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Now it carne to pass during the 3d year of the reign of Rutherford B. that the husbandruun of the eastern portion of Michigan called Manchester, Bridgewater and Sharon assembled in couucil. And they said, it is good for ua to commune one with another, and txhort each other to good works. Therefore let us set apart a day or days and we will all come together with our wives, our aons and daughters, that all may be instructed. And thcy chose the 19th and 2Oth days of the Srst month as a time for assembling together. They also chose George the son of I Joseph, Jedediah surnamed Corey, Fred of the house of Field, Samuel "W., otherwise Dorr, the grower of fruit, Jennie the wife of Samuel, of the house of Uusbman, Mary the wife of Giles of the house of Nandergrift, David of the tribe of Palmer, Melissa the wife of Isaac whose surnaine is Hall, and James sometimes called Hood,to teach them tho .taya of trjoul alia t: in.l. And they said, let us also seek knowledge froca those who stand in high places; and behold they sent unto a city called Lansing, where those gifted with muoh leirning doth abide. And, lo: many wise men came at their request, and the people came from all the country round about until thero was a great rnultitude gathered togetherAnd those choseu taught the people divers things: And they alao sought out cunning musicians and sweet singers who charmed the people with their muaio and thoir songs. And they were all exceeding glad and said one to another it ia good for us to be hero. And it carne to pasa that the wirea of the husbandmen said it is not meet that those who come hither should iaat and be hungered. And, behold' they prepared a great feast of fat thinga and bade all to come and eat, and many came and were filled and rose up and blessed the givers. And of what remained of the foast there was taken up many basketafull. Now all these things are they not reoordod in the fifth chapter of the first


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