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MEDICINAL. GKAY'.s 9FECIÏTC MIíjHciÑk. TRADEMARK.T]lpGro)t Kn_TRADE MARK. , ]3laD unfuilingciire V fe 'M' ? S' tbr Semmal ." '',-rsA 'X!' &f Weakncsi, Kf '"%J jV 'encyftnd CvSj-5 "Rnfnm Talrinn''1 Abuse; as '"-r5S"4 ' Sir üeiore IakingL,)BSof Mc,'oryi After Taiillg, Unlveral Lansltudo, Pain in thsBaok.Dtanera of Vision, Premature OM Afre. and raany otheruis:, mthat leurt to lnsnnity, Cunauznption und u Tre mature (jruve. #'- Full pHrtioulnn in our pamphlets, -which w desire to tend tree bv mnil to eviry one. The Speciflo Medicine i old bv uil Diugfrlrtmi Í1 per packüsre, or six pnckiiges "for $, or wül 1 uent by muil on rewiijt of the money by nddreasin THE UliAY MEDICINÉ CO., Tío 10 Mechiinics' Block, Detroit Mirh. -RoldlD Ann Arbor by all Druggwts, aod b diuggists every where Stearns' Drug Store 57 W00DWARD AVENUE, DETEOIT. We keep in stock the largest variety of Medical Merchandize gathered under one roof in America. Ky Visitors are cordially iiivitcd to visit our Store wlien in Detroit. PHTSICIAXS, SXJKGEO'S, STUDENTS, and UEAI-KItS are invited to examine our lai;e and complete ussortmnt of Surgical Müghis and all kindred goods before making their selectiona elsewhere, aa we -wüï make it to their ad van tage to obtain their supplies of FKEDERICK STEARNS. To Nervous Sufl'crers- The Great lïuropcan Uemedy - Dr. J. B. Slmpson's Siecih'c Medicine. It is a positivo cure for .-pernmtorrhea, Seminal Weuknes, Impoteney, und all distasea reBultmjr fjom Self-Abuse, :ia EtORE. Mental Anxiety, after. yíEíK Pains in Back 'or jd&8?!&e}! Jl1 j-9 öide. and diseases feíkis-"-' ; #(-i that lead to f X 1 gCisumption, inaanity ?fW 5 % cine is being usedSP-' with wonderful sneuess. l'amphlptg sent f ree to all. Write for tbem and get full purticular. Price. Speciüc, 81.00 per package, or six packages ior $5.00. Address all ordera to. J. B. SIMl'.-ON MEDICINE CO., Nos. 104 and 100 Main Street, Buffalo, N.Y. For sale in Ann Arbor by ICberbach & Bon, anp by all druggistseverywïieie. _ THE GRKAT CAUSE söï Sïusnaa Misery. Just puMished, in a Sealetl Envelnpe. JPrict sïx cents. A L,ecture on the Nature, Treatment, ;iiul Radical cure of Beinlnal Weukness, or Spermutorrlucu. induoed by Stlf-Abuse, luvoluntary Emissiona, Impoteney, Nervous Dubility, and Impedimenta to Marrittfje Reiiemlly; CoDsuraption, Kpil'lsy, und Pits; Mentiil and Phyaical IncHpaeitv, ]ïy ROBEET J. CÜLVKBWELL AI. D., authorof the "Green rïook." Ac. The world-reztowned autlior, in this admirable IjCctuie, cleiirly prnves rum Íüs v. n OXpCTSPfiCQ Lbat the awt'ul cOBaequenccs oí Self-Abiwe may be ■ ■rti'ctually removed withotit iae]ieine,an(l without ■■■aniï-t ■ronssiirii'ii-iil opera tiotts bougies, instrumenta rlntfs, or cordirtls; póiutingoutA mode of cure at once certain and effect ual by wliicta every suifercr, n( nmter what hu run'hnon may bc, may cure iiiiust lf clieaply, privatfly, nul radic&Uy. &S Thifi Leoture wul prove a boon to thousand and thousands. Öent, undtr seal, iti a plain rnvelope, to any addrees, on reccipt of aix cents, or two poatagebtninps. Addresw tbe Publiiers, THE CÜLVEKWELL MEDICAL CO., 41 Ann St., New York ; Post Office Box, 45S6. Jiwr.if.-.f. - j ■IMIllill ■■■■-■ "■■"""-" UVllilj o BLOOD % LIÏEB STBOP, ■KuwiwM&jiajjM.