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Real Estate Transfers

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Joseph Bickford to J. Frank Smitb. Ypsilanti city property. Consideration $1000. Leiris S. Iladley to Ilarrison Iladley. 70 acres in Lyndon. Consideration $2, WO. Lewis S. Hadley to Stephen O. Iladley. 10 acres in Lyndon. Consideration $400. A. II. Busenbark to Xatlian Jfixon. 50 acres in Ann Arbor town. Consideration 2,400. Jolm yreeland to George Theurer. - 40 acres in York. Consideration si .12. N. and S. W. Best to Christopher Comisky. Aun Arbor city property. - Consideration 800. Joseph Murray to Eli Roberts. Land in Augusta. Consideration S200. John Dorfler to Leonliard Strobel. 40 acres in Briügewater. Consideration $2,300. Harry Shaver to Mary R. Clark.- Chelsea village lot. Consideration $400. W. D. Runceman to James IL Runceman. 160 acres in Sylvan. Consideration 6000., Timothy Cullinem to Michael Morloch. Land in Sylvan. Consideration 300. . Fred Keek to Jolm Lindeman. Land in Lodi. Consideraties! 5,325. Zalmon Cburch to Jane A. Church. 32 rods of land in Salem. Consideration $2,900. Áverill Burnet to Eliza A. Burnett. 10 acres in "Webster. Consideration $500. Eliza Daley to Olive Van Sickle.- Land in Salem. Consideration $400. . Samuel Corbett to Emily Clark. Ypsilanti city property. Consideration $30. Florella T. Ilarris to J. II. and C. Bemick. Ann Arbor city property.- Consideration $500. Mahalia A. Van Ilusen to Jacob Van Husen. Chelsea village lot. Consideration $1000. John Bolmet to James Spencer. 10 acres in Sharon. Consideration 1,825. QTJIT-CLAIM. L. B. Walker to Fwd Sclimitl. Ann Arbor city property. Consideration $1. Robert F. Clark to Samuel Russell. Land in Augusta. Consideration $600. Isaac and Frank Herdman to Mary Herdman. Tpsilanti city property. Consideration 500. Barrett and Vaughn to Samuel J. vaughn. ypsilanti city property. Consideration .- 1 . Geo. B. Tower to F. C. Crittenden. w acres in Augusta. Consideration $300. b Fred A7. Lay to Samuel R. Crittenüen. 65 acres in l'ittsfield. Consideration $1000. Emma R. Ilaines to Chas. A. Morris. Interest in Scio real estáte. Consideration 81,200. J. Boyd Alexander to Clinton AlmonQuiger. 80 acres in Pittsüeld. Consideration 3000.