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Advice To Consumptives

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lío man, however uncleanly, would drink nraddy, dlrty water. A party whicli occupíe8aroomforhouro,breathing the same air, migktbe compared to a party of bathers drinking the water in whicli they bathe. The patiënt must keep the window of hifl bedroom open. Nighi air is l'icsh air without daylight. ín (loso, crowded rooms, the patiënt suffering from lungcomplaintsbreathes eonsumptivelv. By taking these precautions and using Dr. l'icrce's Golden Medical Discovery and Pleasani Purgativo Pellets, fully oiic-half of the cases of lung complainta would be eured in six months. forcough and irrihition of the lungs do not alwaya Indícate the presence of coiisumptum aithough it may result in the disaase, and if eonBumption kas already become deeply seated in the system, this is the most efficiënt course of treatment that canbe pursued outside of any institution that provides special f aciliUes f or the treatment of iliis diaease. Dr. Plerce's celebrated Invalids' Hotel is such an institution. Send stamp lor descriptive l'aniphlet containing algo a complete treafise upon consumption, explaining its canses, nature, and the best methnds oftreating it, together with valuable hints coucermng diet, clothiug, exercise, etc., forconsumptives. Address World's Dispénsary Medical Association, Buffalo,.N. Y.


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