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The Secret Of It

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Compare ti vel y few mr w ihxr real dieposition fo the girlsthc-y seiot ns lifc-compftniotis. anii the briiíe wliQ has formeel her oirn ideal is ofton rtisenchanted rtnring .hc honcymoon- tha most trying periofl of marnort lite. This ia the secret of mnny nnhappy maiTÍasres; the ia not nenrly m devoto.! is wis th" lover; and perhaps his tastos rto no, haitnonïze witn those of hls vrife. The fate ia Iion-iblc wlilon a pure and faithful sirl mav ondure by enoonntering in him ivhom slip nmvvles, not more actual eruelty or iniiiry, hut stnpid incompetenoo to imdo.ratknd a woman's needs, dull forgetfnlnessof thedaily sracespf lite, and oblivion of the fáct vrhile men have thn world women havo on i v men home. These grossnesses of masculino inT.atit,ii(le do' not, indeed, often lead to visible catnstrophe, nor ffror lnto such absolute tyrany. hut thpy cnually tend that Wfty. Thcy drag down a wife's soul to 'the point where shq must despair ; thoy chañare tho snhlijno moanina: of mapriajre (o vwlsmvity and vvp;u-incss; they spoil tlio chanco of that best and fiiiest of all cdncation which oaoh man obtains who vin3 a reasonably good woman for his companion and they completely destroy any hope of domestichnppiness. AVhat right has a man to expert happincss m a home wlio brineïs no sunsliino into it? What riht has he to look for tlio graces and reflnements of early. love When he violates tliem by rough speech, ill manners, and the disregard of little things upon which the selfi-espectofa 'wife is built and maintained? The cynic wlio rails at niarriarc is eenerallv one and the same with tlio thoughtless egotist who flings into the presence of his wifo cnvlcss, stubbom and temporal, though he liever went to his Jcancee exccpt on his best behavior. Husbnmls, preserve after marrlage thoso pleasant nianners, thoughtful cni, attcni ions, and careful ways which contributcd so much to wip the woman ofyour choice; they constitute the truc secret ofhn ]piiicss.


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