1 2iS To YouaMen. Jusl puUishal, in a Sealed Enmlopt. Price six cents. A Lecture on the Nature. Treatment, and Eadioal cure o( Seminal Wenkne matorctaoea, induced by Self-Abuse, Invol-i: sions, Impotency, Nervons Debiíity, and Impedimenta to Mamase Renerally: Corjsumption Epilepsy, and Pit ; Mental and Physical tnoapaclty, &c.-By ROBERT ,1. CULVKBWELL, M. f authorof the "Green Book," Ac. The world-renowned author, in tb is admirable Lecture. clcarly provea frnm ]iis otg acp4ixofl the aivful coDsequenecs of Self-Abuse m effi ctually removed wiih,iit medicine, and without dan?erous3urgicaloperations, bougii s, instrumenta rings, or cordials ; pointínsouta mode of cure at onci certain and eirectual, by which every sutlerer, no matter what hís condition may be, may cure himself theaply, privatcly, and radically. liti-. Leeture wiil prove a boon to thousands and thousands. Sent, under seal, in a plain envelope, to any addi-ess. on receipt of six ceuls,or two postagestalups. Address the Publishers, THE CÜLVERWELL MEDICAL CO., 41 Arm St., New York; Post Oflicelíox, 4586. SSOVILL'S BLOQD LIVER SYRUP, a peorless remedy for Scrofula, White Swellings, Cáncer, Erysipelas, Gont, Chronic Sores, Syphilis, Tumors, Carbuncles, Salt Riieum, Malaria, Bilious Coiuplaints, and all liseases indicating ah Iiupnre Condition of the Blood. This Grand Keinedj is a compound of reg'etable extract, the ehief of which are SARSAPARILLA and STILLINGIA. The cures effected by SCOVILL'S IÏLOO AN LIVER SYRUP are absolute and their record is nndisflfjnred by failnre. For sale by all Driig-g-ists. MOTT'S LIVER PULS. The Ereat Catharlie Vegetable Regulator. They reotify torpUïitt of the Liver. Tfivy ffive tone to the StomacJi. Th eif act, tvitho ut gr ip i tnjf tipo u the botcels. They lietnove bile front the hiood. They purify, regúlate, invigorate the body. They cure all bil ion s co?nplainta. ROGËRS' WORM SYRÏÏP lnstantly destroys WOIÍMS and tfl recommenfled by phyaiciauri as the best WORM MEDICINE in usa BáKER'S PilH PéHACEA far flJMW and BEJIST. Tot External and Interna! Use. The greatest Pain Reliever of the Age. C Vov sale by nM Drugteistw. JOHN F. HEXttï, CURKAN &. CO., sous rnoruiKXORS, 24 Collciro rlacc, New York. FOB SALE BY L. S. LEECH. rpo THE FAEMEBS OF WA8HTENAW ! It is a well-known faet and has not been denied ihat the Toledo and Aun Arbur railroad the past ■r;ir liasput in t ík: pocketa of the farmers of the ïouxity, ut least three cents on all of their wheat. $Qt thrce cents on l,50U, 000 buahuïs is 45,000 dolnrs; iuile a saTing. Now we say, brlng your wheat and patronize the road irhere jon will tind your old frn&cts, Ti ow bli ft Nsbobdtk, readï t ay the hlghest possible pricfl tliat can be paid. - Wü trust, by fair dealing, we will receive a fair piooition of patronage. Yours truly, TREADWELL & OSBOEKE. Ann Arbor, July 23, löïii. LEGAL NOTICES. Efitate oí Horaoe Roaier. STATE OP MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Washtennw, ss. Ai a seaúonof tfac Probate :y of Washtenaw.bolden at the Probati .t .Mm Arbor, on Saturntielh d.iy o one 1 1; fdredand seventy-nine Present, W ilHani D.Hairimnn, Judgeof Probate In the muiter of the estute of llorace I. tlcr'i B On rea I ing and mina thcpoi.üioisdnly vorificd of Christin A. tti Ser, widow nt said deceasea an3 John W. Roeier, praying tlal the dower .j' ,■,! In the real estáte whereof sulil :■ aeized may t . und aseigned (o her and ite may be made among Uj6 heirs at law of said deceased 01 those claiming ander t liem. Thereupon it is ordered,tbsl Tiipsdiiy, the twentieth day of .lannory next, at ten n'clock in the forenoon, be assipned tor the hearing of said petition,and Mint the tieirsat uw ut Baid deci ased, and all otnei persona ioterííted in said estáte, are required to appeai at t seaaiim of said oourt, then to be holden at the ProbateOtHce in the city of Ann Arbor, :inl sliow eause, ! any there be, why the prayer of the petitioaer should nol bc granted : And il. is iurtber ordered thnt Baid petitioner give notioe to the perrons interested iu said estute, of the pendency of said petition ana the hearins therfof, by cnuin;; : enpy of ihia order to be publiabed in tlie Asn A i: ü' í Aiuu's, a newspaper printed and circnlnted in said oounty, tluv.esucoessive week '■ said day of lie:'riuLr W1LHAM MAN fAtrneoopy.) Judgo of Probate Wm. q. Doty. Probate Register. Estáte of James Sforris. