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Gambling Abroad

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Terrible stortes are told of the mimbInig saloons whicli inlost the Coiuiiient. At these resorte, fortunes, trust irioney, provisión Por chlldreu and wilows, tlic síuih ac luirel by the sale of commissious, sn;us misedon hoiise nd land, have disnppeare.l iu a few ilays or hoiirs. Olten t ís etiiviance of i he eompanion thitt drives lier victim back and back to tlie tab kut, deepcr and deeper; But tho wonieii thcniselvca ure the most reckless fianiblers. ïhe oominon oompiitati.ou is ;i suicdde a mout h, and thcre somnfimes (■ome three or four touethef. Oiixluramparts of the gardun of MoHio therearo soverul poiuts from wlilcli minea gamüiera hare throvru thcm-clves into the sea, 300 ffcet. Sume iuickles occurat tho gambliuz lablc itself. Foi-tlic reception of sucli acandals thero is piwiued a room, handv tor the railway whkh passes almost ■ lirectly uu. lor the C isin . Some inquests therc must be, and iL is pertorined by tho sorvants of tlio establishment, liut most of tho victima -o tway and liido theniselves anl dio like i sick doy in some corner, wbere tliey hastcn dcath or lot a brokcn hoart take its Cüurse. . It is tmpossiblo eveu to conjectiire tho total anionnt oí' tbo anuualruiu; nor is tliatán important matter, for a loss ot' a íevr Inm,! l ; = ts mier ruin to soine poople as tcns of thousauds is to others. Wbcn a man anuot meet his c red i tors, or even bis ivifo and ohildreu, it is all over with .ïiin, nalees he is devoid oí' uatural teeliug aud dead to tliaine. The mere ixcitement of i day'g gambJiug has eeu kuown to kill pèoplo conadtuáou.illy woak ol' hc.ivi or houd, wlicdi tliey have wou or lo.i.t Eoitacy orks the eifo it of dospair in ing i.s üuu ui(Mtaëdót:'lèinj; iiud da.i wr )US.


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