-wiww,' .wimHggiaga a peerleas reniedy for Scrofnla.YÍ'hite Swellings, Cuncer, Erysipelas, (out, Chronic Sores, Svlilis, Tumors, Carbuncles, Salí Kheum, Malaria, Biljous Compluints, and all li soases indicatin? an Iinjuire Condition oí the Blood. This Grand itemedy is a compound of vecretable extraets, the chier of which are SAKSAPAK1LLA and 8TIILINGIA. The cures effected by SCOVILL'S LOO AND LIVEE SYRUP are absolute aud their record la undisfliínred by failure. For sale by all Driuyirists. jOITÜ Ths Grsat Cathartie Vegetable Rsgnlator. They rectify torpitlity of the L,iver. They ffive tone to the Stontftch. They act, without yripiny, upoti the botveis. They Remore hile front the hlood. They pur i f 'y, regúlate, inviyorate the body. They cure all biliovs complaint. S0 WQRMSTO Instantly destroys "WORMS and is recommended by physielans as tho bost "WORM MEDICINE Ín use. BIKER'S Pül PUlCEi for jnJEJVaná, BJEAST. For External and Intemal Use. The greatest Pain Reliever of the Age. Í3T For nale by ai l)rniri[ii". JOHN F. BDBHBTi CURRAN fc CO., SOLE PKOI'ltlETORS, 24 Collcce I'luce, New Vork. FOR SALE BY L. S. LEE.CH. Tlie Universal Bath. = Mnlitl n,l Diploma, fjÍ3Ji( Hh - ! S amlmt world. fcM "ra ' i ï ' Pri.e Kwluced ' Old BUhl Rulmwad. ' 5 tmifirObmtm. E. J. KNOWLTON, Ann Arbor, Mich. For sale at the Drup Store of L. S. Lereh, Oook's Hotel ; alau by C'.Eb(iibach& Sn, Souili Jlnin Street ; and also by the nmuuiaeturer, E. J. Kuowlton, No. 24 North State Street, Ann Arbor, Jlicb., to wliom all correspondence should bc adlrosl, LEGAL NOTICES. ■al Ksinte for Sale. QTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY ._ of Wuhtenaw, u. In the matter of the estat Of Came L. l.jü umi A!,i E. Lytle, minors. No tui' i hereby gires, that in pumuancc of nn ordt j;r;iiiicfl to the nnderaigucd guardián of said minor liy Ilicllon. Judge of Prol.ate for Ihe couniy o Wasbtenw, m the 2Ut day of Jannnry, A. D IS.), tnt-re will lic sold ut puljllc vcndue to th bighest bidder, at the Inte midtmce of Seymoi Lytle, deceaseü, in the towrmliip of Northflêld i the county of Washteiüuv in d.l stnlc, on Sattr DAY, IHK TllIBTEKMTH HAY OF MaKCH, A. ] 18Ö0, ai ten o'elock in the lorenoon oflhatday (si! joct to nll encumbmncea by moitKiige or otherwia existing at the time of the sale, and also subject t tbe dower right of Pkefce .1. Lytle, wid.iw Óf s.y inour Lytle, Aecenaed, therein), tbe undividert tw Üfths (2-SJ part of the west huif of the southwe iliirtrtcr of aortion thirlv-jix In lowiublp onnwH ol range six east, exci-ptinj? twty acres from th outh end of snnl land, and contninin sixty acre more or less, iu Korthfluld, Washtenaw count Michigan. Llnted, Junuary 29, 1S80. Al.TOX LYTLE, GmtraUn. Mortgaga ip. DEFATTLT HATING BEEN MADE in the corditiona of a certuin morignfye beii mg date toe twenty-flral dny of September, A. I l U. marie and executcd by Thomas tiore and Mor hl. -; v, „f v ...i.nni i i„ the county of Wahtenn and State of Michigan, to Snllv A nu Pray of Su perior, oounty atoresaid, and recorded in the ofric of the Kegister of Deeds of Wushtennir count aforraald on the 2kd day oí September, A. D 186. ut 8% o'elock a. Ji. of said Iajr, in lilier 38 uf mor guea on paiie j. t', which said mortk'i_'e was dul iispifiiwl hy GnoigeS. Wheïler, administrator of tl e estáte of Sally Ann l'rav, deceaed, to Oeor Pruy ol IoniacoiiDly, Michigan, on the I7th Oay ol .lam.iiry. A. I). !S7l, umi recorded in the othcê of the Kegwttr of Urel of said tonuty -n the 5th day of Fabrnary, A. I). 