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY k} of Washtenaw ss. A rt aessioa of the Probate Oourl tor the üounty f Waebxeniiw, holden at the Piobate Office in the city of Aan Arbor, on Tnesday, the twenty-third day of December, in the year onethouaand eiirhl hundrednnd teven ty-nnie. Present, Wiliiam I) Harriman, .Tudfie ol Probate In tliu matter of the estáte of James Morris, deIJ11 readinir and filinthopetition.duly verifica, of Charlea A. Morris, prayini; that the dower of Elizibeth A. Morris in il e rea] estáte whereof said dccenseddiedseized may be admeasured and assigtie.l to her. Thareupon it is ordercd, that Wednesday, the twenty-iirst day of Janmary next, at ten o'clock in the ion ngned iqr the hearing of aid petition.and iliat the beirnnt lftwoisaiddcceased, and all nther persono interested in s,id estáte, are reqnired to appear at a aessibn of snid court then to be holden al the Probate office in the at y of Ann Arbor, and show oaune, il' ány there be, :v!iy the prayeroftbe petitioner Bliouid not be piüníed : And it is furtlitr ordered thateaid petitioner rive to the persons interest ed in soid 1 pttne pendency pi said petition -.r.d the hearin;.' thereof, by causiOK a cópy of thls orSei pubUshed in the Ans Abbob Akqüs, n néwspaper printed and circulated in said county, three successive weeks previom to said day of heariBfir. WILI.IAM D. HABK1MAN, A trae oopy.) Judge of Probate. Wm. Ci. Dqiy, Probate Register. Cïhii miss ion ors' Notice. OTATE OK MICHIGAN, COUNTY Ooi Theundersignedhavingbeen ed b thepTObnVe Court tor said County. Commisaiocera to ] nc and adjust all claims and demanda of all persons against the estáte of Peter Tuite, Inte ut' said county, by sfite notice that six montüa from date aio ftllowed, by order of said Piohate Court, tor creditora to present their claims againet the estáte f suid deceaeed, and that they wlM meet al the store of John Costello in the village oif ihi ■ : 1 ï r l eonnty, on Wednesday.the serenteentta day of March, and on Tbursday, the seventeenth day oi June pext, at ten o'clock a.m-, of'each of said day.s, to -oceive, exaiuine uud adjuat Baid olaims. üuted, December 17, 18TO. JOHN rOSTEXiLO, JOHN C. TntMi;V, 52 w4 Cominissioaers. Estille ol Albert K. Clark. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, CÜUNTY O o f Waeshtenaw ss. At h session of tlie Probate Oonrt for the Oounty of Washteoaw, holden at the Probate Oíücein the city of Ann Arbor, on Monday, tb.6 twenty-oïnth doy oí December, in the y enroñe thansand eíghJ bunáreá am seventy-ninq. Pri ■■ ut, Williaqi D. HarriiuaB, Jucljreof Probate, In the matter of theestate ol Albrt K. Clark, deoéased. On reading and iiïing the petition, duly veiified, of Albert 1Í. Clark, prnying th;it a certain inslruraentnr-won file in this court, purporting to be the last will and testament of said dec may be admitted to probate, and tliat bimaeii and Arttaur S. Clark may be appointed exeoutore thoreof. Tbereupon it is ordered, thst Monday, the twentysixth day ot Jannary next, at tcno'clock in the forenoon, be asaigned lorthe beanng of aaid peti■td that the deyisëes, legateea and heiraai law of sai d decewd, and all other persona iuli . 