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The Bimual meeting of the Michigan presa association was held in this city on Tuesday. It was the largest gathering knowu to the mcmbers of the nssociution and naturally tho result of a desire to accept the proffered hospitality of our citizens and visit a city of so widü reputo in tnatters educational. President George P. Sanford of the Lansing Journal, called the meeting to orderjind úduced,, tfc aress of welooino to the fraternity : Mr. President, Ladies and Gesl LEMEN OF TUE PBESS - In behalf of tho press and citizong of Ann Arbor, I have the pleasuro of bidding yon welcome to this city. None of us knew that you wero coming hrro unlil we saw it annnunced in the Detroit dailies. We cannot therofore be accused of n couapiraoy to get you here for thn pnrpoae of showing you our city, in which we so much pridn. Had we been consulted, wo might have asked you to dpfer j-our inenting here until next year, wheu the new tuusiim building, soca to be the finest building on the campus, will be finished, and what is destined to be the most complete colleotion in the northwest placed iu it. And not only these, but the miny other improvements, for which tho universitj' is indebted to tho last legislatura of the state. That noble body of men loved our institutiocs, and feit that our reat and wealthy state was perfectly able to extend a generous hand to theai, and througli them it has done so. But instead of waiting you have decided to coroo this year, and we all rejoico that you are here, for wo now have an opportunity to show the strong and povveri'ul men of thiscomtuonwuiilth the people's univeisity, the crowning jewel of the stat"", as well as of tho city. I say strong and po Werful, for you have ten - yes, one hundred times more iniluence md power than the smno number of men in any other profession, unlcss, perhaps, we exenpt tue plergy. As your intíuunce is so gieat, and knowing as we do that many of you, when you are iu the right, will stand there, and, if neecssary, fight after all others by your side havo fallen or desertad, and say, iL you must fall it will be with your faco tü the eneuiy, feeling that it is better for you die then than to drag out a raiseiübla existcnce, hutinff yourself because you die! not stand to your post when the hour of danger came ; we say, knowing these things tf many of you, our pecple are anxious to nmke your acqmiintance. They saw 110 other way to do tliis exoept to invite you to thoir homes, where thcy conld tulte you by the hand, look into your faces anJ etijoy your compunionsbip. What would b! the coiulition of tliis country tö-day without the newspaper? Tuke away the printincr pregg, science would have Httle incentive and couid but deerty ; scholars would meet so nany difficullies, they would desert onr halls of learniug, and a!l the industries would be paraïyzod. Then suddenly start our presses, and send the silont, wbite-winged mesaengers to every home and fireside, andeverything svould again teem wiih life and animatioa. The press is the lever which moves the worlil ; it is tho school-master of the poople, the leader of the learned; it uiakes and unïnakes our public men. At this very moment hundreds of pol iticiana in every part of tho state are anxiously watohing this meetiiijr, fear ina; tlieir prospects may be blighted by soiaething that may be said or done liero. But we think they may dismiss their fears, for there is no dangfr that finy of them will be harmed. Cominiï as you do frora all part.s ot' our península, you have laid aside your politics, th likes and disíikes and personal anii ties ti:at you may have while engHgod in the affairs of life, and hfive come here to enj-y yourselves tor a brief season, free trom care and auxiety. We have invitpd you to our homrs, not beca use we have poor hotels (for no city in the st-ite of sime size luis better), but because, knowing ks wo do yonr great power aml influence, we wis'i to get acquaiotad and Ui havo you see our grand university and her professors, of world-wirlo reputation, who have by