1880, nt 11% o'elock a. m m ml ' d:'T. n Itiwr Wn r, of asfttirnnients of mort gages on pagf 436. and that Baid (ieurge Pn y, on the 13th day otSeptcraber, A. L). 187B, assigi.ed one-third part of saul moitgafed interest to lltiiir 8. Geer, guardián of Addie O. Ueer f ir. merly Addie O. Tock, which said asaisunient was recorded in the otüce of tlie Register of Deed ui said couuty of Vahtenuw on the 13tb day of Jmiuary, A. ü. 1877, Ht U o'elock m Iiler'i5 of nssiKiirnent of mortsages, piige 327, and the amountclaimed to bedueat the date of tliis notice Uthe sum of thirteen hundred aiid ninety-eipht dollars and rlfty cit'ht cptiís, and no in law hvo been initltutad to recover the same or any part thereof : Notieeis thereforc hereby given, ihat by virtue of the power of naie in said mortgage contiined weslmll ell on8ATDniAY,TiiK KiallTII DAT OK May 2 o'elock in.theaflernoon of said day, to the bi;hesl hiddir at the sou t ti iront rtnor 01 the court house in the city of Apn Arbor, county of "Wiushtennw aforesaid, (that beinp the building whcrein the circuit court for Wtishtenaw comity is held,) all that certain tract or parcel of land known ard deacribed a follows, towit: The suutbwest quartcr of the northwest quarter of eeetion nnmber ten (10) in township uuiiiber one (1) south ol' range number aix (6) eaat m the state of Michigan. Dated, February 19 I '. OROROE PRAY and EDUAKS. (KEK, AasiRneeB of Mortgagee Joiin N. Gott, Atfy for Aasijrnees of MortKagee YouShould Takelt Iu Polnl of Excellence it is Unsnr passed, and Every Family Will Appreciaie anti Enjoy lts Pcrusal. Every man shonld inake liia home as comfortab ui)(i nltractive as pouible. A most essenUiil requisito to that end is a goo nev)uippr. The pemsul vfvuch a uewgpaper no only intills in the risiog penerniion alove of home, but Ís a constant incentive to improvement. Simply a au edacator, acd Mide fnnn uil other consit tTíitions, dü pnrent slutuld forego takiug into b fftmily 'i He Detroit Fkkk Pkess. Fot the year 1880 we hnve to ütFer the standard features wliith have madto Tiïe Fkee Pjiess th mo.-'t pupu lar Journal in the wurld, nnd with suc additiomi a.-i will prove oí apcciul interest to Mlcfa gan readers. Addressine more particularly thefarmPT,"we tafee extreme pains to prof itre complete and accurate market reports. They embrace farm producís of every character, inchidiug live stock. The qttotatiuit, corree ted to the day of pnbJicatfon from all theleading citiea,as well as those of Detroit, are given each week, A. careíully organized systein of regular correspondenee througlimit Micbigan will give the readers early and complete inteiligenctj oí all happenings in the State. At thia point we wiflh to remind readers that the bestand inlleft reporta as well na the enrliest news of all important ailairs, whether happening in Michifrns orelsewhere, will be fonnd in the Free Pres, We mitpht reier to the twoinot reren t hii'1 terrible disasters in Michigan- the Adrián gmnd Htaiid horror and the Jackon railroad accident - as exjimples, re nforced en frequent occasions by accounts ot great public erentH wliich The Weekly FbbX PRKM hns laid beíore lts readers in advaiice of its contemporaries. No newspapeT has brishter or more intelliffent editorinl contments on ihe leadiDg topics of the day. None surpaes it in ettndor; none equal it in literarymeril; nouc approach it in spice, eparkle and vivaeity. It cúnespoi)dcrice,by Hs superior