1H said estáte, are requiredto nppear at a - of said Court, then to be holden at the Probate Otfice in the city of Aijh Arbor, and show v ifany tberebe, why tho pTayet of the pet: ftbould not be izrantcd: And it is further ordered thttt said petitioaer give notice to the pi'i-sons intereated in aaid estáte of the pendency of said petition and the hearing thereof, by causinf? u oopy oí thia order to beptiblislied in the Ann Aiïbor AböCS,8 newspapei printed and oironlated in said county, three auccessive weeks previous to said day of hearing. WILLIAM D. HARRTMAN, (A true copy.) Judge of Probate. Wm. ■ . Doty, Probate Register. Real Estáte ftr Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Washlenaw, ss. lu the matter of the estáte of Charlea E. Burlingame, deceased. Notice is hereby giveo, that in parsuance of an order smtitedto the tíndersigned udministrator of the estáte of said deceased, by the Hon. Judge of Probate for the ci'uniy of washtenaw, on tlie ninth day of December, A. ). 1879, therö "will be soltl at public vcntJue, to the highest bidder, at the late residencé of said id on tho premiaes below áescribed in the townebip of Anñ Arbor, in the couiily of Washtenawi in safd state, on Satubday, the Twkntvfourtb ' of Januarx, A . D. ' 880, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of tbat day Csubjeot to all encumbraDeea by mortgage or otherwise existing at the time of the deatfa of said deceaaed) the following deecribed real estafe, to wit: The southeast quarter of the nortlieast quartei of sec t ion nuniberixteen in township fiumber two soufh of rango number six eaat (Arm Arbor), cunt.aiuing forty acres aecording to the returns of the Surveyor-Ueneral. In Waahteoaw Couuty, Michigan, Dated, Deo. 9, 1879. PETER IC. IiL'KLTNGAME, Administr;itor. 188O. XZarper's Magazine. "Ptudyïng the subject objectïvely and froni the cducatiomil point of view- seeking to provïde that whieh, taken altogether, will be of the most service to the largest nuraber - I long ago concluded that, if I could have but one work for a public libiury, I wonld select u complete set of Harpers JHonthhj." - Charles Fhancis Adams, Jr. lts contents aie uontributed by the most eminent authors and arti.sts of Europe and America, whiie the long experience of its publishers bas made them thoroughly convenant witli the desirevS of the public, whieh they will spare no etlbrt to gratify. The volumes of the Magazine begin with the Xumbers for June and December of each year. "When no time is specificd, it will be understood tha the subscribei wishes to begin with the current Number. Harpev's Periodieals HATirER'S MAdAZJNE One Year, $4 00 HAEPER6 WKEKLY, ( i 00 5ABÏLBJ8 BAZAR, " t 00 The TIÍKEE above-uamed publications, One Year, ie )0 AnyTWO above named, One Year, 7 00 HARPER'S YOUNG TEOPLE, One Year, 1 50 Postale Free to all subscribers in the United States or Canada. A Complete Set of TIarper's MagaZTne, compriairig 59 Volumes, ÍD neat clotli binding1, will be eent by expreps._frc,ight at expense of pnrehaser, on ïeceipt of $2.25 per volume. Sinale volmnet by mail, posipai'd, $3.00. Cloth cases lor binding, 38 cents, by muil, postpftid. Iïfniiilaiiri's should 1 o made by Post-OfiiceMoney Order or Praft, to avoid chance oí Newspai-ers are not fo copy thü adverfisement without the express order of HasFkr & Biïotheüs. Address, HAitPKR & BKOTHEKS, Kcw York. íllURAll COMPAE Capital, - - $3,000,000. Assets Jan 1, 1876, $ G, 792, 649. 98. Loases Paid in 55 Years, $ 44,76o, 391. 71. Surplus over all Liabilities, includtig Re-Insurance Reserve, $4,735,092.86. Net Surplus over Liabilities, including Ee-Insurance and Capital Stock, $1,735,092.86. C. MACH Agent AnnArbor. LEGAL NOTICES. Tíotice of Clian i-v Inlrr OTATE OF MICHIGAN, THE tíanct'it-C'0Urt fOC 'he COImty of Wu,htenaw-ia John J. Hansey, coinplainant 1 vs. I Beaaú Hauey, defendant. ƒ Washtena Countjt, m. It satifictorily I ing to me that BeMie Hanwjr the d.