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Trifles.- Roll out rich puff pasto a qu ar ter of au inch thick, brusn over with icimr, as made for cake, then cut in strips four indios long and one wide, and bakc delicately. Spoon Stains.- To remove stains on spoons caused by using thein with boiled eggs, take a littlo oomnion salt, moistened, between tlic thuinb and finger, and briskly rub the sLain, which will soon disappeai'. Variuties. - Two eggs beatón liarlit, ■vritli a piuch of salt, and flour stirrod n till very stüF; then roll out very liin and cut iuto strips two inches witle and four inches Ion;-, wind round the flnger, then iry in lard a delicate color. Baked Mille- Put half a gallon of nilkiutoa jar, and tio it down with writing paper. Let it stand in a nioderately warin oven eight or ten hours. ]t will then bc of the consistence of cream. It is used by persons who aro weak or consumptive. Glpsy Pudding.- Cut stalc spongo cake iiito thiu slices, spread thein with cnrrant jolly or preserves, put two pieees togetlier nue winawjoues, and lay thmn iu a dlsh. Make soft cuslard, pour it over the cake whilü hot; then let it cool beibre sorving. Rice Bread.- Boil half a ponnd of rice iu tla-ee pints oí' water till tho whole becoines thickand pulpy. With this and yeasï, and six pounds of flour make yourdough. In this way, it is saul, as nmeh bread will be made as if eight poiinds of ñour without the rice had boen used. Económica] Pastry.- To ono ponnd of flour rob half a pouud of lard, dropping water in a Hule at a time, in orderthat the üour will not be stioky ; as yon mix the water in putthedough to óne side, so that it will not get wet spoonful of salt to the llour. Coflee Cream. - Toast two gills of raw cotteo till it is light brown and not a grain burnt, put it hot trom the toaster, without griudiug it, inïo a quart of rich, aweet inilk; boil it, and ftdd the volks of eight eggs. WJieii done strain it throagh a sieve and gweeten. If properly done it Will not be diseolored. BoilodCustards. - Boil a pint of inilk with leinon peel and cinnainon, mix a pint of cream with the yol ka of live eggSjWell beaten; when the inilk tastos of the seasoning then swoeten, pour it into tho oroani, slirrin it well, then give tho cusLard a sinnnor till of a proper thickuess. Do not let it boil, amt stir it the whole time ono way. Egg Flip. - Put a quart of ale on the lire to warm, and beat up three or lour eggs witli four ounces of moist tugar, a tab:o spoonful of yratcd nutrneg or ginycr, and a quartern of goud old rum or brandy. Whou the ale is nearto bon, put u mio 011c pncuer, and tlie rum and eggs &c, into another ; turn it from one pitcher to the other till it is is sniooth as cream. SniceOake.- Beat two eggs, yolksand whiles separate, to a stiff i'roth. Tlion mix together ono fceacuptül ofugar, a half teacupful of sour milK, the yolk of the eggs, one teaspoonful and a halt' of nutineg', one teaspoouful of cloYtiB, one teaspoonful of cinnamon, one otip and a halt' of llour in which has heen juixcl half a tcaspobntül of soda. - Add the whites of the eggs last, reserving somo of the froth for frosting. 8tir goiitly, hut do not beat it. Ap])le Fritters. - ïhis is a favorito dish with niuiiy and often preforred to dumplings. They íuay be prepared tlms : Make a battor, nut very stifl", Avith one quart of milk, three eggs, and üour to bring it to i right consist-. once. Pare and coro a dozen large apples, and chop Lhi'ni to ahout the size of small peas, and mix theni wdl iu the butler. Fry theni in lard as you wou ld douglmuts. For trininiing'8, powilered white sugaï ia besl, thougli g-ood treacle ausvvei's very well. m - - An incident cuiiously illustrative ot'Fiench criminal procedure oecuritid rcccnlly iu the depurlinent of the Oie. A blacksuiitu uuiuud Clabaut was being trietl ior the niurder of a nriest; liicro was no doubj that lie h;id comniitled the crime, bat tito medical evidenco as to his sanily was very cöuflictiug. The procuier of thu Uepnhlic, iubtead of pressting tbr a conviclion, told Lho jury that he lelt convinced that the prisoncr was not rospousiblfl lor his aciions, and ealled upoli tliOlll lo acquit hini. Tne counsel for thedefeuse haviug followed in the same BCUSe, the presiding juilgo proeccded to sumup; but, insfjiid of placing llic two sides of tlie case heïure the jury, hcdeclarctl that "thouyh the procuivr ol tue ropublic had tleserted tiia post, society ghould not be lelt ileleiiselcss " anti he thereupon proceeded to bi'iiig out ai l the pomta which. told ogaiust tira priouer,d welling upoli his utui antocedants, and seeking Iu (liscrediL tlie BVKleuue of tiie aoctors proiio;uu:in hiui iliüiiue. Thejury reiunied a verdict 01 giylty, wiih exlenuatiUg circunisUuices, and Ulahaut was sentenced lo penal bervitude fot lite. At tato sale in Paris a book hf modern binder, Tttiutz-Bnuzonnet, a in:ií Ier of Ihe art of in-lfiyiiii, sold for $3,200, of which at loast -J,2M waspaid ia respect of the binding. A beiwvolent Detroit doittlst announeed that on a oertaiu day he wouid pull teeth frec for uoor poraoni. and provide latiglilox gas. fie used 700 gallons of gas and extractod. -7X tceth.


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