excelïenee, ha attxaoted gÑat attention and in tliw especial de(iepartment The Kkek Pbbss is ackuowlcdtfed to stand Lit Ctrfl vry i"ionr. Reader of The Pixi Premi will receire throunh its columns an inteligible Idea of dw bnoks of uterit aa tliey ure frora tinte totiiiepullih(,-d. Liberal extracta and diácriniimiiing reviews appe.r every week. Attention is giren to histortcft] topics, and arliolea bHviag speoiui refejfencw tu our own btate are ia preparaUon. "rjKK HOlSEHOtD. Every issue ot The Wekkt.y Fkee Phkbs is acoompaniedby "Tbe Hou?ehoH " m wipplempnt devoted to social and domeatie tupios flowei culture, faoey work, toilet and aookiug recipes and house hold matters generally. it is fm-uisbed wilhout extra charate, and every purchaser or abscriber to The Weekly Free Pkkab is entiticd to receive ■ cory. To sum up, allmuit concludo that Tbk Weeki.y Fkkk Pkess and "The HotiHelinld "-u supplement whicb aocompttsieft eTry Inue - ihnugh lurnubed toether for ífl.ñií a yt'ar, compare in the amount and excellence of coiilenta with the best of the fonr dollar magazines. The Weekly Free Press and " The Household " together are furnishec at $1.50 a year. Liberal premium, einbrjicin yearly subscrip tierna to the various mngnziiies, ele., are giTen fo clubs. Addrt'Ba leners to THE DETROIT FREE PRESS DETROIT, IIICHIGAN. JACOB HALLER &. SON, DEALERS IX fÁTCHES, CLOGKS, Jewelry, Speetacles, PLATED WARE AND GOLD PENS, 24 South Main Street, ÜTIT AEBOB, MICH. ;ö" Special ttentlon given to icpairiag iratche clocks, and jewelry. PAINTS, OILS, ETC. BEST STOCK OF PAIHT5, OILS, ALL KIND8 OF Painters' Materials3 &c, AMEEICAN AND FEENCH WI2TI5O"W CIiASS AU Slzes. -A-T SOIBO-'S26 and 28 East Washington Street, ANN AEBOE. DPIIITrnP Sendfor samples an.l Kif HIX P1U0S üt' Card llll I fclEO Board and FHatMB' upplies to GKI5IIAKJ) KHAMKK, 6 and 8 East Lamed 8t., DETROIT LEGAL NOTICES. Koitgsga Sitio. IEFAULT H AVINO BEEN MADf f in thecniidiüonsof a certain tnortgaKe f, cuted by Ircderiek Ruoif and Wilhcliuine rL lus wlfc, to Fredetloi BchttiH, Sr., datetl the tS day of May, A. 1. 1876, and recorded in the ffi of the Register of Deed tor the ccuoty of wJJ tyuaw and state of Michigan, on the twelfth da? May, A. D. 1875, at i) o'clock r. m., ju lil 1 . mortgages on MgM2, and by reason of nd def od the elecdon of said inotfgagee to h:ivc fl wnole siim hecome duo nccording to the t -rm ; said mortgage tlie power of sale contnincd in J! nuitiMC baving become perative, and noprocHl ïngshavingbeen instiluted in law r)r euuity to ü' cover the debt secu-ed by iftid mort gage or nny „, , thereof and tlie sum of len hundred and twi'mfï 84-100 ($1026.84) dollar, being now c aim, d tou'g on said niorlgnge and the bond acnompanyine iÏ sume, also au attorney fee of twenty-tive dollar, „ iherelD prprided : Notiee is thereiore hereby Jh eu.thatsaldmoitgagewillbeforeeloed bv lfu tne mortgagcd premies therein di-Bcri e otl much thereof as iuy be newssary, viz : iota thn. Beven, eigbt and niiie in bloek numtjer ten i Orms' y & l'age's addition to Ihe villaje (uowcltii of Ann Arbor ; nlso anolhcr pleco of land en. ruencing ut a poiut in the eetiu lirte betwem i tioo rmniber twemy and twenty-nine botw,' the enst ;,„„„ conimn to said Kellon and the èu line ot the Tillage ol Ann Arbor iia tirst laid om and at the nitbwi t corner of a picce of land dwï ed to Andrew Nowland by Anson Browu, and nj' ningtheucenorth to the