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Cleveland, November 1, 1878. Editors "Wachter am Erie, " Cleveland Ohio. Gentlemen: - A.llow me, as an old reader of your valued journal, hercwith to eend you a fow linea, which please insert in your next issuo. I will vouch for their trutli, and know that by tboir publication a great deal of good will be acconiplished. Having been a reader of your paper for many years, I hopo you will kindly grant niy request. For twelve years I had sufl'cred, from time to time, terribly with Kheumatistu, to suoh an extent that I was unable to move about, and lost my limbs I tried everj-thing recoimnended to effect acure, consultod sonie of the most prominent physicians, and expended large sama of money, hoping to find relief, but without any suceess. Glancing over the columns of the "Wachter," I read about tho St. Jacobs Oil and the inany cures this reinedy had effected. Having been disappointed so many times, I lost all faith in any remedy, tho St. Jacobs Oil mcluded, until 1 saw ore day that it had cured a well-known citizen with wliom I aai aoquainted. Other partios fully endorsed the value and wonderful power of the OLÍ, telling me tbat it had curerï. them of difl'rent ailments in a very short time. This broivght me to a conclusión. I said to myself, "Schvveizer, fifty cent8 won't break you;"so I went to my druggist, Mr. Bock, bought a bottle of the Uil, aud must now confesa that the result wns truly wonderful. I used it cvery two hours, and fouud relief immediately upon the first applioation, and the pain ceaaed entirely after a few more applications. Fearing a new attack, I remainod in bed and continued to use the remedy cvery three hours. All pain haviug left me, I arose from my bed and walked dowiistairs without any trouble. Hince that time I havo been able to follow my occupation, and l'eel no pain or inconvenience, however disagreeable the changes of the weather may be. - Ilaving thoroughly tosted the St. Jacobs OH, I can conscieutionsly recommend it to all aülicted with Rheumatism. Fifty cents is a sniall expense whou the services for so trifling ari outlay aro considcred. If I was one thoiisund miles away from all human habitition, I should, ueverthelesn.ijrocure thisremedy and keep it alwayd in my house. Cor. Mervin and Centro Sta., Cleveland, Ohie.


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