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- Twenty-eight miles oí lire-alarm telegraph wire have been strung up at Grand Itapids. - A single real-estate transaction ín Marquette county is on íhe carpet involving $,400,000. - ïhe census takers only foimd 10,200 inliabitmits at Saginaw City, and the city squeals aboutit. - Deer are more abundantin Presque Isle county than they have been before for a great many years. - A tiood in Pine river cariied out into the lake about tliree million feet of logs belonglngto the MackinacLumber company. - 8ome time since a fish boat from Point St. Ignace was lost, and seven men drowned. The lake lias now been giving up its dead, and four of the bodies of that ill-fated party have been recovered. - Litlle Traverse Independent: Pigeorte sjtill keep up their morning flights over the Portage, and hundreds of them are killed every day, the main weapons of destrucüon being poles and clubs. - Shotgung are used by sonie, but a fish]iole will briug down more plgeosfi in t!ie same lenth of time than a gun, and witii lesa expense. - John Jacob Astor's oM residenceat SauH SI o. Marie, which he occnjieil wben fur trading up there in the year 1827-28, is now in a sad state of düapidation. Tlie house, which at the time it was built, and for years after, was the fmest in tbe north-west, is now a wreek, and a shelter for a very old half-breed who was in Mr. Astor's employ over 60 years ago. - A man in Kalam.izoo gambled at one taiilc all day and late into the evening, losing about 20, when his wife made her appèaraace and i'rantically implored liim to go home. where she and her child were suft'ering for the nec.essaries of life. AVhat he lost woukl have made his family eomfortable for days, bul the eircumstancecreated onlya slight aensation in the "big village," which has so rnany beautiful churches and moral ágeseles.


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