their arduoa biburs placed it on a level with tho oldest and stroneeet of our American univergities and colleges. OtlitTs before 3-ou havo geen üiichigan's University and the talented men oonnected with it, and have returned home and told but a few, whüe each of you will speak to hundreds and gorae of you to thousands, ooucerning our institution of louruingand our beautifulcolle:e town. Jffio jai :■'. i; ai .i.uu vjlrit.ucanl 4. Jw to the year, but we are glad to see you all, and asain I bid you welcome. Hou. George F. Lewis of tho Saginawian responded in bebalf of the association thanking the peopleof the city for the warm welcome tendwred. President Angelí oífered thefollowing reaolution : U.N'ivKü.-iTY oi' MirinoAX, Jan. 27. To the President of the Michigan Tress Association. Allow me through yon to extend (o the aseociatiou, in behalf of our fftoulties, a inost cordial invitütiou to visit the utiiversity this afternoon. Should you lionor us by accepting Ihis invitatiou we should bo glad to havo you asaemble at the general library as punctually as practicable at a quarter before o. Wealso desire you to take tea with us at G o'olock in room Aof university hall. In behalf of the law faouity I also tender you the use of their leoture room for your business aesgion this evening. Very rospectfully, JAMES B. ANGELIi, President. On motion of Col. DeLand of the Saghiaw Heiald the invitatiou was unaniuionsly acoepted. E. S. Hosliins of tl) o Bellevuo Gazetto, secretary of tho convention, reported the following naraed persons in attendanco. H. Egabrond, Duudee Reporter. Don C. Henderson, Allegan Journal. L. B. Piumer, Baptist Horald. E. J. Ktlly, Pontiac Bill-Po8tr. A. V. Phistur, llubbardston Advertiser. W. P. Nisbett, Pontiao Biü-Poster. Fred. Slooom, Holly Advert Joseph Baunders, DutroitReady Print. B. B. Bissell, Albion Bepublican. Orrin Arnold, Thrce Eivere Herald. K. M. Collier, Grass Lake News. Bela Cogshall, Greenville Damoorat. J. C. Rti nc, Laingsburg Nuws. J. H. Bteere, Wayne Review. J. E. Scripps, Detroit Evfiiing Nows. J. II. Stooe, DtttroitPost and Tribune. C. B. Turner, Pontiao Gazette. Tosepb Greusel, Detroit Pree Prppi. E. F. Grabill, Greenville Indspendent. J. II. Shepard, Cassopolia Vigilant. M. D. Hamilton, Monroe Commercial. John N. Bailey, A.HN Aiuiuit Akgus John N. Ingergoll, CorunnaAmerioan. F. S. Abbott, Richtnond Review. Aloya Bilz, Bpring Lake Eepublioan. W.H.Brearley, Detroit E vening News. D. T. Sutton, Homer Index. S. M. Dewey, JI isHngs Banner. C. V. II. Pond, (lihn-y Herald. J. il. Aruol.l, Michigan Chriatian AdOCatc. L. B. Kanrlal, Kalamazoo Telegraph. liudolph Worsch, Michigan Volks ZoiMUg, Jaokson. C. C. Allison, CasaopoHs Detiioornt. E. O. Koso, Big Rápida Pioneer Magnet. C. Moore, Ypsilanti Commercial. G. M. Buckley, Battle Creek Tribune. Orno Stroiig, Nnshville News. H. 15. Eowlson, Hillsfiale Standard. E. H. Greene, Ypnilnnti Job. M. T. Woodruff, Ypsilantmn. C. J. Oreenleaf,DowagiaoBepublion. Eugone Fostor, Oladwin Couuty Record. J. A. Hopldns, Snnilao Eoporter. J. H. Dennis, Hasting3 Journal. E. S. Hoekius, Belltsvua Onzette. C. 1'. Patterson, Tpsiianti CoMimercial. W. H. Miirvin, Vtic Sentinel. Vir. S. Oeorfp, Lansing Bnpublican. L. O. Tfiylor, Charlotte Eepublican. O. F. Lowis, Saginawiaa. K. A. Beal, Ann Arbor Courier. Japbet Cross, Adriftn Jourmil. J. B. Nelli, Mt. Clomena MonitoT. O. K. OnSBD, Detroit Evftiing News. Oeo. lJ. Ban ford, Lansing Journal. J. W.Keating, Pby&ician nd Surgeon, Ann Arbor. C. N. DeLand, Snginaw Tlerald. II. S. Dean Ann Arbor R gister. T. B. Applcate, Adrián TiTnes. W, M. Vooatcr, Decator Repúblicas. A. J. Aldrioh, Cold water Republioan. A. McMülan, Biy City übsoiver. J. S. Ilolden, Farwell Kegister. BUSINESS. A coinmittee to nomínate offioers for the ensuing year was chosen consisting of thefollowing: AloysBilz, J. IÍ. Bailey, H. B. Rowlson, E. F. Grabill, J. E. Scripps. After the transactioq of other businee?, members, accompaniod by a numbor of local oitizens viaitod tho un:versity, nnder lead of its Presideut. First, the law Hbrary, the law leoture room whore