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John N. Gott

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OOST ! COST ! Great Closing-Out Oost Sale. COMMENCING Thurs&ay Morning, January 29tli. o -# SálIJUU iüiüfl Ui HUÍ üuüilii ..t Cost, FOR CASH ONLY ! FOR CASH ONLY ! All Dress Goods at cost. AU Little Rxings at cost. Black Silks at cost. Domestica at cost. Colored Silks at cost. Dress Fringes at cost. Summer Silks at cost. Men's White Shirts at cost. Black Cashmeres at cost. All Corsets at cost. All Summer Dress Goods at cost. Lace Curtains at cost. uadies' Cotton Underwear at cost. Lace Edges at cost. Merino Underwear at cost. Lace Ties at cost. Children's Underwear at cost. Cloaks at cost. Paisley Shawls at cost. Dolmans at cost. Wool Shawls at cost. Circulars at cost. Black Cashmere Shawli at oost. Waterproofs at cost. Linen Towels at cost. dies Hosiery at cost. Napkina at cost. Chüdren's Hosiery at cost. Pable Linens at cost. Men's Hosiery at cost. LLandkorchiofs at cost. Pts and Sheetings at cost. Cloths and Caseimeres at cost. Velvets at cost. Kid Gloves at cost. VW We do not offer a few gOOdS Cotton Flannels at cost. at COSt, but every dollars worth of Wool Flannels at cost. goods in my establishment will ba Embroideries at cost. sold at ACTUAL COST 1 ■ ■ ■ - Q i No boys p!ay or half-way work. We strike Gatlier up your dollars, halvee, quarters, ten cent pieces, nickels and pennies, AND COME IN. FOR CASH WILL BUY THE GOODS HEUP Not one dollars worth of goods sold except for cash. „3


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