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- Mr. Hoisington, of Marcellus, who recen tly died at tho university hospital, was one of a family of oight men who served in the unión army during the late war. The father, íour sons and three sons-in-law all woro the blue. - Second in the series of fortnightly discourse3 inaugurated two weeks prior by President Angelí, was given by Prof. Winchell on Sunday to a large and appreciative audience. The learned gentleman, not prefacing his diBCourse by a text froni the bible, eloquently and profoundly discussed the doubts of students, who like hitaself in student duys, were unable to decide as to tlie trnlhs of established christian principies. Time and investigation had gerved to remove all doubts in his case, and he labored to exhort his hearers also to remove thera( although a doubt is evidence of a rnind open to conviction and not beyond influence. The gentleman entertained little regard for oíd thooretical dogmas - meaning heil and etornal damuation - interpreting the scriptures in a very liberal manner for a meaiber of the Methodist denomination. "More persons" said tbo speaker, "have been repulsed from the church in fifty years past, than have been drawn toward it by the niethods adoptod by the clergy in expounding the scriptures." Those in doubt before were left ia greater doubt by the speaker who signally fiiiled to clear the mind from the very things he set out to accomplish. The discourse provoked wide comment and opened criticistn favorable or unfavor able, depending upon the critic's Btandpoint. All agree however in pronouncing it one of the most polished and learned efforts ever offered to the people of this city. Prof. Kent follows.


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