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A Shell In Her Ear

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Mts. Jennie Le wis, a well-known resident of Reno, has jnst returned, from a trip to Europe. lhiring her absence she removed from her ear a shell which had been lodged there for over thirty years. Mrs. Lewis says thnt wken a child she was holding a small shell to her ear, and trying to bear it "roar." (Fhich i ■ hardlj a qtiarter of an inch in slipped into the passage of the ear. Elïorts to dislodge it were unsuecessiul, and only drove it further in. It remained there for ten years, causing oocasional pains, whena surgical operation for its removal was attempted. The operation was performed in Elinois, where Mrs. Lewis' parents were thcai living. It was es tremely painful, and indueed excessive bleeding, bnt was unsuccessful. For twenty years more the sheil remained in the eaï, completely obstructing the passage. This summei, while on her homeward voyage acrosa the Atlantic Mts. Lewis was one day seated on deck, engaged in pioking with a pin the ear whicli harbored the sliell. To her great .103' and surprise she found that the sh'ell whieh had so Ion,"; boen fimüy fixed wasloosened, andthatitmoTedunder the pressuré of the pin. Sheworked at it in great excitement for a few minutes, and at last the long-imprisoned shell was extracted. A surgeon on board the steamer was greatly in ero 'tod in the oase, and deelared ha had : in hia life heard of s;ieh an experience. Mrs. 1 ' ■ t'1 shell, and shows it to her acqiiaintance when telling iis story.- Virginia (Ifcv. Chronicle. A STATEMENT comes trom Soütn America thr.t a singular property oL tomato ïeaves luis been discovered by a Eruit-grower. Having eut down tomato vines, he used thcm asa niuleh ; wound his peach trees. He soon iovered thnt the curculio, which was bis i'rui!. idonedthe trees surrounded by the tomato Following np this accidental diseove.ry, the free use of tomato vines proved a perfect protection not onl t curcnlio, but other noxious insects. He found, also, by steeping in w frcsh leares oí the tomato, and spnnkling the infusión upon other planta, the innumerable insects which covcred thcm . were driven away. Sume gardeners have tried the above .remedy, some by accident and others by intention, and success was remarkable. One gentleman had his plum trees ravi b the curenlio imiil last yeár, when he secured a splendid crop. He knows of no cause of 'his exe aption f rom the curculio except the omoto plants that were grown from ■ be flrst among his trees. -The widow of James Fisk, Jr., boards at South Deerfield, Mass., with a oonple who tormetly were her coachand cook. Thia ia not from economjeaJ motives, however, íou abe has a handaome eompetence. -- Sereral persons vvere poisoncd in Dentón, Md., by drinking cidr from a zinc-lined water-cooler, but pr remedies proveuted ssrioua oonseqnencoe.


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