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The Vengeance Of Rival Lovers

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Af'W weeks ago a respectable olí pSasant fermer in Roumeha, smitten by tlio charnis of a young gypsy gir belonging to a tribo that had squattec in the neighborhood of lus farm, iiuluced the naaiden to listen to bis addresi e ; and flnaJly obtained hor cousent t( beêome his wife. Ho roce i ved severa warnins frora suiulry ot' licr g''i)s_ lovers, eouiílied in thrcateuiug térnis but was so infatuated by her surp rising beauty that he disregarded these monitioaa and mawied lier. On liih weddllig night a nmnber of stahvart gypsy youüi.s broke into his house seized him in his bridal bed, boun liiiu to a plauk and deliberately sawec him in two, haying previously straugled his youug bride belorc his eyes On tlio síinio uight the tribo struck their tenis and docamped. Boiled vico is the basis of Chinese foocl and the Symbol ol' il,so to speak ; lor a waiter wüen asking you whether yon are goirig to tftke a nieal, wiü ask ymi il' you will lnive some rice, and "Have you eaten your rice?" is equivalen! to "Wow do you do?" In the liortb of China wheal and canary secd aiv also consuined in great q.uauüties, boile 1 and made inio small roüs. - Cakes in:nle of boiled wlical are held in high esteera, and these wiili a Hule ftsh or soino vegetables, wilj enable a Cliinainan to niake ui excellent dinner. A Cliinainan in coiiüortablo circuinBtauccs, takes in addition to his breakfást, dinner, and sujjper, various light relVeshinenls beuveeu meals - tlie kuotsa, leading up to the inoruiug, the kuo-tsougto tlie niidday, and the tienchen to tlie evciiing meal.


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