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Boftly throngh the open e'ement, on thenightlirccc bonte uloii Bteals the fond, LnspüScaJe"eof 9era olflen sonir; To my spirit Bfeak1' kimll' '" a soft, , ms rhynio, Of a voioe that o'cn woke H '" an nnforg011 linie. I.eonore, in rr "iras"''c of "' mcio-Iy Tlieai The toast tl ■■' I(':H!' has .sileuoed, thro"Slltll 'welling clear; Lesnore, e tenrter idenoe of that song -w l,,,rl BO well Falls tnight npon my MUI heart like a cliorphed hope'a layt knell ; Vet; listón whfle eaoh swect note wakons yearainga only vain, ptcthe heart tlm' bowed in sorrow, finds a pleasnre oft in pain. 'ow, while softly on the silence steala the nuüody nlong, Leonore, heed'st thnu the singer? O belovedl hearst thow the Bang? 'Bove Iho stars that pulse in jplsndor drlfts ite ca lence swcet? To thee Come they not, ilmse soumis soUallowod.'CMM Eternity'sealm soa? On the air llke iseense rist thcy, like a prayei iweetly said By a moiirner, mea% and holy, for the pureanJ worshtpcd to:pl, Floats the mensura of that song heavenivard, beloveci. And ttimi, O Leonorc! can'st thou not hofirkcn to om song's flweet lovo-soiui'ls nnw?


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