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- Saturday was pay day fortho D. H. and S. W. Rail rond. - Miss Kittie Dennis ia visitingin tho north part of tho state. Mr. vV. Todd and wife have returned from their wedding trip. Mrs. Wm. II. Phillips' house in tlio 5th ward burnt Friday night. Loss 3.jO. Ineured. - The Club hop Fridiy eveningoflnst v.'eek wns not a success sofaraanutubers were concerned. - A. S. Yoat is the rcpresontatire to the Grand Lodgo F. & A. il. froni Ypailanti Lodge No. 128. - Justice Skinner was oocupied Monday in the case of Wm. Draur ys. The Toledo and Ann Arbor Railrosd. - Ilavorly's Pinafore was preaentedat tho opera house Saturday toa fair audienoo, some of tho partios being received with rnptnroua applanse. - N. II. Felton. who has been in Mnssachusetts for the past few weeks retumed Saturday and reports business lively with good sleighinpr there. - The Musical Union has ceased rehearsing the Chimes of Normanda at present, for the reason that it will not be presented until some time in Harch. - Albert Crane was iu attendanoe at the Grand Lodge F. & A. M., Tuosday and Wednesday at Detroit, boing the representative from Phoenix lodge of this city. - The old landraarks at the depot, arefast disappearing. The round housea whioh have been here for the past 20 years have been entirely removed the past wee!r. The Bailad concert at the opera house last week for the benefit of the Episcopal church, was largely attended nffmbers beiug obligcd to go away for WKint of eeating capacity. - Nolaon Van Tyle diod very euddenly. Ho had beon coraplaining for a couple of days and Monday night was talcen with a congestivo ohill and died Tuesday morning. - Thfi kuights of the Hacoabees Bre holding meetings weekly and their membership is fast mcreasing. It will soon bo the largest assooiation of ihe kind in this city. -The Grand Lodge of A. O. TT. W. convenes ia Detroit next Tuesday. The representatives from this city are Wra. B. Seymrmr, Washtenaw Lodge No. 17, and P. "W. Carpeuter, Ypsilanti Lodgo No. 15. - A social event of somo importanco oecurred on Wednesday evening, at the residence of our fellow-citizen Charles King itboingtho raarriagoof hia daughter to Mr. John Wortley of Jackson. - ïhore was a large attendanca aud the happy pairreceived many valuablo presenta. - We think our predictions in laBt week's issue was nearly correct regarding the D. H. & S. W. E. R. The company are now puichasing UI the ties and bridge material they can got, in order to repair the .old road, and we hope to soon have the privilege of chroaicling the event of their oomrcencing construotion of a road from hero to Detroit. - Every man best understands his own calíing. A man may be a good lawyer and yot be a poor judge of live stock. An Ypsilanti lawyer can testify to that, be having taken a cow of a cliënt, for fees, was obliged to send for the cliënt to take away the cow in consequenco of her physical incapacities. (Moral - Lawyers should always get cash for fees.) - Again tho hand of death hasstricken the household of Prof. Estabrook, his daughter Allie, aged 10, dying Friday night, followiug Mra. Estabroolr only a few daya. The Normal was closed on ilonday at which time the funeral exercises took place at tho Presbyterian church. The church was crowdod by tho friendB of the doceased, Kov. J. M. Richmond, assisted by Mr. Washburn conducting the service: The Normal schools each wearing a badge of mourning followed their late classmate to tho cemetery.


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