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A Mania For Shopping

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Men go abrood to sen the beauties of he Old "World, and revel in its pic;urcsquc antiquity; womnn cross the occan and scoor the Continent for aces, gloves, shawls, boots, and the ndless kickshaws that go toward naking np a woman's w&rdrobe, tlie rarletyand mystery of wliicli no vital inderstanding has over mastered. ïo nan, the woman who lias a manía for hopping is a strange creature. If lic talks to herof Uie pleasure of travel, of its inspiration, of its influence, of ts meraorie8, she hceds hitn not, but she is voluble upon the opportunities noti-ópportanies aftordea for retail rafflc in every spot where she has set bot. Ifherecall the g-Iories of (lic Alliambra, she responds by declaring ;hat the gloves sold at Grenada are very poor, and the hat she purchased )ii the Carera de Genil was a shani throughout. The grand view froin Minino, the marbles of the Museo ÍSfcgannay J,hfiiífeítf 'gfiifiS JJy rem, ;hough she is in Aapeodïes abont the coral0 and sholl ornaments she has broiight l'rom Nailes. She astic 011 tac sueject oí lace, Duijssparing in her praises of scenory, Sho is Bo?much absorbed in looking at and buying what she cannot do withont, that "historio shrines, magnificont architecture, ancicnt statues, inmortal paintings, must wait until thenext time. Wlién she comes again she will do jnstico to thcm; luit now slio lias absolutely uothlng towcar; she must oquip hcrseli trom very need. Each viait she makes to Europe is the same story; clothes will perisü, but eatliedrals and marbles, IVescoes and oanvasses will last. Sb.ei8always golug to travel for culture and aistheties, but she nevcr does. lier passion for sliopping is nevcr satisüed, she slips one opportunlty after another until it is too late, and instead of mental gain haa only acqulred a lew perisliablc baubles.


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