-feníant i i a non-rMUut.ftliin.tate. On motion of Cramer, f i ueanff & Oorbin, íoHcitora and oí counsel for thsj ' oomplainant, t i „,-dored that the id defendant, BesnifH ehrapperanoelnth). cause tó ' be enten-d within i bree montbi from the date of this order and that in case of her appearance ohe , cauMheranJweïto Ihe oomplainantK billol complaint to be íled in thie cause and a copy thereof to be erved ou the pomplainane'. sólicftOr within t '.vi nty d.iys nilnr dne ario 01 B r-,,y of sai.l bilí ! onlthe defendant or her solimtors snd a notice of tliis I order ; and in detanlt thereof that the siiid bilí be taken a oonfessedby the said defendant: And ít Isfurtheroríered that wilhin twenty dajs thesïid complainant tcauae a notiee of this order to be published ín tfie Aun Abboh Argus, wekly pa. per pniitcd in said oounty of Washtensw, and that thesaid pnbUcatíon be ranlinued in said puper a I ut onoe in each week for 5ix nccesniM weeks or thathecauBeacopy othis order to te pciaonally I nerví:.,, ,n tb said defendant, Bessie UmiKey atleart t wenty i ayabeforo ihu limo above pruscriljed for her appeatance. i)atfcd, JJeccmbÉr líotli, Í879. ,,. .'„ JAMESStcMAEON, Circuit Court Coimiiis.sioi,f.r fur Washtenaw „ „ County, Michigan. Craiif.i:, Fkl-eaiiff & Cokiun, Solicitóla and uf Oouusel for Complainant. üttvtgaige Sale. rEFAULTOFPAYMENTHAVINa I y bc-en m-iúr of a eeTtain mortgage made bv AagUBtKoppand Panltoe kopp híl wife to Alonzo dated March 20, A. D. 1876, and recorded in ofDeeds office for Washtenaw cimaty b u, ou the 2:id day of March. A. 1). 18J8 t i.1-, o'clock p m., in Hber ."i-l of mortgages on paira on whioh mortgai?ethenow runmins due ng the sum of three hundred and seventytwoand 10-luO dolhirs, the tnrther siini of three hundred dollars 6f principal with the interest there■ m March 20, A. D. ÍP79, at ten per cent. hereaftertobecomeduewMKrdingtotfee turna ot aid mortgage, and no , ,t liw or eqnity having been taken for the collection theieofNotice is therefore hereby given that by virtue of the power and provisions in said mortgage conandforthe pnrpose of 'tlie paytbe monies nowas afor'esaiddne and owinB i Aith theinlernt to ac '" at ten perceot., ana costa and charles pl foreclosure, an attorney fee specifted in said morteage, I shaíí, o -i hk. Twknty foübth ii.H(IfJamcii:v, A.l. 18 0, at 12 o'clock H si-ll llt public vndue to the higheal bidder at thé front door ot the Court House in the city of Ann .Arbor na-ï? County, Michigan, subject lo the remaimng priuoipaj. and imciest nnacoi ued, not yet that certain tract or parcel of land beini; andlying in the townhip oí Brjdgewate, county ol Washtenaw and state 'of Michigan, known and lasfollowe, towit: Oonnnenciiif.' ou the middle of the highway ïp the quarter sectfon line on number twenty in (ovnship numbcr four Houth of range number foureaei titi-nty-twoohains and twenty-two links seutli trom the qOarter post hi e of said section immber twenty; thence sonth alonjr said quarter line sixteen rods and six i a stake; thence nortru asterly twcntv-three 1 live and oru-balt links to a stakc thence i.oithto center of ,„in ,„ild Iven rods and aix links; thtnce southwestwardly alonethe center of imll road to the place of beginiiing, containing three acres of land be the same more or less Dated, October 2C. 1879. r. w ALONZO fl.AliK, Hortgagee. E. B. T700P, Attorney for Mortgagee. Morlgage Sale. DEFATJLT HA VING BEEN MADE in the conditions of i eertajn mortsase exeeuted I.y Frederick RooB and Wilhelmipff Kuoff Wb wlfe to Ftederlek Schmid, Sr., dan-d the eighth dayut May, A. D. is; f,, and recordad in the office of the Register of Deeds for the ccunty of Wnahtruaw and state of Mkhigao, on the twelfth day of ■ D. 1875, at : . ■,,., n i,.,,.,. 