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A Mother's Pathetic Story Of How Her Little Boy Was Saved

A Mother's Pathetic Story Of How Her Little Boy Was Saved image
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A avoman who Uves in Asimile, Ala., Tites to the Egis, of that place, of the escue of her little three-year-old boy rom drowning. The child feil down a veil the dark clepth of which was hirty feet. ïhe motUer saw him go otro. She says: " On reaohing the well I was just in time to see him rise 0 the top of the water. I waa alone, ave three other little children, whom I ent for help. I had, amid all the ingnish of my soul, presence of mind enough to let the bucket down and teil .im to take hold of it, which he did. After some minutes he let loóse from veaknes3, sank again, except his little lead. I lowered the bueket lower, elling Mm to take hold of the rope. io ran his hand through a ring tied on :or the purpose of sinking the bueket, and cnught the pail, and there he held on for one and a half hours, begging me all the time in his baby talk to come lown and help him out. I woulcl say: Hold on, Bobbie.' I will,' he would reply. At length a lady came to my assistance, and we took a rope and made a noose on the end of it, and letting it down told him what to do. He put his foot through the noose and drew it up aronnd his knee. I asked him if lic could hold on. He said he could hold on to the bueket, ' daw me out.' He holding outo tlie bueket, the rope around his leg, I telling him not to let go, we drew him up unül I could reach his little shivering hands. Thus 1 saved my little baby irom drowning. Safe to my breast I elapsed his little shivering body, aud praised God for His mercies."


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