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- The salary of Minister-to-China Angelí, is $12,000 per annum. _Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Howard, nee Mand Kelsey, left the city on Monday. - Mr. E. J. Knowlton received an order last week froni Germany for six universal batha. -Mr. John Moore will attfnd a meeting of tlie Detroit Presbytery called at Brighton, April 13. - Remember the ward caucases at the places where called, all to convene af 7:80 oclock of this evening. -Gen. Clark says he organuol fhe ire - 1 mpany west of Detroit, in ! e year 18P4 or 1885. lection of offlcera of the irtment is announced for Tuesevening next at Firemens' Hall. - Aliena flesiring to exercise the franchise r.ext November must receive naturalizaron papers bef ore May arrivés. - Remains of Austin McGrail, killed on the Wabash raihvay last weel;, were brought to this city liis late residence, for interment. - Rev. Mr. Simderland will preach next Sunday moming on " The Hiatory of Unitarianism in America." Evening subject, '-Emerson." -Demócrata will not forget the convention to ncminate officers for the city ticket will be held at the court house ou Saturday evening next at 7 p. X. - Several cases in which Albert Crane of Ypsilanti is interested as attorney, were put over this term of court, owing to confinement of Mr. C. with sniall pox. -On the 22d of March, Justice Clark made two hearts happy for a while, if not longer. Joseph II. Ward and Anna Konlash both of Salem, were joined in ■wedlock. -The annual meeting of the Latlies j Library association will be held in the library room on Monday afternoon April 12th at half past two o clock. A full attendance is desired. - Judge Morris remained in the city over the Sabbath, a guest of the Cook House. He exhibited his constancy to the Episcopal church of which he is a member by attending the 7 A.M. service. -The Bethlehem Lutheran church was very nicely and tastily decoratedon Sunday by ropes of evergreens afound the choir and calla lilies in full bloom in front and on the sides of the altar. - Henry W. Hogers, nephew of the gentleman of the same name of this city, vmtil lately a law praetitioner in Minneapolis, teft Ann Arbor on Wednesday for New York city wherehe will lócate for the future. - "Insects Injurióos to Fruit"' is the fheme for discussion at the monthly meeting of the Pomological society on Saturday next. Music and a display of flowers by Mr. Thoms will add to the interest of the meeting. -The legal and oratorial abilities of Mr. G. V. X. Lothrop of Detroit, attorney for the Michigan Central railroad, attracted a goodly sized audience Monday, to hear him make the closing plea for the defense in the Eckhard case. - "Our Germán Senator" is f uil of amusement and interest when properly played. The troupe, disgusted by the very slim audience Friday evening, spoke their parts so rapidly that,by the closest attention it was impossible to understand one-half of what was said on the stage. -The one hundredth anniversary of thebirth of AVilliam Ellery Cha jm ing, which occurs Wednesday, April 7, will be celebrated very extensively in this country, in England. and on the Continent. A centennial service will be held in the Unitarian chureh of this city on Sunday evening. April 11, at which there will be addresses from a number of able speakers of Ann Arbor and from abroad. - Commandery Xo. 13 of the Knights Templar elected the following officers Friday evening: E. C, Zina P. King; Gen., M. J. Noyes; Captain Gen., Michael Fleming; prelate, Willard B. Smitli; treasurer, F. Sorg; recorder, J. ,Kapp; S. W., R. S. Armstrong; J. W., Chas. ti. Maller; standard bearer. II. T. Morton; second bearer, D. Pebbles; ■arder, John P. Little; sentinel, Wm. Doty; M. S. Davison was also appointed caterer. -The third anniversary of the reform Club was opened on Saturday evening by R. E. Fraser. Mrs. Sehuyler spoke Sunday afternoon, Capt. Lynscott of Grand Kapids in the evening. John RClark of Tecumseh occupied the stage on Monday evening, and Rev. Mrs. Olimpia Brovn of Racine, Wis., on Tuesday evening. Rev. E. B. Pope is speaker this evening. Gen. Cary will address the club to-morrow evening and on Sunday afternoon. - Mrs. Mary Ann Bross, a resident of west Iluron Street, left the city on the 2Bth instant to visit her daughter, Mrs. Pred Schlanderer of Dexter. Before leaving home Mrs. Bross had taken cold f rom doing chores about the yard, but did not believe she tacurred any risk in leaving home. White she was away she grew worse and her cold developed into inflammation of the lungs, from which she died on Saturday, aged 61 years. The deceased was a large person so large that it was necessary to send to Chicago to procure a coffln. Her size would not admit of entranee to the Zion church, and her remains were therefore deposited in a vault, burial services being afterward held at the ehureh. Her husband died 18 years Bgo.


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