center of n road forraer'i running eat and west north of said sertion corn thviice enst o far the land lying betwcn, J old road and the south nd west sicie fff said hZ de ded by said Brown tr said Nowbind shall contsi, one ttth of an acre of land ; Iso lots mnnberou iwo, five and sijt in aid bloek, al public venductj ttiehighest bidder at tbc oouth dmir of the Couh House in unid city of Ann Arbor (that being t place for holding the Circuit Court for the countt of AVashtennw) on BatiüDav, Tan TwentimI day of Makch, A. D. 1SS0, at II a. . of said da" .uid premises wil) l.e mM to sati.-fy the foreguiii; nmoiiDI WIth interest tisether witli sul] aw'rnre'c 17 ïgfl "" C08t"ind eIP'alluweübj KREbEÍiCK3CHMID,Sr., MortEaKee Ckamek, Fbceai-ff A Coiibin, Att'ys for said Mortb'a(;ee. ÍMierifT Sale. OTATE ÜP MICHIGAN, COUNTT kj of Washtenair, ss. James B. Fieid, Edwurd P rhayer and Emery H. Mouroe t3. Franklin R Cjii en. By Yirlue of a writ of execution issufd om ol and under the seal of the Circuit Court ior tl county ot Washtenaw, to me direettd nd deliter eï I did on the elennth öay of Aorn,t. A T) w, Icrj pon tl]ow 'u estlt; jAHü and premiaey, te rt'it : All thateertnin pieceor parcel of land sitúate and beintr in the township o! Pittsfield, in the county of Washtenaw and suti of Michigan. knowTi and deseribed as the north. east quarter of section number 14 in said townjlrip being town three soulh of ranee ni east. AlL the follow ing deseribed parcel of land in said townsliip, lo wit : Begin uin on the sontheast corneio the west half of the southeast quarter of sectiot number 11, running thence north to the north lim of the aaid weet half of the said southeast qnartei thenceweston the said north line ao far ti.nt by running a line uniith parallel with tbe east liDeof said west half to a road on the south line of m',4 (outheast quarter, and tbence to the place of be ginuing on said road. the whole will endose twentt acres of land excepting and reservinp from tbe lul deseription the right of way heretofore granted tbj Detroit, llillídiilf and Indiana Kailroad Couipao;, so long as the same is used by the eompany pursu. ant to said grant, being less than one acre eiland, Also the iollcrwing deseribed land in said township, to wit Beginning at tbe southwest corner of tbt eabt halt of the said eoutheast quarter: tbeact north on división line of said southeast quarttr sisty rods ; thence easi parallel with tbewnihli of said southeni! quartt r iorty rods ; tbence soutb parallel with suid división line sixty rods to the south line of said section ; thence west on said south line forty roda to Ihe place of beginning, containintr fifteen aeres more or less. AVhieh said lanè and premisesiorso much thereof as sliall be neect sary to satisfy the amount dn on said executionjl shall sell at public auetion to the hightst bidder it tha north door ol the Couit Boose in 'tae city A Aon Arbor in said county fihat being the víase til holding the circuit court in the county where th premises are situatedj on the Twenty-third day cj Pebruary, A. D. 1880, at two o'elock in the alttd noon of that day. Uated. January 9th, A. T). 