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Oneof those tirnidyoungmen wliocan "■ ' p wort up suffieieni courage I even hini al marriage to a girl, had foi motiths paid iiis addresses to a bi li fu) damsel jn the auburbs of Qumcy 'Che object of bis adoration expected the naompntous proposa] al each visii nul had thoroughly rehearsed her part. but visit after visitwent by and the propoaal camo not. As the two sat in spurkaWe proximity last Saturday nignt, the slde door oponed and the girl s father marched in, eind ust as he was wiien he slid out of' bed a moment licfore. Tlie o-irl iiil har fu ;,, !,,„■ hands and raid: "Why, fatherl" and the lover tumed pale and began to look for Iris hat. (iivijig lus hair a twanc the oid man said: ■'Toni, do you want to marry her?" W hy, sir, l- indeed, sir- " " "ííone o' tbat, oonfound you- yes Dr nor1 ioared the parent. "Wen, sir- ye-ye-yes T dol" Tuming to the girl the man said: "Martna. do you want hia?" "YeB, pa!" l'Thar, now! I've done ín just half a minute w'at t'd took you silly foolí a month to git atl Now smiggle np again an1 l'o (o tallciu' about housekeepin'!'' And the oíd pian went bark to bed and was soon dreamiiigof a future sonin-law. _


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