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-At Copenhagen a new type-writer is produced without the usuaJ keyboard. Semi-circular vnp-, which are over the cicle of typearras, do the work, and, whcn pressed by the linger, directly effect Ui e impnnt. -A pair of rats produce, ns a rule, it is sitid, thirteen littersof -: ■ ones each in three years, mui ones do tho same afti onths old. The grand total for a single paüat the eud of three years is 655,898. Rats have migrated to all parts of the woriü. i liey are round eal o turtlas on the [sland of Asci nsion. They have reaehecl India. China, . „, Japan - A new diséase lias' broken out ■ ■ ■I uis forinei se 11 -Professor Bert. oi I i a new oil of proclucii i. A hty-fivé i trousixide and fifteen parts i ; was mhaled by a patiënt ui Umospheric pressure The experimenters were snbjeoted to the same ure. hut t was not sufRcienl to e serious discomfort, [n aboul lifteen seconds the patiënt was completel.y insensible and the mu i ;;ixed. Dr. Lubbe then iwing and the patienl re I confian a orinute Irawo. Under ordinary atmospheric preesure the mixture doe not produce aay ancsthetic effect. '


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