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Numismatics Reviving

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ihe coin collectors tile m Liyidnals who real ze the impulso oí invproved times. Ttiey report th-i t the vra.e lor coius" luis revi veil t: a ivunlei'Xul exlonl. OW liuinisiiial es uri taking moro interost in tlieir hobbied aew ones oi'O iuto tho lielil, and, as ; .esnlt, coins are givwiflg scarco ant jriees daily tendí ui;' upwiwd. Ainunj. he coins ior wliich thoro is now groal Iemand are the dimes, quurter dollnr nul half dollars of öl). ünly $10,JUO of these coins wero issned iVoiri the ,nint, whei-eaa the average issue of previous years luis been laryer. Col. lectors are now paying 7ü cents tbr tho nalf dollar ; 35 eenls for tho auartors ind 2o ceuta lor the dimes ol l.srJ, while the figures obtaiuod by llie dualrs trom their private uustoniers ure uearly 25 per cent iu advauee ot' buyí' priees. ii. Masón, Jr., a numisma tist of this uity has a VVashiugtou silver dollai at" LT'Jo, wllich is beliuvcil lo be the ouiy one in the country, tuti to wüich a Uistoiy is attaché. 1. When Washington was in the lieiglit of hia popularity it was proposed to place liis uusL Upon tlie coinae. Tliis was done 111 soine siiver and copper issues ot' 17'Jl-"y ; but W'ashiiiJtoii jeoled so vigwously that the cuiiis iverc witlidmvvu l'roíu circulatiou. Ayaill ill 17Jú it was prupu.iod tu piai;e his he. id upun Lliu iloilui's, but uncu moro lie ubjucLOil, :unl tiiu idua vviwxiot pursisiud tu. Twu ur tiiivu ouhis wem noivcvcr, sU'iick oü', uikL tliu oiio jüal now tiiriiud up is oí thü uuiiiüur. The obvcrsu hits a military bast of Wfts]Úuton, üioiiiy lelt, siirrouiidud by the leyeiid, " yVasbiiiytini, l'rusidciii," and lliu dato WJ'6. Tliü licad i.s sui'rouudoil with a laurel wiuaü.. Ou the reverse is a spread eayle, sui'i'ouudod by íiiteen sUu-s. A broad millny o li'iils arouiid tho m:iry!ll. Tliu oLverse has tlio íi.iaiii "Uirch" iu very Binall lüíters buneath the 'hcad. Thi wa tue designer. The quantity of ailvor pro.luccd anrmally in tho World amounts to ïiot lesa tliiui 6,000,000 potytuds troy, and t.hat of gold in:iy bo estim&ted at more than 600,000 pounds trov; the valué oí Ibo'silver bciugabove 16,000,000, and tliat'Of gold UOt 1O8S Ulan L-J8,UUU,U0U. The labor expended in mining for the silvei; ore in tlie deop recesses of tlit; iQouutaius, and that wliicli is duvoted lo the washiug of ailuvial deposita - the rolica ot' tue cataclystns oí foruier &jfe - and to the tcilious exploration ot' quartz reeis, representa a vast expeuditoro of vital eíforst. Even then we liave süil to draw on the traiped skill of the )i)etalliirgist betore ei t her gold 0r si i ver beconie.-i liLted lor uso or ornament.


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