5, of mortgagca on potje Í02, and by-reaBOS oi kniddefault and the eleotion of said mortgagee to have the whole sum become due ccordlng to the terms of said mortgagathe power 01 sale contnined n said mortgage haring become operative, una noproceedingshanngheeniojtituted in law .r equity to recovei the debt secured bv said mortgage oranv part thereoi and the sum of tenbondred and twcntv-six 1. dollars brins now olairaed tobe due : mortgage and the bond accompanríDg the same, alao an attorney fee of tvinty-tive dollars aa therein provided: tfotice is t&ereforë berebj given, that Baid mor gage wii] be foreciostd ly sale of the Biortgaged premises therein desuritied or so much thareof asnjay be necessary, viz: Iota tbree reven, eiprht tod uine in block mimber ten in ürmsby 4 Page's addition to the vtllage fuöwcfty) of Aun Albor ; alio another pieec of laud coiiimencing at a point in tlie sectioti line bctvuen sectiena number tv,-,.my uil twciiiy-nine, bctween the eu-it ca nor eomjBon to .s;nd seetion and the east thevillHgeof Aun Albor a flrst laid out and at the souAwest corner of a pitee of lauddeedw] to Andrev Nowland by Ansón üro-H-n, and runningthenee north to the center of a road fonnerly running east and west north of said section corner thence sast so far that the lnd lying between said old road and thesouihand west side of said land decded by said Brown tosaid Nfmlund shall contain one-flfth of an :icru of land ; alao lots number one, two, five and six in sai(i block, at public vendue to the bighest bidder at tbe bouUj door of the Court House in said city of Ann irbor iihat being the place for holding the Circuit Oourt for the county of Washtenaw) on Katurdaï, the Twe.ntietji DAY OF MabOH, A. D. 1SS0, at 11 a. m. of saia (lav. Said premises willbe sold toantisfy the fongoiiig amount nith accruing Interest together with said attorney's fee and all costsand expenses allowed by law. Deo. 17, 1879. FB EDEB mr jvnuiii, c, u..6Ev. CBAirzir, Fbttkaüit' & Cohbin, Att'ys lor said Mortgagee. Real Estaíe tor Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, CüUNTY k3 of Waahtenaw, as. In the natter of the Estáte ot Selden Marvin, deeeased. Notiec is herel.y given in puranance of au order granted to the unders_ aed administrator of the estáte of said deeeased, li the Ilon. Jiulífc of Probate i'or the County of V 'ii.-hti.-nnw, on the aeveuttvulh diiy of Hecraiber, A. D. 1879, there will be sold ai Public Vendue. to the highest bidder, at the late resideuce of said de,ia Un; township of the county of Washtennw, in said Slate, on ïuesday, the thinl aayof February, A. D. 1SS0, at ten o'clock in the foienoon of that day (subject to all eneumbruncfs by mortgare or othenvise existir at the time of tne (cíttii of said deoeased] the foílowiDg deacribed lel Estáte, to-wit : 1. The west one-third, ói the south three-eiphtli8, of the west one-half, of the southwrst quarter of seetion twenty-tme, (21) in the township of Lodi. Washtenaw county, Michigan. 2. A strip of Fand one cluiin and fcmiteen links wide, and extendiíi acioss the DMtbeast quarter of Bection twenty-oDe, in town three (8) south of ranjre ftvo (5) casi', in Wasbtenaw f'ounty, Stnte of Michigan. The west side of wliich is "píirBllel to and seven rods east of the wewt pide ot íatd quarter section, and the east side sixten (]ii) ohains and flfty-seveo !ink wral of the eapt huif qnarter Une, coutaining íour and Íí2 l(0 aeres more or leas. COMsTOl K F. HILL, Dated, Dec. 17, 1S"9. Administrator Real Estáte for Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COÜNTY of Washiennw, ss. In the matter of the estáte of Sophia Wetzel. Notiee ia hereby given, that in tu rsuanoe of au ovdei grunted to the uudueigned. Leonhard Gruner, guardián oí the estáte ofsaid Sophia Wetzel, by the Hon. Judge of Probate for the county o!' Washtenaw, on tlie sevnteenth day of December. A. D. 1879, tbere will te sold at public vendue, to the hihest bidder, at south door of the court house at Ann Avhor, in the, county of Washtenaw in süiii state, on Satukdat, thk FourTEENXH PAV Oï Fki;iha!