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Well Paid Preachers

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Tlus mention of church matters reminds me of the bandsome addition lately made to Dr. IIn!l"s salary. Next toMr. Beecher.Dr. Hall is the best paid preacher in America. Eïecameto New York ten years ogo under a contract to receive 9l(),uoo a yeax in gold. The amount is now increased to $15,000 But this is not all. Dr. Hall also jets a fine house rent free. This house is worth at least $3,000 a year, so the doctor's salary is really 18,000. Mr Beecher is paid $20,000, b'nt gets nothing more. He lives in his own house whicn carries a pretty heavy mortsaíje. and pays au lus own expenses. Nextto Dr Hall, the best paid pastor is Dr. Potter of Grace Church, who receives a galary of $12,000 and Jiouseto live in besidea lhe house adjoins the church and geems to be a part of it, bui is, in f act, eatirely distincf. Dr. Dix, of Trinity, who has lately received somuch troublcsome attention by postal card from " rentleman Jo" is alsq paid a salary of 612,000, bilt whether his house rent is paid in addition or not I eannot say. The pastor of St. Thomas's Church reeeives $10,000, and there are a few otlier pasrtora I bclieve, whoget from $8,000 to $10,000. Hut the minister who gets above $5,000 is a lueky man. The number of such mimstera is small, and constitutes scarcely a corporal's guardbeside those who are paid from $2,000 to 3,000. I could name half a dozen talented preachors whose combined salaries do not reach the total includinghonserent.nowDaid to Dr.


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