188. JOSIAB 8. CASE, Sheriff. J. H. Ltob, Att'y for rinintiifs, Three Kiïers, Mich. Sheriff's Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, OOUNTY kj of Washtenaw, ss. Thomas Muryby vs.Jnmf Mnrphy. By virtue oí an execution ieaned ont o;1 and un'derthe aeal of tbe Circuit Covrt for tlcounty of Bay, in the above entitled canse to me directed and deliveied, i did on the 20th dty of Joly, A. D., 1879, levy upon all the right, titlt anl interest of James Mtuphy in and to the fullowinfideacribed real estáte, to wit : AU tbat certaic piece or parcel of land sitúate andbeing in the cii;. of -Ann Arbor, coiinty of Washtenaw and stateof Michiüftn, describen a "A house and lot, nmulir six, in Willinm A. Benedicfs pint, as recorded ia tre office of the Register of Deeds for Wnshtenaw county, Michigan." Which described Iands aai premi ses T shHÏl sel} fit public auction tolhe hijhest bidder at the north door of the t'ourt Hou ia the city oí Annïborin said connty (that bisgt& place of holding the circuit courts in the coantj where the premises aresiïuattd) on the Ist. daj of March, A. D. 188u, at two o'clock in the aft uoon of that dny. Dttted, ,' aiinary 16tb, 1KS0. jmiA'B S. CARE, Sheriff. Shefak & Lyow, Atty's for Plaintïif, By City, Mich. Kstate of Wilfiíiiii W. ÜÏSKS. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTÏ )O of V.fati-Di4w, o. At weftïnon oí ibeProbáh Court for the ('ounty of Vhtenaw, holüen tt the Probate O Hice in the city oí Ann Arbor, on Weiinesday, the eleTenth dfy of Febmary, is the yeur on thouaami e%è1 huadred nnd eiiuy. Present, WiilwunD. HHTnmtD.Iiidffeot PxomUi In the raatterof the estáte oí TVilliarn W. Kigg deceased. Ün reading and filïng tbe politlón, d ul y Terified, of rlmunccy VV. Higs, prayirtí; that n cortain ittstrument nowtm i'tlf in thia eoart, pnrportiii); to bfl the last wiíí and testraeut of said aeceaued. maf be admitted to probate, and that he niay be ap pot ntpd exrcutor thereof. Thereopoa it ia ürdcretï, that Mondny. Ui eighth day of March next, at ten o'ciock il the Tnrenoon be síined for the he%r)njí oí wud petition, and that the flerim. lejratees, nnd heui ttt law oi said deceased, and all othev peraon Wrevted iu said estáte, are reqaired to appeax Mi sesbion of oavl Court, then to be holden at the Probate Ortiee is the city of Ann ArboT,JUtd show 2bm, ifnytbere be, why the jwiiyer of the petitionw should not be grante!: Ad it i further oröercii that said petitioner Live notice to the persons inierested in p;tid estáte, of the ptrndency, of mi petition, and the heurintj thfreof, by euusinfii copy oi thiñorderto bepublished in the Ann Aubcï Ahovs, a newspaper printetl and eircnlated in %'■'- coDuty.three&oeccssiTe week previonit to saiüdif of hearing. WILLIAM D. HARRIMAN, fA tnie copy ) Jnájte of Probate. Wm. G. Doty. Probate Register. Estáte of George Itronner. STATE OF MICHIGAN, CüUNTT of Washtenaw, sv. At tw-wiw of tbe Probate CouTt for the County af Wnw&teimTT, bolden at :lii Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor. on 8aiwday, the thirty-first day of January. in the JM oiié thousand eitrht hundred and eighty. Present, WUlium D. Hnrniaan, Judge of Probt In the matter of the estáte of tieorge Biunjir deceased. , On reading and filing the peihion, dnTy Terifiw of Bronner, praying thnt she may be a pointed adininistmtrix ut' said estáte. Thereupon it ib ordered, tbat .Monday, tb first day of Mirch next, at ten o'clock in th förenoon. be nssiirnM lor the hearing of naid peti tion, and that tbe heiru at Inw of wud deceased. and all other persons iuterested in tmid .Míate, ntí required to appear at a sesión of eaid court, shen to be bolden at the Probate Office in the city o! AnD