TudgeUoolcy was oxpouridinR liabilities of the marriage contraot. The dental dppartment waa inspeoted ia order. Then came the homeopathie medica) department, and an address of welcome by Prof. Wilson abouading iu witty allusions to the fraternity so many of whom were present. Tho gentleman washeartilynpplauded. ïhe museum was the next object of interest ; hcre, [in the midst of curiosities and works of art members lingered and wished rt weeks time was iit tboir disposal to more thoroujïhly examine the objccts of interest it oontained. Conducted to the medical leoturo room Pror. Ford spenta half hour in instruotiiig1 the fraternity as to tho functions of the heart. In aiiother room Prof. LangWy produced tbo fur famed Edison electric lighr.both of whieh lectures werolistened to wiih eager delight. Sixr. M.jllio hour of tea haring arri ved, members of tho presa, ptofessora, several of whom wero aoconipanied by theii wivcs, and many invited guests from the city gat down to the coliation piovided by tho uuiversity authotities. Fessting over, there began a üow of soul inangurated by presiding officer Prest. Angel who, in his usual happy manner aliuded to the power in the hands of Ilio gin sis present. Himself in Ui e editorial harneas twtilve years he feit very tuuch at home in the coiapany, He wished to imj,re?s upon those presant tho needs yet unsupplied to inake tliis institutioii ia vhos.: pride the state shared, iretty complete. Instead of 28,000 volumesit ought to oontain 100,000. Thu law library was too small to accotumodate theinoreasing nuinber of studonts. The state hasbeea liberal in the p:ist Uut there wereaome ne;'Ssitios unprovil. 1 for. IT oalled p on President Sanford to respond, who was folloivcd by Messrs. Soripps, DeLand and Stone. Tho happiness of the hanquet was largely euhanoed bysevoral collega songs from students. This over the aisociation met to oonclude its business in the law lect ure room. G. E. Osinun read a paper on "Wildoatltewspapers;" W. S. Goorgo talted 10 minutes on "Newgpaper Make-up;" 8i las Farmer read an exceedingly interesting and valuablo paper on "Pioneer Jourualisni in Detroit;" and a bio.raphioal skeoh oí the late Thomas L. Graut, by L. D. Salee, was read by T. S. Applegato. J. M. Shepard, It, A. Boal, J. E. Soripps, Nathan Church and Gao. P. Sanford were appointod a cocumitteo to draft abillfor introduction in tho next lugulature in relation to the law of libel. for ensuing year reportad .tho folio wing: President - Bice A. Beal, Ann Arbor. Vice-Presidents - L. A. Duncan.Niles; Goo. F. Lo wis, Sagina w; M.D.Haiuilton, Monroe. Treasurer - E. F. Grabill, Greenviile. Kecretary- E. S. Hoskin, Bellevue. A committeo appointed to draft resolutions cxpressivo of the hospitality extended by the eitizens of Ann Arbor anduuivorsity authorities renorted the following which were adoDted: In cloaiug t!iis our annual reunión, we are not nninindful of the hospitality and kindaess shown U8 by the President iind Faoulty of the University, and the eitizens of Ann Arbor, and we can assure thora that their kindnesa will ever be held in grateful remembranoe. Resolved, That we look upon tho Uuiveri4y of Michigan as a great adjunct with tho press of the state, and our free school systera in the great work of popular education; that tho growth and prosperity of our University is an object of state pride, and that we as journalists, pledge to tuis great educatioual inititntion uur aid in seouring for it all necessary appropriationn. I). C. HENDEESON", T. S. APP LÉGATE, G. P. SANFOIID. And the followint was added by D. C. Henderson and T. S. Applegato of the commiiteo: S solved, That to our retiring officfirs we extend our sincere thatiks; to Col. Sanford, whose labore as president have done no lauch to securo plability and .ïienco to the associution, to Mr. Roskins, whoso services as secretary have beou faithful fuid arduons, and to .ír. Beal, who has oomplemented bis dy of our funda with bard and ; ui Rfirvioe to Beou re the great success of the present gatbering.


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