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Preparing To Be Photographed

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ah (HU lady trom tlie V ïrginia side was in "Washington the other sfay, and havingheard much about Bra'dy's photoawtt get Jter "iikeness tuk,' as shé expressed it. She was ae)tnpanied by ricr mnrghtct. a tal!. a;aunt young woman. .Mr. ];iy, w ho is alwhys very polite tu las enstümert, took the old lady liimself into the operating room and srated lier in a chair. Ile stepped away for a moment, and when he returned he found the old lady carefully tucking lier clothes tight about her f eet. "What in the world are yon doing that tor?" said Mr. Brady. "Well," auswered tlie oW lady, "1 know wlien you look through tbat thing there," pointing to the camera, "I shall be standing on rny head, and am setting ready for it." Mr. Brady, after much trouble Bucceeded in convlncing the old lady tbat, thougli she inight appear upside down in the camera, hor elothes wóuld remain in the proper posiüon, and that tuckirg them in about her feet in that nianncr might interJ'ere with the artistic beanties ot' the photograpli.


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