Artoi, and show canse, it any tbcre be, wlij the praver of tlie petilioner should not beernnted: And it i fuither ordered that sairt petitioner gi Dotice to thp pereoD? intereatcd in sawi estáte oí t6 pendenry of said petitiou and the hermg thertof. by Crtimire a copy of this order to be publinhcd in the Ann Ábbob Argub, a newspape printed ani eirculttl' tí in said county, three Buccfssive weel jreïious to said day of hearing. WUXIAM D. HAKRIMAN, ( A true copy.) Judge of Probate. Wm. G. Dott, Probate Register. Estáte of Samuel Youngs. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, COUNTY O of Wshtenaw, ss. At a session of the Piobt Court for t) County of Wasbtenaw, holden t tk loont Office in the city of Ann Arbor, on Mon layT the nintb day of .ïunuary, in the yeor ono houcand eiirht hunfliednnd figbty. . Pr. wnl, w-illiom D-Harrinian. Judge of Viobntt. In the matter ui the eatate of Satauul Youngs, 4eeared On reitding and flling the petition, dnly yerified, oi ledner Minzey, praying that he may be appointed admimstrator of the estnte of eaid deceasfd. Thereupon lt is oiderid, that Monday. th ighth day of March vext, at ten o'cloek w he for"noon,be aasiffnrd for the hearing of wtio petition, and that the heire at law ot said deceaseá, md all other persons interested in snid estáte, ar equired to appear at a sesi-ion of said court tien o be holden at the Probate office in the city of Abu Arbor, and show cnuxe, if any there be, why tk )rayer of the petitioner ehould not be granted: And it is further on'ered that said petitioner gi notice to the persuna interested in snid cetate, t thp pendency o( aaid petition and the heHE thereof, by causinp copy of thls order tol ublished in the AN' Aebob Akgüs, a newepape' triuted and circulated in said county, three succe1 ive wetks previous to said day of hearinp. WILLIAM D. HARIUMAN, ( A true copy.) Judge of Probate. Wm. Ö.Doiï. Probate Eeciiter. Estáte of Cliristian Miller. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTT of Washtenaw, ss. At a session of the Probat ourt for the County of Washtenaw, holden at th 'róbate Office in the city of A nu Arbor, on TVefimday, the eleventh day of February, in to ear ne thousand cight hnndrpd and eighty. Present, William D. Harriman, Judge of Prolte. In tho matter of the estáte of Christian Miller, tTCiis od William Hanke and Jacob Voeel, exeentors of the ast wilï and testjiment of said üeceascd come inW ourt and represent that they are uow prepareo o render tlieir final account as such executors. Thereupon it is ordered, that Wednfsday, theenth day of Maren neit, at ten o'cloek in theórenoon be asaifim-d for exaniining and allowing ïch account, and that the deviseea, legatee an4 eirs at law of said deceased, and all other personJ iterestcd In said estate.arr required to appear at 'salon of said court, then to be holden at the Proite Office in the oity of inl Arbor. in said county, nd show cause, f any there be, why the s.-iid acount should BOt be aHowed : And it is further orercd that said executors give notice to the person Uerctel in aaid estáte, of the peudency ofsaW ccount and the hearins thereof, by causing a copr this order to lie published in the Ann Akbob Bars, newspaper printed and circulatiuc in id county, th ree successive weeks previous to sl rAÜtruheecopyT WILLIAM D.IIAMfflA Wm. G. Dott, Probat Register.


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