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Actively, Not Energy

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I he Chriatian Union tlius defines Uie dififireüce betwen aotively and energy, and suggests wherein a Iarge qtass ofmlnstrions peoplelack the element which produces snccess. There are some men whose failure to Bucceed in lite is a problem toothérs as well astliemselves. They are industrioua, pludent, and eeonomical: yet after a bng life of striving, oíd íige üiids tliem still poor. They complain of ill luck. They say tliat fate is always againit them. But the fact is they miscarry; for they have mistaken mere activity for energy. - ■ Confounding two things essentially different, they have snppoáed that if "they were always bsisy they would be Bertain to be advancing their fortunes. They liave fotrgotten that misdireeted labor is luit waste of activity. Tlie person who would gucceed is likeamarksiaanflring at a target; if liis shots miss the mark they are a waste of powder. So in the irreal game of life, what a man chics musí be made to count.or might almost as well be left nndone. Everybody knows söme one in bis circle of rnends, who, fchough always active, has this want oí' energy. The distemper, if we may cal! t suoh, exhibits itself in varioua ways. In some cases the man bas merely an executive faculty, when he should nave a directivo one - in other W'inls. lie makes a capital clerk of himself when lic ought to do the thinking of the business.


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