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How To Become Rich

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Ycra eah probably bo rich, wy son. if you will bo. If you make up ycur mind now tbat you will bo a rioh man, lick tu ii, tiierc isverylittlc doubt that you will be vcrv wealthy, tolerably mean, loyed : little, hated a great deal, have a big funeral, be bléssed by the relatives to whom you loavc the most, reviled by those to whom yon leave less, and vilified by those to whom you loave nothing. you must pay for it, niy son. W'culth is au expensive thing. i costa all it is worth. If you want to be worth a million dollars, it will cost yo:i just a miüion dollars to get it. Broken friendshipa, intellectual starvation, loss of social cnjoynient, deprivation oí generóos impulses, tho smother[ng oí manly aspirations, a limitod wardrobe and a scanty table, a lonely íome, because you fear a lovely wife nd beaütíñil nome would be expenve, a hatred oí' liie heathen, a dread f the eontnbr.tion-box, a hauntingfear f the Woman'a Aid Society, a rretful 'sllke of poor people because they "ou"t keep their misery out of your C, a littlë sham benèviiifence that is e thán none; oh, you can be rich, oung man, if you :re willing to pay ie price. Any man can get rich who oesnH think it. istoo expensive. True, rou may bo rich and be a man among mcn, noble and Christian and grand nd trae, serving God and blessing mmanity, but that will be in spite oí' 'our wealtb, and not as a result of it. t will ie because you always were hat kind of a man. But if you want o be rieh mcrcly to be rich, if that is he breadth and height of your ambiion, you can be rieh, if you will pay he price. And when you are rich, on, cali around al this office and pay 'or this advice. We will let the


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