-V, A. 1. 1880, at 2 o'clock in the uffernoon of tbftt Say (subject to all encumbranees hy luortgage or otherwiie exitinf? at the time of tlic sale) the foTloTring deecríbed real estáte, to wit : The eaet half oí the oorthweBt qunrter and theeast half of the eouthwest quarter of seotiou thirty-tlut'e (80) in towB time eouth of range . , state of Michiffan ; and ;ilso ns nppurtenaiit to said laud all my nght and title to n certain sprincr on the west half of the northveat quarter of il ion and all my right to conduct water from Sfiid spring aud to lay and repair pipes for that puipose. Anu Arbor, Pee. 31, 1879. LEONHARD GRUXEE, Guardian. Estáte of Emilus M. Richarrison. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY IO oí Wftshtenaw, ss. At a session of the Probate Court for the County of Waehtena'W, holden at the Probate Oííice in the city oí Ann Arbor, on. Friday, the twelfth day of December, in the yoar 011e thons&nd eight hundred and peventy-niiie. Present, William D. Harriman, JudjreofProbate. In the muiter ol the estáte oí Emilus M.Itichardson, deceased. On readins and fllinjr the petition, duly verified, of Emory Üichardson, prayingthat a certiiin instrument now tin Die iii ttiid Couit, purpoitmg1 to be the last will and testament of said dectased, may be admitted to prob:ite, and that he may be appointed fxt OUtOJT thereuf. Thereupen it is ordered, that Jfonday, the twelfth day of Jan uary n ex t , at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be aaalgned for the hearing of said petition, and that the devíseos, leñatees, and heir? at law of siuü deeeaaed, and all otker persons interested in eaid eatate, are rtquireil to appear at a sssion of said Cour!, then to be holden at the Probate oiHce, in the Cily of Ann Arbor, and sliw oauae, i f any there be,why the práytír of the petitioner should not be granted: And it is fuither ordered that said ju litioner give nutice totbeperaons interested in fsaid estatfl, of the pendency ot said petition, and the hearing thereof, by enusin? a copy of thia order to be published in the Aks Ai; boj; AfiOTU, a newspaper pnnted and circulated ie said county, three successive weeks previoxta to said day of hearing. "WILLIAM D. HARRIMAN, [A true copy.) .In Ige of Probate. William G. DoTY.Probate Register. lístate of r,ytle.s--iiiiiiors. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUKTY of Washtenaw. At ti seesion of the Probate Coiirt for the Cqunty of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Otïïce in the city ot' Ann Arbor, on Tueuday, the sixteenth 3ay of December, in the year od thousand einhthunJred and soveuty-nint. Preaeut, Wüliaxn D. H&rriman, Judge of Probate-. In ilie matter of the estáte oí' Cania L. Lytle aml Ada E. Lytle minors. On reading andolina the petition, duly verifled,of Alton A. Lytle, guardián, prayinft tíiat he raay be licensed to sell certam real estáte beioaging to said minors. Thereujion it is ordered, that Saturday, the tenth day of -Janiuiry next, ut ten u'clock In; theforenuon, biassinctl for the hearing oí said pet ition,and that tha next of kin ot sald minors, andi all other persons interested in said estáte, are required to uppear at a session of said Court, then to: be holden at thd ï róbate Oilice in the city of Ann Arbor, and show cause, lf any thore be, why tho' prayer of the petitioner should not be grunted: And it u t'urther ordered that said petitioner give notice' to tlie persons intereated in said estáte, of the' pendency of said petitioü and the beíuinjr thereof, by causing a copy of this order to be published in-' the Anx Ariíou AiuíUs, a newspaper printed and" eiriüilnttd in said coimty, three succeasivö 'weeka previous to etiid day of henriiijr. W'ILLXAMD. HARRIMAN, f A true copy). Judge ol Probate. Wm. Q. Dotï, Probate Register.


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