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The Railways Of London

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A Iioui Ion pa por states thai the rails nseii by tlie ccmpaiiies vrithin a radius "' '.' milos f 'liiii-nu' ( rosa woulil forin n single line f'roin LoikIoii, a distauce oí 750 miles. This estímate does not íuclude tho rails in baysand sklhig's, "ni il íncludca all tloublc, treble, or quadruylo traoks. Lanrlnt all duplícate liues asiile, thc iiíereditable ímmber of 200 miles of railwny is in diiily operation in the Uetropolitan disti-ict. Tnirtecn differeul oumpanies Uold swuv iiot incliiilui!; the Kost London, wlioae Imc is vvoi-ked ly nu ther coiupany. - i'n to are also x short linos, viiryíiig f'roiti i ', miles to ! mile in IcuVrtli, uwnfid mul workeil by tlie coinpunies oiu) ly. Tlio Brihtoii ( oinpany ovrm thü rrCAtOSt lililí' .i;-!' II t!l6 Illulro; nii s -7 niii.'s. [ is cUxely ruii by íi Oraal Eastci'n witii oí', 'i'hcn cornos tlio Loitiloti Soitthwcsceru vvitli '_'7; Lijn Ion, Oliatiiam and Dover fuul i Nortliwestera fullyvr wiih -H cacli, So fkvuwlagtUa hei uva I d, tho Load on and Nüi'tiiw.wtern run ' over inoi'c tlmnpn -iourtii uf'the rliolo ! met r K1 i tan gystuin. Tiia traia-i oí tilia (jiviat uso L. Uua of Jive c.oiiij):uiiu-, [W".K;oicully adilinjj ' U milca to tlieir owii Evstnin rri,?. Grreat Norih :m h:is running power DVer the Iíikm of m-; comíanlos, einl)wciaa; 36 miles. Il' titere oa i.Ul l io uliia asLoiiishlnj sstetn of lucoiuotiou the 70 juil.'.-i oí' li-.unw.iy.-j uow Open tho oiuulbuaos whiclijcoasftly ti-avcrsó the metropolis Irom onc eiij to thu üther, tho thouguiJa of uabs, Llio passeiiei'8 sti.'Hniurs wliicli uly on t-Jia i-iyor - tho luanituilo ot' Lhu me".;iw .lail.v ompluyed by tho pcoplu of LuuJou in putting tVoju oue :u-t of tho "New Babylou" to iuiothcr wil] striko the observant min !. Wiih all thü vast traüio tho iiijtirws to Ufo nuj ümb, ive in thu c.a-cs of struetacchlents, re coiuparativoly t'ow. Wiih tmiiw 11 vug abovo grouiul md undergi'ouiHl, over uoiupUunied poiiita umi tiirouih urowdeü uiuuions, cullwioua seldoin ovcur uid seldom rouit in os.i ui' lii'u.


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